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About Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines is the only airline that takes you to the islands before you even land in Hawaii. No matter what seat you’re in, the airline makes an effort to transport you to an island setting. The carrier does so with the help of local chefs who created the food and beverage menus. Take advantage of the flight crew’s pleasant Hawaiian hospitality and the folk music playing in the cabin. The lie-flat mattresses and first-class amenities featured on Hawaiian’s A330 aircraft, however, enhance your journey to Hawaii even more. The combination is so soothing that you won’t even notice the absence of WiFi. Various traveler bloggers have already given positive Hawaiian Airlines first class reviews on the internet. So it’s generally safe to have an upgrade. Read this page to learn about the airline’s first-class cabin.

Hawaiian Baggage Allowance

If you spent a lot on a first-class ticket, you can pack as much as you like. This is because you get two free checked bags that can weigh up to 50 pounds each. This is also advantageous if you plan to bring purchases home with you from your trip.

Check-in option

First-class passengers on Hawaiian Airlines enjoy priority check-in via designated lines at the airport. This means a desk agent will handle your luggage instead of conducting the self-check-in and bag drop at a kiosk. However, all checked baggage leaving Hawaii’s airports must pass through a mandated screening. This involves travelers placing their bags on a conveyor belt akin to one used by the TSA. 

The Hawaiian Airlines first class lounge experience

If you purchase a first-class ticket on any North American or neighboring island route, you will have access to the Premier Club lounge. These lounges are at the airports of Honolulu, Lihue, Kahului, Kona, and Hilo. Moreover, only in Honolulu, first-class passengers traveling internationally as well as those going to New York, Boston, or Orlando can use the Plumeria Lounge. Anyone taking a Hawaiian Airlines trip can pay $40 for a day pass to the Plumeria Lounge. If they are not flying first class, Pualani Platinum and Pualani Gold members can purchase passes for $25 and $30, respectively. Both lounges offer free refreshments and beverages, chairs, WiFi, and air conditioning, but their features are fairly basic. 

Details on Hawaiian Airlines first class seats

  • Hawaiian Airlines A330 first class
    The best seats are either A and B or H and J out of the 18 180-degree lie-flat seats, which are in a 2-2-2 arrangement. These are available on some flights from Maui to mainland cities, nonstop flights to major mainland cities, and flights from Honolulu to overseas locations.    
  • A321Neo business class
    The 2-2 configuration of the six recliner seats has a comfortable pitch of 39″. Excellent window views are available from seats in A or J. These are flown between islands and to a few mainland cities. 
  • B717 business class
    Here, the bulkhead seats don’t have windows, and the 8 reclining seats are in a 2-2 layout with a seat pitch of 37″. These first class Hawaiian Airlines planes travel from island to island. 

Benefits of traveling on Hawaiian Airlines in the first cabin 

On Hawaiian Airlines, a first-class ticket entitles the holder to priority check-in and boarding, two free checked bags, access to a lounge, an onboard meal and beverage, and roomier seats. You can easily unwind in your seat and feel pampered because the cabin is spacious and light, and the flight attendants are friendly and genuine.

Hawaiian Airlines first class meals

Hawaiian Airlines first class menu goes all-out on the A330 with island-inspired dishes created by Hawaiian-born executive chefs. They are Wade Ueoka and Michelle Karr-Ueoka of Honolulu’s MW Restaurant. Dishes that you’ll get include pork stew made with daikon and rice, soy-braised chicken, and a Maui onion breakfast potato cake. Depending on the time of your flight, the options change, but every meal comes with an appetizer, entrée, dessert, and snack. Gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan choices can be ordered 48 hours before takeoff.

Alcohol options available

  • Three Hawaiian-inspired trademark cocktails
  • A wine list, chosen by a sommelier
  • A few Maui Brewing Company craft brews 

The above three are just a few of the island-inspired beverages offered by Hawaiian Airlines. 

Hawaiian Airlines first class amenities

With Hawaiian, get an amazing amenity kit for yourself. Avail a clutch, cozy socks, eye mask, earplug, dental kit, tissue, and much more. Also, receive a blanket of excellent quality and onboard toys for kids. Moreover, for the best entertainment to grab, utilize tablets (provided by the airline). Passengers will receive a decent in-flight experience watching their favorite piece on this tablet. 

How to opt for Hawaiian airlines first class upgrade for free?

Being an elite Pualani member of the HawaiianMiles reward program is one way to receive a free Hawaiian Airlines upgrade to first class. Depending on availability, Platinum members are eligible for free upgrades to First Class and Extra Comfort seats. One may also book first-class tickets with HawaiianMiles; normally, one way costs roughly 25,000 miles.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is first class on Hawaiian Airlines composed of?

    Comfortable seating, food, and beverages, accelerated check-in and boarding, access to the lounge, and two complimentary checked bags are the features of first class.

  • Does Hawaiian Airlines’ first-class seat recline completely flat?

    On its Hawaiian airlines airbus A330 first class, which flies to worldwide locations as well as between Honolulu and Kahului, the airline does indeed offer lie-flat seats.

  • In Hawaiian first class, how many checked bags are allowed?

    On Hawaiian Airlines’ first-class flights, passengers get two free checked baggage.

  • Do first-class passengers on Hawaiian Airlines have access to lounges?

    Yes, Hawaiian Airlines first-class passengers receive lounge access, but only at the Honolulu Airport.

  • Does Hawaiian Airlines provide food in first class?

    Yes, for lengthier flights, passengers receive a plated lunch and a variety of drinks. Whereas, a short food and drink service is available on shorter flights.

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