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About Air Canada Airline

To reserve a seat on a flight to their favorite locations throughout the world, Air Canada offers fantastic rates to customers. You can adjust the services following the travel-related bargains available on their website. Sometimes a problem arises that prevents you from continuing your flight on the scheduled dates. Air Canada offers you the option to switch your flight and obtain a new departure date in this circumstance. Before the planned departure, you can alter the flight to the chosen travel time. The fees are computed based on the reservation type and flight destination. You can modify your Air Canada flight as necessary by reading the information below. One can also learn about different Air Canada change fee on this page.

The Air Canada flight change policy

Beginning in 2021, Air Canada no change fee applies for flight changes made in the following circumstances:

  • Regardless of the tariff type, within 24 hours after the first booking.
  • If the trip was within April 30, 2022, and the ticket was bought on or before April 30, 2021.
  • If you want to adjust any of the following fares:
  • Comfort fares options: before 60+ days of departure
  • Latitude fares options: 2+ hours before departure
  • Premium Economy Flexible fares options: 2+ hours before departure
  • Business Card Flexible fares options: 2+ hours before departure
  • Award fares 2+ hours before departure options: only applicable for Altitude Elite 100k members

How to modify flights?

There are various methods through which Passengers can modify their flights. We will mention some of them on this page right away.

Via website

You may quickly explore and modify your flight using Air Canada’s official website with their change flight feature. The procedures to take to alter an Air Canada flight are listed below.

  • Visit Air Canada’s official website.
  • To access your profile, enter your login ID and password.
  • Next, on the profile page, choose the “My Bookings” button.
  • Enter the “Reservation confirmation code” and your last name exactly as it appears on your passport.
  • Make any required adjustments and improvements.
  • To the best of your ability, double-check all the information entered.
  • Choose your preferred payment method and complete the payment for the Air Canada flight change service.

Through Mobile App

The Air Canada flight change policy gives you access to tools like Air Canada+ Aeroplan. This is the airline’s very own web app, to make modifications as and when necessary.

  • From the app store, get the Air Canada+ Aeroplan App for iOS or Android.
  • Use your username and password to access your Air Canada account.
  • Activate the “My Bookings” tab.
  • Enter the flight’s information, including the PNR number.
  • Click Continue, select the necessary course of action, and then fill out all the app’s fields to change a flight.

Via offline

You may travel immediately to the closest airport to modify an Air Canada flight offline. There, ask a representative for assistance at the Air Canada counter or kiosk. However, there may be a need for information such as PNR number and name.

Air Canada change flight fee based on various cabin classes

Air Canada ticket change fees always differ based on the cabin class that you choose while flying. Let’s have a look at each of them separately:

Basic Economy

It is necessary to cancel your ticket within 24 hours after purchase and rebook as requested. This is because Air Canada does not allow flight modifications for travelers with Basic Economy tickets unless done so within that time frame.

Standard Economy

Do you possess a Standard Economy ticket? So unless you make the change during the 24-hour grace period, you will have to pay an Air Canada flight change fee. It will be USD/CAD 100 for flights leaving within 60 days and USD/CAD 25 for flights departing after 61 days or more. Keep in mind that you will be responsible for the fee difference if you choose a more expensive fare.

Flex Fares

If you have a Flex ticket, you’ll incur a change cost of USD 50 for flights leaving within 60 days. Whereas expect to pay USD/CAD 25 for flights leaving after 61 days or more, unless you make the change within the first 24 hours. If you choose a more expensive option, just as with other tickets, you are responsible for the difference in cost.

Comfort Fares

A change fee of USD/CAD 25 applies to Comfort prices after 24 hours for flights departing up to 60 days. Whereas, pay USD/CAD 25 for flights departing 61 days or more with this fare type. Again, you must pay the additional fee if you select a more expensive fare. 

Latitude, Premium, and Business Fares

Passengers can easily change fully flexible rates, such as Latitude, Premium Economy, and Business fares without incurring any fees. If you choose a more expensive choice, you must pay the difference in the ticket. However, if you choose a less expensive one, you will receive a refund.

Award ticket

Up to two hours before your flight’s departure, you can make changes to your award ticket. However, all forms of Award tickets will incur a surcharge of USD/CAD 100. Only, travelers with an Altitude Super Elite 100k level are exempt from paying a change fee Air Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to make flight changes with Air Canada?

    Yes, you may modify your flight on any Air Canada flight beyond the 24-hour grace period. But this rule is invalid on tickets for Basic Economy.

  • How can I change my next flight with Air Canada?

    If you bought your ticket directly from Air Canada, you may modify the date of your flight via the Air Canada website. Other option includes visiting an Air Canada ticketing facility, your travel agent, or calling customer service.

  • What is Air Canada’s flight time change policy?

    You may alter your flight time following Air Canada’s policy up to two hours before the time of your flight’s planned departure. If you haven’t bought a Flex ticket, the airline will charge you according to the terms of your ticket and the time you make the modifications.

  • Can I change my flight date for free on Air Canada International flights?

    Yes, you can change the flight date on an international Air Canada trip during the 24-hour grace period. Except for Latitude, Premium Economy, and Business flights, you will need to pay a change fee after the grace time has passed.

  • I have got additional questions regarding the Canada Air change fee, whom should I contact?

    For any information on Air Canada change fees, get in touch with us at VootFly. We provide complete guidance and solve all your queries immediately.

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