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Air France Business Class has a long-standing reputation for being an enchanting, all-French premium cabin product. It’s unsurprising, given that most ‘flag carriers’ take the chance to showcase their homeland’s culture and products. After all, France itself has long been renowned in Western culture for its cuisine, wine, and fashion, all of which make their way onto the planes of the airline’s international flights.

On the business class product offered by Air France, passengers will find:

  • Lifeless seats.
  • Charming service.
  • Fine-dining menus designed by the best chefs in France.
  • Well-stocked lounges.

Air France Business Class: What to expect?

Air France provides Business Class on almost all of its flights, with the exception of French domestic flights departing or arriving from the airport in Paris. On domestic flights departing from the CDG, intra-Europe flights, and intercontinental flights between the US and the Caribbean, the Business Class is classified as a “Euro Business” product, featuring seating similar to that of Economy Class. On intercontinental flights, the Business Class seat is a lie-flat option, which is competitive in the industry.

Air France: Ground-Experience


Air France Business Class passengers of Air France have access to various lounges throughout the journey, with a special “Night Service” available for late-night departures from either JFK or Montreal. Pre-flight meals are served in the lounges, allowing passengers to sleep soundly on board. In the Paris CDG lounge, guests can enjoy Clarins treatments as well as shower suites. Upon arrival, there is an Arrivals Lounge located in Hall 2 C, which offers a variety of breakfast choices. Air France operates dedicated lounges in North America, while certain cities feature KLM combined lounges. For flights operated by SkyTeam, Business Class travelers have access to Delta SkyClubs and SkyTeam lounges, as well as designated Airport/Third Party lounges.


SkyPriority is a standardized passenger service offered by Air France, as well as its SkyTeam partners. Elite members of the member carriers are able to access SkyPriority lanes through their frequent flier programs. Additionally, Business and Premium Economy Air France passengers can utilize SkyPriority lanes in check-in areas, at security checkpoints at many airports, at boarding gates, and in certain customs inspection lines (mainly in Paris). An agent is typically present in SkyPriority areas to verify qualification.


Air France Business Class travelers are entitled to a higher level of checked baggage allowance than Economy and Premium Economy passengers. Business Class travelers are permitted to check in up to two bags, each weighing 70 pounds (32 kilograms), free of charge. Members of Flying Blue who are Silver or higher status are permitted to check an additional piece of luggage of the same weight. The carry-on allowance for all classes above the Economy class is 40 pounds (18 kilograms) combined.

Air France business class in-flight experience

Seats in Air France business class

Business Class seating in Air France differs slightly depending on the aircraft type and the destination. On all intercontinental flights conducted on dual-axle aircraft, the seats are lie-flat.

  • Boeing 777-200
    The Business Class seats are the same as those found on the standard Air France 777-200 Business Class; they are lie-flat and are sorted in an arrangement known as 1- 2-1. The only difference between the standard and Business Class cabins is how many seats are allocated to them.
  • Boeing 777-300
    The Business Class variant of the 777-300 aircraft is the most varied in the fleet. A large proportion of the aircraft are equipped with the latest lie-flat configuration, which is available in a staggered configuration. A smaller subset of the fleet, typically allocated to leisure destinations in the Caribbean Sea and the Indian Ocean, is configured in a more traditional configuration, with an older lie-flat configuration. The more modern Business Class configuration is in a staggered configuration, which is similar to the configuration of the newly launched Airbus A350. However, the more recent Business Class arrangement is in the more limited number of 14 seats, configured in a newer style, in a staggered configuration (2-3-1).
  • Boeing 787-9
    The standard Business Class seats on the 787- 9 are lie-flat, most of which are the same as those found on the majority of the 777 aircraft, and are configured in a 1:2:1 configuration.
  • Airbus A330
    This aircraft is equipped with Business Class lie-flat seats in a 2 x 2 arrangement and is mainly used for short-haul flights to North American and West African cities.
  • Airbus A350
    The Air France A350 Business Class, the latest generation of the long-haul aircraft, is equipped with a Business Class cabin that is configured in a ratio of 1:2:1. Window seats are arranged in a staggered fashion, with one seat situated near the window and the next seat situated near the aisle.

Air France’s lie-flat business class seats have universal power outlets, stowage space for personal items, a mirror, a handheld entertainment control, and personal reading light. Personal overhead air vents are not standard.

Perks of flying in Air France business class

The Business Class benefits offered by Air France are based on the SkyTeam concept of SkyPriority, which includes priority lines at Check-in, Security, and Boarding. Business Class travelers are able to use SkyPriority designated lanes at the Gate for boarding.

Furthermore, Air France Business Class travelers are provided with a range of amenities, such as socks, eye masks, toothbrushes, and skin care products from Clarins. Additionally, Clarins products can be found in the lavatories, providing refreshments during mid-flight.

Additionally, Priority Delegation and Expedited Baggage Delivery to Baggage Claim are also offered consistently to Business Class passengers.

Food & Beverages in Air France business class

Business Class passengers embark on intercontinental flights and are treated to a delectable, multi-course meal, prepared by renowned chefs on a rotating basis. Complimentary alcoholic beverages are also available. The initial course consists of a selection of premium proteins, ranging from foie gras to lobster or shrimp, marinated in a variety of vegetables and seasonal salads, and accompanied by hot bread rolls and French butter. 

A cheese selection is then presented, intended for consumption following the main course. The main course consists of three to four options, ranging from meat to seafood and vegetarian options. Depending on the flight length and destination, some flights offer multiple meat or seafood dishes. 

Desserts are typically composed of a variety of sweets, accompanied by coffee, tea, or cordials. Self-service bars in galley areas provide a variety of snacks and beverages, such as Haagen-Dazs ice cream, as well as hot snacks. A light meal or breakfast may be served before arrival, while hot breakfasts offer entrée choices. Coffee and pastries may be requested up to thirty minutes prior to landing.

Business vs First Class: Air France Airlines

Air France first class, La Premiere, is only available on select routes operated by the aircraft of the same name. This cabin is highly private, with only four large seats offering more space than Business Class. It is equipped with a range of amenities, such as pajamas, turn-down service, hotel-style bedding, and private lounges. Additionally, it has been significantly upgraded with dining and amenities. The best way to describe the difference between Business Class and La Premiere is to compare it to a four-star hotel and a five-star hotel, with Business Class being a comfortable premium experience and La Premiere being a bespoke luxury experience.


Air France Business Class product is among the most competitive on the market. All aisle-access seating is available on transatlantic flights, and the French-language onboard service is popular among francophiles. Passengers connecting via Paris can take advantage of Air France’s lounges, which feature hot meals, a full bar, and shower suites. Additionally, long-haul Business Class flight accelerates elite status in the airline’s Flying Blue program, which is based on flight duration and class of service, rather than spending requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do Air France business class seats have lie-flat?

    The cabin design is based on the three “F” principles: Full flat beds; Full aisle access for each seat; and Full privacy with sliding door pods.

  • Which seats are considered best in business class?

    In Business Class, seats are considered the best (with the seat next to the window) at least one row away from the galley and bathrooms.

  • Do business class passengers get lounge access on Air France?

    The answer to this is ‘Yes’ as the passengers on Business Standard and Business Flex tickets get access to the lounge.

  • Can you sit on an empty business-class seat?

    Yes, it is possible to sit on a business class seat if it is empty.

  • How is it better to fly in business class?

    Business class typically has a higher proportion of flight attendants to passengers, resulting in superior service.

  • What is the main difference between business and first class?

    The business class generally offers lie-down beds, more legroom, and better dining options than premium economy.

  • Is everything cost-free in a business-class lounge?

    However, in general, everything should be free, unless you there’s a menu with a price.

  • Does Air France Business Class offer free Wi-Fi?

    New long-haul business class product features sliding doors for privacy, 4K entertainment screens, Bluetooth, and free Wi-Fi.

  • What is Air France business class Flex?

    The SkyPriority program gives you complete priority access to the airport.

  • Does Air France have TVs?

    Additionally, on long-haul flights, Air France offers customers a selection of France 24 documentaries and programs as part of its in-flight entertainment system.

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