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About Alaska Air Discount

In this inflated economy, the prices of air travel have skyrocketed quite literally. Yet, air travel is as busy as ever. Many Airlines have opted ways to provide their customers relief on flight tickets. Here in this article, you will get to know about one of the airline’s discount options. Alaska Airlines Discount will ease your travelling budget and as well as your stress. So, keep on reading to know more about the Alaska Airlines discount code.

Alaska Airlines is known as the fifth largest airline in America which operates from SeaTac, Washington within Seattle. Alaska operates an on route network that primarily focuses on the west coast of the United States consisting of 100 destinations and more destinations in Mexico, Guatemala, Canada, Alaska and Costa Rica. The airline has five hubs and the main hub is located in Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Alaska Airlines is also a part of Oneworld Alliance consisting of more than 10 airlines such as American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific and more.

In many cases, the available Alaska Airlines discount codes be applied to the alliance airlines as well. Learn more about all discounts available and how to avail them further in the article.

What are Alaska Airlines Discount?

Discounts can reduce the price of fare applicable to the ticket purchased. You may come across the discount coupons from Alaska airlines through your Insider Newsletter, Mileage Plus reward, direct email or through local newspaper advertisements or promotional partners also.

To avail the discounts codes, redeem them by typing them in the mentioned Discount box during the booking process. Search for your destination city and date then proceed to search the fares at discounted rates.

General Rules to Avail the Discounts in Alaska Airlines

  • You can only use one discount coupon code per reservation.
  • Alaska Airline discount code cannot be applied to Mileage Plan Award reservations.
  • The discount codes can only be used for airfare purchases on the official website of Alaska Airline. 
  • Discount coupons only apply to original purchases and cannot be applied towards ticket exchanges.
  • Alaska Vacation promo code cannot be used as a discount coupon and vice versa. 
  • The code expires within one year of issuance. 

What is the Companion Fare Code in Alaska Airlines?

Discount codes are used to reduce the actual cost from the ticket purchased. The codes can be redeemable in the offer period only. Discounts cannot be redeemed after the offer period is over or incase of flight change or cancellation.

The Airlines has launched a unique Alaska Airlines discount called Companion Fare Code. This discount code is released annually to specific eligible cardholders. These discount codes cannot be transferred or redeemed by anyone but the cardholder and usually expires within the year of issuance if not used.

In USA, Alaska Airlines Visa® and Alaska Airlines Visa®Business Class

In Canada, World Elite®Mastercard® and Platinum Plus®Mastercard®

What is a Military Discount in Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines is grateful for the contribution of each military personnel. That’s why they have launched a special military fee to make travel affordable and convenient to the military professionals. The airlines offer military fare to active duty military personnel and their dependents in some markets. The Alaska Airlines military discount is only valid if the booking is made through phone.

Who is eligible for the discounts?

  • The fare applies to those who are on official excused  absences. 
  • Discharged from active duty in any state of the U.S. 
  • Military reserves on active duty. 
  • The fare applies to army personnel’s immediate family which includes a spouse or dependent of 10 or older with Identification. 
  • Also includes children between the age of 2-9 of active duty military personnel.

Rules That Applies to Military Fare

  • The army personnel need to provide a valid active duty Armed Force identification card of the United States military. 
  • To avail the Alaska airline coupon for military fare, the personnel should be able to present separation documents for travel within 7 days of discharge from active military service.
  • The Military personnel’s family should be a legal dependent of the military officer. 
  • The family should be able to present a proper identification and documents for check-in. 
  • If the name of dependents, spouse or children is different from the name of the military official, then the dependent needs to present legal documentation to prove the dependency is needed.

What is the Alaska Airlines Group discount?

If you are planning to travel with a bunch of your friends, then Alaska Airlines discount for you. The airline offers three different options with multiple benefits.

Travel Separately

For groups of 20 or more, departing from different destination cities, can get discounts off the lowest available fare at the time of booking. To get the group coupon code, you need to contact the group desk.


  • You can book collective tickets with the discount code or can ask your travel agent to book one. 
  • You have the benefit to travel three days prior to after your event with an extended travel window. 
  • Have the flexibility to choose your flight timing based on your convenience.

Travel Together


  • You are not required to pay any deposit fee. 
  • Unlimited free name changes are available till three days before the date of travel. 
  • No ticketing fee is charged. 
  • You also have the benefits of getting advance seat assignment. 
  • You also have no restrictions on minimum stay requirements.

Charter a Flight

Alaska Airlines gives you the opportunity to book an entire flight for your group inclusive of all amenities. Chartering a flight allows you to customise your travel based on your plans and destinations. You can contact the group desk to book your chartered flight with Alaska Airline discount.


  • You can have an entire flight to yourself. 
  • You also have the freedom to travel at your own schedule 
  • You can either fly off from the standard terminal or you can also have a personal airport. 
  • Along with the flight get all-inclusive price based, fuel and pre-school.

Bottom Line

Travelling can be affordable and within everyone’s pocket. Alaska Airlines offers its customers various options to bag cheap flight tickets through discounts coupon, promo codes, discount fares for military officials and more. You may also get some seasonal discounts on the website from which you can get some great deals on fares. Alaska Airlines discount can be used only on their official website, so don’t forget to check the website to grab some amazing discount deals.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to get discounts on Alaska Airlines flights?

    To get discounts on Alaskan Airlines Flights, you can use Alaska Airlines credit card,oneworld alliance memberships, Companion fare, super saver discount option. Check the official website of Alaska Airline to know more about recent discounts.

  • Where to put the discount code for Alaska Airlines?

    While booking, redeem them by typing them in the mentioned Discount box during the booking process. Search for your destination city and date then proceed to search the fares at discounted rates.

  • What is the cheapest day to book a flight on Alaska Airlines?

    To get the cheapest flights from Alaska Airlines, shop on Tuesday afternoon for the best price.

  • Does Alaska Air give 1 free checked bag?

    Alaska Airlines allows you to carry one free check-in bag weighing up to 50 pounds or less with a maximum dimension of 62 linear inches.

  • What benefits does Alaska Airlines offer to Military personnel?

    Alaska offers separate fare for military personnel who are actively serving in any U.S states armed force.

  • What is the Companion Fare discount on Alaska Airlines?

    Alaska Airlines launched a new discount option only for eligible cardholders who have Alaska Airlines Visa® and Alaska Airlines Visa®Business Class.

  • What are some rules to avail Discount codes in Alaska Airlines?

    There are some specific rules that apply to discount codes in Alaska Airlines. 
    1. You can only use one discount coupon code per reservation.
    2. Alaska Airlines discounts code cannot be applied to Mileage Plan Award reservations.
    3. The discount codes can only be used for airfare purchases on the official website of Alaska Airline. 

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