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About Allegiant Pet Policy 

It’s difficult to leave a pet when you travel because it is a part of your family and you want to take it along on your addventure. Now, with no apprehensions you can board your flight to international destinations anytime you want since Allegiant Airline has an inclusive policy for its passengers where you can carry your small and domesticated pets along with you but with a proper procedure without having so much stress. You are just one step away from knowing the Allegiant Air Pet Policy.

What is the Allegiant Air Pet Policy?

It basically permits small live animals or pets in aircraft within the 48 adjacent borders of the United States. You can now book your tickets for international destinations but U.S territories do not accept all pets. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind while traveling with your pets:

  • Only domestic dogs and cats are allowed 
  • The carrier shall not be larger than 9”H x 16”W x 19”D & should be fully closed to contain the pet
  • Each carrier can carry no more  than 2 pets.
  • A passenger may travel with a pet carrier plus a personal item or a paid carry-on bag, but not both.
  • A non-refundable fee of $50.00 per segment per carrier will apply for all pets
  • Each paid traveler may have only one pet carrier
  • All animals must be at least eight weeks of age
  • While at the airport terminal and onboard the aircraft, pets must remain completely in the carrier and only be handled by the traveler. If a passenger does not comply, the pet may be denied boarding for future flights.
  • All carriers must be stowed on the floor during take-off and landing
  • All animals are required to be harmless, non-disruptive and non violent
  • If you are traveling with a pet, you will need to check in at the ticket counter or a gate counter at least one hour prior to the scheduled departure to ensure that your pets and pet carriers are compliant with all of the guidelines.
  • Allegiant does not transport animals in the cargo bin

Pet Career Requirements 

  • All pets shall be transported in a soft or hard sided enclosed leak-proof carrier however soft sided is strongly recommended. 
  • The carrier may be no larger than 9”H x 16”W x 19”D & fully close to contain the pet
  • No more than 2 pets per carrier are allowed.


  • Ensure that your pets are properly vaccinated in order to maintain the safety and decorum of the airlines.

Documents requirement

  • Form 1 – Veterinary Health Must be fully completed by your veterinarian 
  • Form 2 – Mental Health Professional Form Must be fully completed by your mental health professional or a medical physician treating you for an emotional or mental disability 
  • Form 3 – Animal Behavior & Responsibility Form must be fully completed by the passenger 
  • Service dogs should have identification cards, tags, or other written documentation, wear harnesses, or the credible verbal assurances of the individual with a disability using the animal. Passengers must also submit a Trained Service Animals Veterinary Health Form at check in.
  • A health certificate is not required

Pet Reservations and Ticket Policies 

Once you have made reservations there are a few things to be considered for Allegiant pet policy before you board the flight.

  • There is a $50 Pet-in-Cabin fee per one-way flight for each carrier in the cabin, with no more than two pets per carrier. This fee must be paid at the time of booking the reservation. For making a reservation you can call on  +1–800-773-6613.
  • Carrier permits dogs and other service animals used by an individual with a disability to accompany such individuals in the passenger cabin at no charge.
  • Carrier is an accepted evidence that an animal is a service animal: the presentation of identification cards, tags, or other written documentation; the presence of harnesses or markings on harnesses; or the credible verbal assurances of the individual with a disability using the animal.
  • Fees are per person, per segment, or both. A segment is one take-off and one landing.
  • Fee does not apply to service animals of passengers with disabilities.
  • To fulfill the Allegiant air dog policy the carrier must have a waterproof bottom, have room for your pet to stand up and turn around, must fasten securely and have adequate ventilation.
  • Service dogs are too accepted on Allegiant’s flights.
  • All animals are expected to display good behavior and not cause damage to the aircraft.

Emotional Support for Animals 

  • Psychiatric service dogs must be able to occupy the handler’s foot space with no encroachment on a neighboring passenger’s foot space or into the aisle. 
  • All animals are expected to display good behavior and not cause damage to the aircraft.
  • All service must be able to fly at their passenger’s feet, in their lap (under 30 lbs) or in a carrier under the seat in front of the passenger

For your pet’s safety and a comfortable flight, it is humbly requested to adhere to the guidelines of Allegiant Airlines Pet Policy. Make your journey a hassle free experience with none other than Allegiant Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are pets allowed on board?

    Of course, Allegiant Air Small animals policy allows small pets on board.

  • Can I travel with my pet, a personal item and a paid carry-on?

    TSA regulations limit each passenger to a maximum of 2 items carried on the aircraft. A passenger may travel  with a pet and a personal item or a paid carry-on, but it could not be both. Items exceeding the limit will be checked, transported in the cargo area and checked fees are also applicable.

  • Does Allegiant have a pet weight limit?

    Most airlines accept pets weighing 20 lbs or less in the cabin and no more than 100 lbs in the cargo hold. Larger dogs that do not meet the requirement of the cabin will be transported in the cargo hold.

  • Is there any fee required to bring the pet in the cabin?

    Yes, a fee of $50 for each way to travel with your pet is charged which is non refundable. For further information read this

    Allegiant Airline pet policy.

  • Can a 16 year old traveling alone bring a pet on-board?

    Yes, a 16 year old traveling alone on a Allegiant Air flight can bring a pet on-board.

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