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Everyone has items that are valuable to them and sometimes they end up getting left behind at places. Sometimes it can happen during Air Travel. Luckily there are numerous airlines at present that now have departments for Lost and Found. American Airlines is no different as it has its own American Airlines Lost And Found services. 

Where Was The Item Lost?

An important factor to consider is where the item was lost. On this basis, the procedure for recovering them varies.

Admirals Club, Gate Or On The Aeroplane

If lost here one can file a lost and found report and the airline will search for it for up to 30 days. One can also receive email updates on the current status and also delivery updates too if found. FIling of Lost and Found reports can be done online.

In The Airport

In this case, one may contact the lost and found of the airport directly from their website.

At Security

In such a situation one may directly contact TSA’s Lost and Found Department. They can also visit their website too for further assistance.


In the event that a person’s bag has been lost. They must file a claim at the Baggage Service Office at the airport. One can also visit the website for further information on the course of action for damaged and delayed bags. 


If a traveller is unsure where the item was lost they can still file a lost and found report with us. 

What To Do If…

If The Passenger Is Still At The Arrival Gate

In this case, the best course of action may be to contact an American Airlines agent if they have just exited the plane and realised the item is lost. They can head over to the arrival gate and talk to an agent there. If a crew member may be located then even better. This may help with Lost and Found American Airlines processes.

If the article is small like a diamond ring or something then it is important to know that the aircrafts of the airline company are deep cleaned every night. So the cleaning crew may be able to recover it. Also with the help of the online recovery process the ring may be delivered to the passenger later.

If The Traveller Is At The Airport But Can’t Return To The Arrival Gate

Sometimes a passenger has already made their way through the airport and cannot return without going through the TSA security. In such a scenario, they may contact an American Airlines agent at the information desk.

It can save them time and effort of going through the Lost and Found American Airlines procedures. Agents and staff are generally very helpful and warm. They’re always willing to help.

Travellers must gIve them a description of the lost item and also the flight number.  Sometimes they may be able to take action instantly. There have been stories of people getting back items while waiting in the baggage claim.

This means there is a possibility one may get back their item before leaving the airport. If this does not happen then at least one must make sure they find out what must be done next before they exit the airport. 

If Items Have Been Lost At Security Checkpoints

In case a person loses their item at a TSA security checkpoint there is a high probability it may have been placed at the TSA Lost and Found. One can even find assistance with recovering items from them through their website. It is necessary to note that TSA has their own Lost and Found departments at various airports. 

If Items May Be Misplaced Somewhere In The Airport

If a traveller feels their lost item may be lying somewhere in the airport then the best thing to do is to contact the Lost and Found department of the airport itself. Usually, airports will have phone numbers for these departments and also email addresses dedicated to them as well.

Like the American Airlines DFW Lost and Found deals with recovering items at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Similarly other airports served by the airlines have their own offices too.

If The Article Is Lost At A Bar/Restaurant in The Airport

In such a case, it may be best to contact the specific business itself rather than the airport staff. Now it may be possible that the business contacted may not respond. What to do in such a case?

Well, one unconventional but useful option can be contacting a business in the same airport that is located near it. Letting them know the issue and asking them for help. This may sound silly but there have been cases where it has worked.

If this also does not work then the last option is to find out the American Airlines Lost and Found telephone number for the concerned airport or their email address and then getting in touch with them. 

If The Passengers Have Already Left The Airport

If they are unable to get in touch with an airline agent before exiting the airport or have already left the airport then the best option is to file a claim online. The airline company implements a third-party service for their Lost and Found claim processing.

Admirals Club

If travellers feel the lost item may be at the Admirals Club they may get in touch with the airline agent. If that is not possible then the next best thing to do is file an online claim. 

Online Form

Those filing an online claim must go through the website of Chargerback. The online form will ask questions which need to be filled up.

  • Category: They must place the lost item into a suitable category to make the search process easier. Once an item type has been picked more descriptive details need to be entered. 
  • Flight Information: This mainly includes the flight number and the airline. 
  • Date when the article was lost.
  • The Airport where the item was lost.
  • Unique Description: Add details about the item that make it stand out and easily identifiable.
  • If the article has tracking devices like AirTag on it that can also be listed here. 
  • Contact Information: Give the basic contact details needed for them to get in touch.

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