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Have you ever missed your flight before? It’s a terrible experience to encounter. The stress of losing money and reaching your destination is unparalleled. Many Airlines refuse to provide the customers with alternate options. However, American Airlines has policies for such circumstances. American Airlines Missed Flight policy comes handy when you have missed your flight. This comprehensive guide will tell you about the policy along with all the other alternatives American Airlines provides.

American Airlines is the largest airline in the world in terms of passengers carried and fleet size. With over 950 aircrafts, American Airlines operates an extensive international and domestic network with 350 destinations in 48 countries. The airline is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas within the Dallas Fort Worth complex. It is also the founding member of world’s third largest airline alliance; Oneworld.

American Airlines handles more than 200 million passengers annually with an average 500,000 passengers daily. It’s imperative to have a policy like missed flight American Airlines to accommodate every passenger, even those who have missed their flights. In case you have missed your flight, American Airlines allows rebooking on alternate flights available as one of the options available. Read more to know the policy regarding situations like missed flight on American Airlines.

What is American Airlines Missed Flights Policy?

The airline ensures a reasonable policy for late arrivals for those who have missed the flight.

  • As per American Airlines, if you have missed the flight, you have the opportunity to change your itinerary within 15 minutes of departure of your original flight. 
  • If you are late in rebooking your flight, then airlines have full authority to mark you as “No Show” passenger according to American Airline Missed Flight policy.  
  • The maximum time to rebook your flight after missing it is approximately ‘2 hours’, in case you are late beyond that timeframe, you will be marked as ‘NO Show’ and no rebooking will be allowed. 
  • The Airlines will rebook you on another flight with exact same fare only if you have arrived at the airport in time but are late for their flight with or without baggage submitted. 
  • In normal cases, you must arrive at the airport 45 minutes before departure. In case of missed flight, rebooking will only be an option  if you haven’t arrived or reached after departure. 
  • The fee for the American airlines missed flight will be based on the date you request for rebooking after the departure of the original flight.

What is the American Airline Late Standby Policy?

The American Airlines standby policy states that passengers who have arrived 2 hours before their scheduled departure are considered as standby flyers. The airline in such a case, will accommodate the standby flyers to the next flight without any additional cost. This is not applicable if there is no next flight on the same day. 

Moreover, there are certain situations where this policy is applicable. 

  • This policy is only applicable if you have missed your flight due to incomplete documents as per American Airlines missed flight regulations. 
  • The passenger has arrived at the airport within the 2 hours time schedule but is late for check-in. 
  • The standby policy is also applicable if you have a mobile boarding pass but you reached the wrong airport. 
  • For foreign passengers, this policy is also applicable if you haven’t received or applied for the ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authentication) to travel to America. 

What is American Airlines Missed Connection Policy?

If you have missed your American Airline flight and subsequently missed your connecting flight also, you must contact the American Airlines customer executive to resolve your issue.

  • If you have missed your connecting flight that is on the same ticket then according to American Airlines Missed connection compensation, the airlines will rebook you on an alternate flight to your destination along with that you will also get lodging and food based on your duration for your connecting flight. 
  • In case,  your flight with other airlines has been delayed which leads to missing your American Airlines flight then it is solely your responsibility and thus American Airlines will marek you as ‘No Show’. 
  • In case, if you are aware about the possible delay beforehand then inform the airlines on their American Airlines missed flight phone number. You will be rebooked to an alternate flight however you will have to pay the fare difference also as per American Airlines missed flight. 
  • If you have missed your connecting flight due to AA flight delay, the airline is accountable to compensate you $700. 
  • In case, if you have missed your AA flight, you will have  to pay $75 for domestic flights and $500 for international flights.. 

How to Rebook the American Airlines Missed Flight?

You can rebook your missed flight through online procedures. You can only rebook your flight within 15 minutes after you have missed your flight after departure. 

  • Go to the official website of American Airlines 
  • Login with your registered ID and go to manage booking. Enter your Reference number and last name. 
  • Search and review your missed flights American Airlines. 
  • After that, choose your new flight itinerary and add the required details of the destinations along with the number of passengers. 
  • You will see a list of available flights with available seats. Select one of them and proceed. 
  • After confirming, proceed to check-in and receive the boarding pass for your next flight. Lastly, you will receive a confirmation email from the airlines on your registered email ID. 

Bottom Line

Missing flights can create horrible situations in your travel plans. It’s highly unfortunate even when you have to pay for your missed flight on some airlines. Well, that’s not the case with American Airlines. The Airlines has specific policy for such situations. The American Airlines Missed Flight policy enables you to be rebooked on an alternate flight of the airlines without any additional cost. Now, if you ever miss your American Airlines flight, don’t worry, contact the airlines and get yourself on another flight. This comprehensive guide will allow you to handle the situation after missing your flight more conveniently.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens when you miss your flight with American Airlines?

    You can rebook your flight 15 minutes before or after the scheduled departure of your missed flight. However, if you cannot rebook after a 15 minute time frame, in that case, you will be marked as No-show.

  • Do I need to pay for the American Airlines missed flight?

    According to the AA missed flight policy, you might lose the value of your ticket but you won’t have to pay additional charge for missed flight.

  • Will I receive any refund for my missed American Airline flight?

    In case of missed flight, American Airlines rebooks you on an alternate flight. However, AA does not provide customers with any refund for missed flight situations.

  • What is the American Airline no-show fee?

    In case of No-Show, you need to pay $400 as an American Airlines No-show fee. The fee is only imposed on those customers who don’t cancel their reservation and subsequently don’t show up for the flight.

  • Does American Airlines rebooks if I have missed my flight?

    Yes, if you have missed your flight, American Airlines rebooks you on another flight without any additional charge in your original fare and fare type.

  • How do I book another flight after a missed flight?

    You can rebook your flight through the official website of American Airlines. Add your original reference ID and your last name, review your previous flight routes and add your new route and number of passengers in the trip. Choose from the available flight and proceed to pay. Or you can ask the airport staff to assist your to rebook you on another flight.

  • Does American Airlines charge for changing flights?

    If you have purchased a flexible ticket from American Airlines then you can change your flight without additional charges. However, you may have to pay the change in fare.

  • What happens if you cancel your American Airlines flight at the last minute?

    If you are cancelling your AA flight at the last minute, you are reliable to pay the cancellation fee. Your cancellation will depend on your route and destination.

  • What happens if I have missed my international flight with American Airlines?

    In case you have missed your international flight, you will have to pay $500 for missed flight.

  • What is the minimum time to cancel a AA flight without any cancellation fee?

    The minimum time to cancel your AA flight is 24 hours after confirming your booking. Beyond the 24 hours time slot, you will have to pay cancellation fee.

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