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About Austrian Premium Economy

Want a Premium experience with special attention and luxury amenities high in the clouds within a budget? Yes, it is possible with Austrian Airlines Premium Economy Class. Austrian Airlines is the major airline flying in Austria, with its hub at the Vienna International Airport. As the Airline industry soared to new heights with more luxury, the economy class squeezed into more cramped spaces at the pointy ends of the plane.

The premium economy class made its place between the high-end luxurious first class and the less enjoyable economy class. The premium Economy Austrian Airlines elevates your flight experience without breaking the bank. The premium economy class the airline offers adds extra comfort to your journey with the special services and countless amenities, making it an unforgettable trip as you fly around the Atlantic.

Austrian Airlines Premium Economy 777

Austrian Airlines took the initiative to replace the business class at the second door of the Boeing 777 with premium economy and economy seats. Passengers can now enjoy a premium experience by doubling the price of their economy fares at the largest aircraft. The Austrian Airlines Premium Economy 777 reviews increased as the airline increased the number of its premium economy seats. So, book your premium economy tickets at the largest Boeing 777-200 and fly high with the special advantages mentioned below.

Advantages of Austrian Premium Economy

The Economy Premium Austrian Airlines offers an enjoyable and exciting flight experience.

Extra Comfortable Seats

The Premium Economy has wider and extremely comfortable seats, especially on long-haul flights. You can rest your legs in the spacious legroom and enjoy a relaxing journey. The seats are provided with a foldable table and a cocktail table. The seats are extra reclinable, with the 12-inch screens fitted at the back.


The seats also provide technical comfort to all its passengers. Now you don’t need to worry about charging as all the seats are equipped with extra plug-ins and USB ports. You can now work stress-free in the working space and charge your gadget sitting at your place.

Austrian Amenity Kit

Premium economy passengers can enjoy a comfortable journey without breaking the style. Every Passenger is provided with a stylish Amenity Kit. The amenity kit includes a brushing kit, ear plugs, sleeping masks, and cozy red socks.

Enhanced Meal Options

The main attraction of the journey is the delicious food served. The exciting four-course menu serves delicious meals, and you can choose three main dishes on your flight. So enjoy a unique experience of feasting the chef-curated meals among the clouds.

Noise-canceling headsets

Enjoy the feel of a business class trip and a more relaxing journey using Noise-Cancelling headphones.

In-Flight Entertainment

Enjoy a movie trip with the 12-inch screens fitted at the back of every seat. You can enjoy movies, your favorite tv shows, and a musical playlist on your exciting journey.

Extra Luggage

Packing only one bag within 23 kg is tougher when you plan a longer trip. Well, you don’t need to worry about your luggage as you fly Premium Economy. Premium Economy passengers can enjoy a second bag of 23 kg. So shop more and pack more stress-free on your vacation trip with premium economy Austrian Airlines. 

The Boeing-777-200, with its Premium economy class, offers an incredible flight experience to its passengers. In the era of high-end luxurious flights, Austrian Air Premium Economy offers a luxury treat with special attention to every need of the passengers. It is concerned with providing a comfortable journey with an affordable fare. So choosing the Austrian Premium Economy Class will not let you down.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there any difference between economy and premium economy Austrian Airlines?

    Yes, you can enjoy more comfortable seats in the premium economy compared to the economy. The dining options are enhanced, and two check-in bags are allowed in Premium Economy.

  • What is the width of the Austrian Airlines Premium Economy seats?

    The width of the Austrian Airlines Premium Economy seats is 48.3cm and provides an increased recline of 40°.

  • Does the Premium Economy Class of Austrian Airlines provide Blankets on a night journey?

    Yes, the Premium Economy class of Austrian Airlines provides Blankets and pillows to every Passenger.

  • Is there enough space for window seat passengers to go out in Premium Economy class?

    Yes, there are ample spaces for the window seat passengers to move out without disturbing the passengers seating in the aisle seats of Premium Economy class.

  • Can I get snacks and beverages as a premium economy passenger on Austrian Airlines?

    Yes, premium economy passengers are snacks and beverages throughout the flight. They provide juices, wines, coffee, and crackers.

  • What is the baggage allowance of carry-on bags for premium economy passengers?

    The premium economy passengers on Austrian Airlines are allowed one carry-on bag and one personal item. The carry-on bag must not exit 55cm×40cm×23cm and should be under 8kgs.

  • Is sports equipment allowed on Austrian Airlines?

    Sports equipment is allowed on Austrian Airlines, but it must fit your ticket’s baggage allowance. Extra charges may apply if the number of items or weight limits exceeds.

  • How can I book the premium economy class on Austrian Airlines?

    To book your premium economy ticket, visit the official website of Austrian Airlines. Choose the booking options and enter your departure and destination. Enter your travel type, number of passengers, and travel dates, and the airline will email you the confirmation details.

  • Can I upgrade my economy ticket to a premium economy ticket?

    Yes, you can upgrade your ticket to a premium economy ticket. Visit the My Bookings option on the official website of Austrian Airlines. Click on the upgrade flight option, provide the payment details, and complete the payment process

  • As a premium economy passenger, can I earn miles while flying with Austrian Airlines?

    You can earn miles flying with Austrian Airlines as a premium economy passenger. You can earn and save your miles through the airline’s frequent flyer program and afterward redeem them on your flights, hotels, and car bookings.

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