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About Breeze Airways

Travel can be extremely tedious and it gets worse when you don’t get a pleasant experience. If you want a pleasant experience then you gotta try Breeze Airways Nicest Class. Breeze Airways is a low-cost airline that began its operations in 2018 with its headquarter in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. The airline has segregated its three different classes which are dubbed as Nice, Nicer and Nicest. Just as the name suggests, Nicest is known as Breeze Airways First Class.

Breeze Airways debuted with 39 routes and 16 airports across Southeast and Eastern U.S and currently functioning with 80 routes and 30 destinations. Being a point to point airline, Breeze intentionally focuses on secondary cities which don’t have nonstop airline service.

If you want you can travel with the nicest benefits with  Breeze airways which enables you to enjoy a comfortable and luxurious journey. You can get rid of those uncomfortable experiences once you travel in first class of breeze airlines.  Keep on reading to know more about Breeze First class services that will urge you to choose it.

What Do You Get In Breeze Airlines First Class?

There are ample benefits that you can enjoy while travelling in first class of a breeze airline.

You can enjoy the hassle free priority check-in and boarding. You also get to enjoy a smooth transition from airport to aircraft with prior assistance.

The first class seats in Airbus 220-300 aircrafts are termed as the ‘Nicest’ because of the benefits accredited to it. These seats are larger in size and comfortable as compared to economy or business class cabins.

You can enjoy complimentary snacks services on board without any cost. Also alcoholic beverages are available at some additional charges. 

As of recently(2023), founder of Breeze Airways has claimed to install the Airbus 220-300 with the facility of free wifi. In Breeze first class you can enjoy high speed wifi connectivity during the flight with ease.

You also get the convenience to cancel or change your flight  without any cancellation fees along with reusable credit points if you cancel your flight.

The other benefit  included with first class tickets is that you can check-in 2 bags along with carry-on baggage without extra cost.

Details On The Seats Of First Class Of Breeze Airways

Breeze Airways has ensured to create distinction between their other economy and business seats and first class. Breeze has a different kind of seat configuration than most other low-cost airlines. They offer a large cabin space of 36 seats in front of the aircraft for Breeze first class, where seats feature 39’ pf pitch and 20.5 of width and are in 2-2 arrangement. What’s unique is that they feature footrest and in seat AC and USB-C port for customer’s experiences. You can pleasantly enjoy all these facilities at a fraction of cost that you may pay to other airlines for first class.

Onboard Entertainment Facilities

You can access the free inflight wifi facilities to spend your comfortable journey with your favourite movies, show for entertainment. Along with that the keen flight attendants ensure a peaceful and tranquil environment so that you can work, relax or enjoy your inflight services. As for complimentary snacks, Breeze Airlines First Class ensures to provide you with good quality snacks on board with complimentary drinks. Alcoholic drinks are also provided at additional cost.

Difference Between Nice, Nicer and Nicest

As a customer, you can expect to notice several facilities between the three class options in breeze airlines.

Seat Configurations

The Nice seats are the standard seat with standard legroom space that makes up for the most space in the flight. 

Nicer have more legroom compared to Nice and are located at the front of the aircraft.

Nicest seats which are known as the Breeze Airlines first class are only found in airbus 220- 300. They comprise 36 row seating arrangements that occupy almost half of the aircraft. 

If you book a seat in the Nice section, you won’t be able to choose your seat for free- for that you have to pay $10 to $45 per person. In the case of a Nicer seat, you will have to pay $30- $75 for extra leg room space. While in Nicest class, you get plenty of legroom as well as legrest facility.

Drawbacks Of Breeze First Class

As a newcomer in the airlines business, Breeze Airways lacks in some departments such as lack of facilities in First Class. They currently do not provide proper meals on board as they offer point to point flights to lesser known places. Furthermore, you will have to compromise on the privacy front as there is no  privacy wall dividing two seats in Breeze First class. Breeze currently does not provide any amenities kit in the first class. 

Though apart from all the drawbacks you get some attractive benefits for a first class in a low cost airline. Complimentary snacks, luxurious seats with extra legroom space and leg rest, Free wifi to use, all these benefits at the most affordable cost.

Final Thoughts About Breeze Airlines

If you are looking for premium experiences at an affordable cost then you can go with Breeze Airways. The Airlines is fairly new with countless opportunities to grow into a successful airline. But even with some drawbacks, Breeze Airways  First Class are by far the ‘nicest’ and it does quite live up to its name. You get premium quality seats with a comfortable and luxurious touch to it along with legroom space with the legrest option which is currently not offered by any other domestic first class airline. 

There are adjustable phone/tablet holders for the convenience of the customer during their inflight entertainment time. The complimentary snacks and drinks are generously offered. 

At last, if you want to enjoy effortlessly in luxury then you can go for Breeze Airways.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Nice, Nicer,  and the  Nicest on Breeze Airways?

    For your information, there are three types of seats in Breeze Airways A220-A300. The nice seats are considered as ‘economy seats’ while the fancier ones are premium economy. And the best seats on flight are the nicest seats which are known as Breeze Airways first class  seats.

  • What is special about Breeze Airways?

    Breeze provides you with non-stop services between underserved routes across the U.S at affordable rates. With seamless bookings, no charge for change and cancellation makes it a good choice for travellers.

  • Is there a cancellation fee in Breeze Airways?

    No, there are no charges for cancellation as of now in Breeze Airways. You can conveniently change or cancel your flight without being charged for it.

  • What are the benefits in First Class of Breeze Airways?

    Considering Nicest is called as the first class of Breeze Airways really lives up to its name. You get many benefits in Breeze first class seats like check-in two baggages along with one personal one without any extra cost, premium quality of seats with surplus legroom space, Also, you can enjoy generous amount of complimentary snacks and drinks, and utilise the free wifi facilities to watch your favourite movies and show and priority check-in and boarding facilities just for you convenience.

  • Is the Nicest/first class in Breeze Airline affordable?

    If you want to experience a premium and comfortable journey which is pocket friendly then the Breeze First Class should be your choice. You get multiple benefits which will give you a satisfying experience.

  • Does Breeze have free drinks and snacks?

    You can expect to receive free complimentary snacks in ‘Nicer’ and Nicest’. The Breeze First Class the liberty to choose your choice of beverage and snacks on board.

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