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About Breeze Airlines Reviews

How to know which airline is the best to fly with? The flight experience depends on everything from ground service to inflight services. That’s why, we have gathered customers’ experience to know about Breeze Airways. From the quality of service on ground to in-flight experience, we will tell you everything in this Breeze Airways Review. So, sit tight and brace yourself for the information. 

Breeze Airways was launched in 2018 as Moxy Airways. The airline is known as the newest low-cost which debuted with 39 routes on 16 destinations in the United States and now, it currently operates on more than 30 destinations with 80 routes with a fleet size of 33. Breeze Airline primarily focuses to provide non-stop flight services to the undeserved destinations in Southwest America like Jacksonville, Norfolk, Nashville and others. Being a low-cost airline, Breeze has three fare types namely Nice, Nicer and Nicest which denote the economy, premium economy and business class in aviation terms. Read the Breeze Airways Review further to know what to expect from the airlines.

What to expect from Breeze Airways

If you are travelling from/ to anywhere in the Southwest region to bigger cities, then your first choice of airline must be Breeze Airways. Most of the customers who travelled from Breeze Airways share their positive reviews. Being a low-cost airline, Breeze has limited facilities on board to keep the base fare low for the customers. 

We have gathered some information from the experience of customers on Breeze Airways.

Breeze Airways has three fare types; Nice, Nicer and Nicest. Each represents the standard fare class of economy, premium economy and first class respectively.

Nice Fare

  • According to the Breeze Airways reviews, this is the most economical fare in Breeze airways which offers fares as low as $39. However being an economical class comes with restrictions too. You don’t get to enjoy seat selection in Nice Fare. You will be assigned a seat after you check-in for the flight. 
  • There are some perks which like no change or cancellation fee upon voluntary cancelling flight. In case you are cancelling the flight, you will receive a credit voucher against your cancellation rather than full refund. 
  • You are allowed to carry one personal item to maintain the low base fare for customers as per Breeze Airways review. 
  • Upon booking in the nice fare class, you will earn 2% Breeze Points.
  • Keep in mind, you are not allowed for seat selection in this fare type. Also, there is no inflight meal service or inflight entertainment facilities.

Nicer Fare

  • This fare is slightly better than Nice class. You get some added perks like seat selections with extra legroom space and comfier seats. 
  • Incase of cancellation, you will receive credit points valid until 24 months of issuance. You can also earn 4% Breeze Points. 
  • You are also served with complimentary snacks and beverages on board. As for baggage, you are allowed to carry one personal bag and one carry-on baggage. 

According to Breeze Airway reviews, the best perk is priority boarding service  for Nicer customers.

Nicest Fare

  • The nicest fare is equivalent to the first class in other airlines. Equipped with perks and benefits even at an affordable cost catches customers’ attention.  
  • The perks in NIce and NIcer are included in Nicest fare also. 
  • Moreover, you can earn 6% Breeze Points on your purchased ticket. 
  • The seats in Nicest fare are only found in A220 aircrafts to provide the customers with plenty of space. 
  • You have the benefit to carry two free checked bags along with one personal bag and one carry-on bag also. 
  • As for inflight services, according to the Breeze Airlines reviews, the airline does not provide any inflight entertainment in any of the flights. 

What are the Highlights of Breeze Airways?

  • The best part of Breeze Airways is that you can find some of the cheapest flights in the U.S with non-stop facilities. 
  • According to customers, Breeze gives some generous amount of legroom in NIce fare. 
  • Breeze Airlines connects secondary cities to the main cities like Providence (PVD) to Orlando (MCO), Richmond (RIC) to Tampa Bay (TPA), Hartford (BDL) to Las Vegas (LAS).

What are the ShortComing of Breeze Airways?

  • Due to being point to point airlines, the routes and flight options are limited. 
  • Delays and Cancellations is another shortcoming of Breeze Airways. 
  • According to Breeze Airline reviews, the lack of inflight entertainment is not appreciated by customers. 
  • Lack of inflight snacks and beverages is also another shortcoming of Breeze.

Is Breeze Airways Worth It?

Breeze is a perfect airline for those who are looking to reach their destination without spending excess money. It is also great for those who are minimalistic travellers. Their one-way pricing is pretty straightforward to ensure cheap flight from one point to another. The prices can stomp to as low as $39. With few drawbacks, frequent delays and cancellation are points of concern. While lack of inflight facilities can be understandable to accommodate cheap fare for customers. Most of the Breeze Airways Reviews define the airline as a satisfactory service provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Breeze allow you to choose your seat?

    Only Nicest passengers are allowed to select their seat preferences. The Nice seat selection will cost you $10 to $30 each way while Nicer seat selection with extra legroom will cost you $20 to $50 each way. If you are not selecting seats, then upon check-in you will be randomly assigned seats at no extra cost.

  • What Baggage is included on Breeze?

    Regardless of fare type, all three classes are allowed to carry one personal bag. Meanwhile, Nice fare will have to pay for carry-on and checked-in bags. In the Nicer fare, you are allowed to carry one carry-on baggage while still paying for checked-in bags. Nicest Fare has the benefit of carrying two free checked-in baggage along with personal and carry-on bags.

  • How can I cancel my Breeze flight?

    You can cancel your flight via the official app on the airlines. Or you can contact the customer service to cancel your ticket. You are allowed to cancel your flight 15 before the departure.

  • Does Breeze provide free snacks in flight?

    Complimentary snacks are available on board for purchase. You are offered free snacks and beverages only in Nicest Fare class.

  • Does Breeze Airways have Wifi on board?

    No, currently Breeze Airways does not have Wifi services on board.

  • How to use Credit Points in Breeze?

    You can earn credit points upon purchasing Breeze Airways tickets. Each fare type has a different credit point limit. You can use the credit points to upgrade your Nice ticket to Nicer and Nicer to Nicest fare type.

  • Which one is better, One-way trip or Round Trip on Breeze?

    One-way trips are fairly cheaper than round trip flights. However, you can get cheap deals on round trips as well. For more details, you check the official website of Breeze Airways.

  • Does Breeze Airways have inflight entertainment service?

    No, currently Breeze Airways does not offer inflight entertainment service across all classes.

  • Does Breeze Airlines have a first class fare type?

    Yes, Breeze Airways does have First Class fare type known as the Nicest Fare. The Nicest fare includes ultra comfortable seats, complimentary snacks and drinks, priority check-in and boarding, extra baggage allowance and more credit points.

  • What are the cheapest days to book a ticket on Breeze Airway?

    The cheapest day to buy a Breeze Airways ticket is on Tuesday in the afternoon.

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