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About British Airways

How often have you wished you could fly effortlessly through the air like a bird? Well, with a twist, British Airways fulfills your travel fantasies by allowing you to fly without wings. Your vacation has more zing and impact with British Airways! It guarantees a comprehensive list of far-off places in the world that are certain to be on your bucket list. From Europe to Asia and Africa, Australia to the Middle East, and elsewhere, it has left its brand presence in every corner of the globe. However, even the best fairy tales can take unexpected turns. What would you do if you were searching for missing luggage after a recent flight with British Airways and found yourself in a bind? You should be aware of the British Airways baggage tracker for this reason.

But first, let’s look at the British Airways Baggage Rules

BA permits one personal bag per passenger, which must fit under the seat in front of them, to be brought on board. If you bring an overhead bag, it must fit in the overhead compartment. If you want to be sure your carry-on fits in the overhead compartment, it must not exceed 55 cm by 40 cm by 23 cm. The BA hand baggage allowance lets you bring 23 kg or less in hand luggage. Fortunately, it is more than enough for a weekend getaway.

Furthermore, each item of checked baggage with British Airways must adhere to the airline’s hold luggage guidelines. It should not measure more than 90 cm by 75 cm by 43 cm, handles and wheels included. Your checked luggage allowed weight, which will range from 23 kg to 32kg, will also depend on the type of ticket you have. One may check in up to ten pieces of luggage for free under British Airways’ hold baggage policy. This goes in addition to the free luggage that comes with every flight.

Use the British Airways baggage tracker online

Want to trace your baggage on British Airways’ website? Well, you will receive a file reference number from airport staff when you submit an online form for baggage claims. One may use this number for initiating claims or making inquiries concerning your luggage. The 10-digit reference number enables you to track the status of your missing luggage and read updates about it. If you have a baggage file reference number, go to to use the baggage tracer service to find your misplaced luggage. Choose baggage tracer service after selecting damaged, delayed, and missing baggage on the baggage basics page. 

Moreover, within 21 days of a bag going missing, you must report the missing complaint. You have the right to file a claim with British Airways for valuable necessities. Do so if BA delays or loses the bags in transit. The same rule is also valid for missing goods from your luggage, damaged baggage, or damaged contents. To make it easier for authorities to evaluate your claim, keep your receipts close at hand. The airline has an exceptional track record, returning the majority of lost baggage to its owners within 3 days.

Tracking the lost bags by reporting the case to customer service

There will be plenty of people to physically guide you to the customer service kiosk at the arrival airport. Visit them if you have just learned that you have misplaced baggage and haven’t yet left the airport grounds. Alternatively, you can utilize your smart device more effectively without making an unnecessary trip to the customer service desk. You may get information on your misplaced luggage by promptly tweeting the airline officials with an SOS message. They may use British Airways lost baggage tracker to search for your information in their database. Additionally, they can find your lost items, and the current position of your luggage along with instructions on how to find your lost item(s). 

Approaching the office at the airport

British Airways has dedicated departments that deal with situations of lost goods, much like all other airlines. The flight attendants on duty will turn over your lost luggage to the airport’s lost property team if it occurs during the flight. Similarly, if the lost item was a checked-in bag, the airline lounge staff will also get to know about the loss. The amazing British Airways missing baggage tracker can help personnel to locate misplaced luggage using flight information. If you are successful in recovering your baggage, you must pay certain administrative costs, including postage fees. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens if British Air loses my baggage?

    When BA loses baggage, passengers need to register a complaint with the airline.

  • How to use the British Airways baggage tracker?

    To utilize the BA’s tracker tool, you have to log in to your account from the airline’s official website. There, you have to click on the ‘track baggage’ option to get relevant details.

  • Can I call BA to launch a complaint about my lost baggage?

    Yes, in case you lose your baggage, you may call the airline and speak with a dedicated team regarding your concern.

  • Can I receive compensation for delayed luggage by British Airways?

    Yes, passengers will get benefits from BA compensation if the airline misplaces or damages the baggage.

  • Whom should I contact to know more about BA’s baggage tracker? 

    We have explained to you the details of the British Baggage Tracker tool on this page. However, in case you have any further queries, then ring us on our Vootfly number and we would help you with the best solution.

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