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About Delta Airlines

According to scheduled passenger traffic, revenue per passenger mile flown, and fleet size, Delta is the second-largest airline in the world. This oldest airline in the United States provides six different cabin classes that suit every traveler’s pocket. With many of the benefits of business class scaled back to meet the expectations of premium economy travelers, Delta’s premium economy service is available on flights to several destinations. Here are the essential details of Delta Premium Select, including their seats, meals, and booking procedure. Additionally, you can also check out various Delta premium economy reviews that are available on the internet. This way, you’ll get an idea of how is it to fly Delta’s premium economy.

Delta Premium Economy Seats

Wider armrests and quilted soft seating in the Premium Select area lessen the likelihood of elbow-bumping with your neighbor. Yes, premium economy offers a larger seat, more space for reclining, and adjustable head, leg, and footrests that allow you to spread out more comfortably. For instance, on Airbus A330-900neo aircraft, Premium Select seats are 18.5 inches wide and have a 38-inch pitch, whilst general cabin seats are 18 inches wide and have a 31 to 33-inch pitch. Besides, you can’t lay flat in Premium Select like you can in Delta One. Yet, the extra room in the premium economy may be worth it to avoid crowded international flights.

Premium Economy Menu

Depending on where you are heading, Delta’s premium economy-class meal quality may vary. On the other hand, the airline guarantees “seasonal, regional meals” that are inspired by your journey. A three-course meal typically consists of an entree, bread, salad, and dessert in addition to a variety of snacks during your journey. The food is typically of a higher caliber than that offered in the main cabin. And it is also served with stainless steel utensils as opposed to disposable ones. Additional amenities include a variety of free drinks, so try them all. Alcoholic beverages like wine, craft beer, and spirits are available for free to Premium Select passengers who are 21 or older. This is in addition to non-alcoholic beverages, Starbucks coffee, and tea.

Other Perks To Note

  • Noise Cancelling Headset
    To allow Premium Select guests to enjoy in-flight entertainment without background noise, Delta provides LSTN noise-canceling headsets.
  • Complimentary checked bags
    Two complimentary checked baggage is available to Delta Premium Select customers along with their boarding pass.
  • Priority boarding
    You can access priority security checkpoints at the airport and priority boarding after pre-boarding groups and Delta One passenger.

Delta Airlines premium economy procedure

Delta refers to this premium economy seating as Premium Select. So it stands to reason that booking at is the best option. To do the needful, follow some simple steps from their site. Let’s say you want to make bookings for Delta premium economy International flights, then click on the book a flight option. Fill in all the options with the appropriate answers and then filter out the Premium economy option. Next, click on the search flight button and pay for your selected flight.

Two tips before you fly Premium Economy Delta

  • Don’t delay with taking complimentary seat selection
    Choosing your seat in advance while flying with Delta Premium Select is free regardless of your frequent flyer level. This is useful, especially for lengthier international trips on Boeing 777 and Airbus A350 aircraft, where the seating arrangement is 2-4-2. Well, that means that each row has not one but two middle seats. As you might expect, the aisle and window seats are more in demand. So aim to select your seats as soon as possible to avoid getting the middle seat.
  • Utilize Messaging app for free
    You may schedule your next business meeting or stay in touch with friends and family for free. Do so by using Facebook Messenger, Apple iMessage, or WhatsApp on any Delta aircraft where WiFi is available. You can send and receive text messages and emojis using this service for free, but you can’t send or receive photographs or videos. If you want access to other features, like the full version of Facebook, you’ll need to buy a pass or a subscription.

The difference between Delta economy vs premium economy:

Let’s discuss the major difference between the Economy and Premium Economy. To begin there are no seat selection options, ticket amendments, full refunds, or chances to earn incentives with Delta’s basic economy fares. Additionally, those traveling in the basic economy are the last to board a Delta plane and they can’t upgrades. Basic economy tickets require you to accept a seat assignment at random (even if it’s the center seat). Also, you need to be 100% certain you won’t change or cancel your flight. Furthermore, you won’t earn any miles for this journey. However, when we talk about the other cabin class, for a little high money, the premium economy seat class on Delta provides an amazing experience. It offers passengers with a wider, footrest-equipped reclining seat, an amenity kit, and other conveniences. Delta’s Premium Select is still priced to reflect the superior in-flight experience it provides, though. The comfort of a premium economy ticket, from quicker airport service to the extra space aboard, is available if a Premium Select seat is within your travel budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Delta Premium Economy?

    Premium Select is the name of Delta’s first-class economy seating. It provides passengers with a wider, footrest-equipped reclining seat, an amenity kit, and other conveniences. It is available on long-distance trips on wide-body aircraft.

  • Does Delta Air’s premium economy provide access to lounges?

    No, a premium economy fare does not include access to a lounge. Instead, membership in the Delta Sky Club or an authorized WestJet or Delta SkyMiles credit card is required to enter the lounges.

  •  Is Delta’s Premium Economy Value For Money?

    If you want a roomier seat to spread out on lengthy flights, the premium economy may be worth it for those looking for an upgraded experience. The attentive in-flight service is also available to Premium Select passengers. It is behind the upscale Delta One cabin.

  • Where should I book Delta Premium tickets?

    We recommend you book Premium Economy tickets from or Delta’s app. Alternatively, you may give us a ring on our VootFly number and we will help you in reserving your tickets.

  • Does the seat in Delta Premium Select compare to that in business class?

    No, even though other aspects of the experience are similar, Premium Select has a reclining seat. 

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