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About Frontier Reviews

Do you check about the airlines before you travel? Aren’t you curious about what to expect from the airlines? That’s why you need a brief introduction to what an airline looks and feels like and what to expect from it. We have a comprehensive insight into Frontier Airlines Review for your information. From seats to inflight services, this guide will consist of everything you need to know about Frontier Airlines. So relax, and soak in the details.

Frontier Airlines is known as the ultra low-cost airline in the United States. The Airlines primarily offers the western destinations in America. Based in Denver, Colorado, the airline has 120 destinations throughout America and 31 international destinations as well. The destinations include Caribbean, Mexico and Central America as well. The fleet size consists of 131 aircrafts with majorly A320neo which makes this airline to have the largest A320neo fleet. The airline proudly commits to being America’s Greenest Airlines. Keep on reading to know about Frontier Airlines Reviews more. 

What to Expect From Frontier Airlines? 

If you are accustomed to travelling with bare minimum, then Frontier Airlines is for you. Being an ultra-low cost airline, Frontier does not offer any first class service. Though if you want to experience comfort at a nominal cost then Frontier does have something to offer. 

Frontier offers two basic fare types

  • Standard Fare Type 
    This Fare is the base fare which means you will have to pay for literally everything. Standard fare comes with one free personal item. For those who like to purchase carry-on baggage or checked-in baggage will have to pay an extra cost. As per Frontier reviews, the standard seats do come with a seat selection option, either you pay for the seat section or you will be assigned a seat at the check-in counter. The standard seats have a pitch that ranges from 28 – 31 inches depending on aircrafts. You can choose Stretch seats also which will cost some extra. 
  • Discount Den
    Discount Den is a Frontier membership program that costs $59.99 yearly. The membership allows the member to access the discounted fares and deals. Also, it allows kids to travel for free on selective flights under the program “Kids Fly Free”. Members also experience better services like priority boarding, more legroom and first preference inflight services. 

Reviews on Frontier Airlines

We have gathered information about Frontier Airlines reviews on Google for those travellers who are looking to tack on the optional fare. They have the alternative to choose between the Work and Perk option provided by Frontier. 

Works is only available during the booking process on  which includes a carry-on baggage, one checked-in baggage, seat selection, priority boarding, and fully refundable tickets.

Perks are available for purchase anytime during the booking which will enable you to add seat selection, carry-on baggage, checked-in baggage and priority boarding in your booking. 

Flight Change and Cancellation Policy

Those who want to change or cancel a flight have the opportunity to do so without any cost from 60 or more days before scheduled departure. Previous flyers have mentioned in Frontier reviews that it costs $49 to change your flight between 59 to 7 days before departure and $99 for within 7 days to same day departure. 

Anyone who wants to cancel the flight will receive a travel voucher from the airlines. But regardless of that, you will have to pay a $99 cancellation fee. Use the Work bundle offered by the airline to get a full refund after booking to save money. 

Baggage Policies and Allowance

Frontier has a cost for literally everything, so if you want to avoid any additional charges then you should follow the baggage policy of the airline. There are some reviews on Frontier Airlines reviews which  validate that the charges for checked-in and carry-on baggage depends on the distance to your destinations. 

For standard personal baggage, the size should not exceed 14 x 18 x 8 inches.

For Carry-on bags, the size should be under 24 x 16 x 10 inches and weigh 35 pounds (15 kg). 

For Check-in Bags, the size should not exceed beyond 62 inches and should weigh under 40 pounds(18kg).

You can save your money further if you buy the baggage allowance during the booking process. The fare shows that carry-on prices start from $49  while it may cost you $79 for one carry-on at the counter. 

Inflight Entertainment and Meal Facilities

Just a heads up from previous flyers who shared Frontier Reviews, bring a magazine or book because Frontier does not offer any inflight entertainment facility. You won’t be able to have any Wifi or T.V screen to keep yourself entertained.

Also, Frontier does not offer any complimentary snacks or drinks to passengers. Though, the airline does offer some purchasable snacks and drinks throughout the flight. So, technically you are only allowed to have a free cup of water as inflight service. Frontier explains the reason behind lack of amenities onboard to maintain the minimal price range to the customers. 

Rating of Frontier Airlines 

You may come across some mixed reviews while going through Frontier Airlines Review google. The prominent issue with Frontier Airlines which persists is delays and cancellation. The reviewers have shared their sour experience with Frontier about their recurring flights delays and slow refund process. Such drawbacks irks the interest of customers. Among many drawbacks, you may still have the advantage of flying on the cheapest fare. All you need to do is follow the baggage, check-in time rules carefully. Some of the reviewers even claim that the seats in Frontier Airlines are comfortable enough to fly in 2 hours of flight. 

Skytrax has certified Frontier Airlines as a three star airline as a low cost airline. The rating system includes the airport and on board facilities, airlines staff, cabin comfort, baggage and on board service like entertainment and food. The Frontier Airline Rating is fairly good enough to consider it as a budget-friendly airline. 

Bottom line 

Frontier Airlines is the ultra low-cost airline which meets the needs of people who want to reach their destinations at a minimalistic cost. If you have flexible travel plans and want to travel at the most affordable cost, then Frontier Airlines is just for you. 

This Frontier Airline reviews will give an insight into what to expect from the airlines and how to get the lowest possible fare. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does seating work in Frontier Airlines flights?

    Frontier does not have a complimentary seat option. Its either you pay for the seat selection or get your seat assigned at the airport. If you are travelling with family then random seat assignments will not work for you. In that case, you can buy seats or you can choose stretch seats which exhibit extra legroom for an extra cost. 

  • Are personal luggage free on Frontier Airlines?

    Frontier allows you to carry one personal luggage onboard with a strict measurement of 14 x 18 x 8 inches total. If you have a carry-on baggage, you can either pay the cost of the bag or you can purchase the Work bundle to have extra advantages.

  • Does Frontier Airlines offer First class seating?

    No, Frontier Airlines does not offer first class seating. However, you can purchase the Stretch seats which allows you to enjoy extra legroom space, reclining facilities, early boarding and more.

  • How much does Frontier charge for seat selection?

    The cost of seat selection varies according to your destination route and seat type. You might have to pay $17 to $55 each way for a standard seat.

  • Does Frontier offer inflight entertainment?

    No, Frontier Airline does not offer any inflight entertainment. You can bring a book, magazine and fully charged phone or tablets to spend your time in the flight.

  • What are the baggage allowances in Frontier Airlines?

    Frontier allows you to carry one personal bag on board while you will have to pay for carry-on and check-in baggage. The standard carry-on baggage should be under 24 x 16 x 10 inches and weigh 35 pounds (15 kg). The check-in baggage should not exceed beyond 62 inches and should weigh under 40 pounds(18kg).

  • Can you pick seats in Frontier Airlines?

    On normal bookings, you cannot pick seats in Frontier Airlines. However, if you have purchased the Work bundle, then you get the chance for seat selection and priority boarding.

  • Is Frontier Airlines safe?

    Yes, Frontier Airline is safe and has a very strong safety record. It follows strict safety protocols.

  • What is Frontier Airlines rating?

    Frontier Airlines range from 2.5 to 3 in most rating websites. Skytrax has certified Frontier Airlines as a 3 star airline in the low cost category.

  • Do you pay for seats in Frontier Airlines?

    Frontier usually charges you to select seats. You can skip seat selection and simply get your seat assigned to you at the airport.

  •  Is Frontier Airlines good? 

    Frontier Airlines has been certified as a 3 star airline in terms of onboard and airport facilities, inflight staff, onboard food and beverage, comfortable sets and value for money.

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