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About JetBlue Airways

In the US, JetBlue Airways is best known for being a low-cost carrier with the most comfortable economy seats in the business. This airline is low-cost, yet it runs more like the major airlines in one crucial way: it provides basic economy pricing. The least expensive fare JetBlue offers, Blue Basic, is in keeping with its endearing naming scheme. It gives thrifty travelers who require fewer frills the ideal choice for extra money-saving. Well, do you want to learn more about this fare purchase? Okay, this page will give you additional details on JetBlue Basic vs Blue.

What is blue basic on Jetblue?

Blue Basic Jetblue ticket holders may anticipate a simple journey even though they’ll still be placed in regular economy class seats. What to anticipate with a Blue Basic ticket is as follows:

Allowance for luggage

JetBlue allows only one personal item per passenger on a Blue Basic flight, except for those traveling to or from London. Bring both a personal item and a JetBlue blue basic carry on luggage on these transatlantic flights.


Customers of Blue Basic board the aircraft after everyone else.


Passengers flying on the Blue Basic will use the economy check-in line.


According to the plane you’re traveling on, economy class seats might be up to 18.4 inches wide. Anywhere between 32 and 34 inches should be the expected seat pitch. Before checking in, customers have the option to purchase a seat by paying the JetBlue blue basic seat selection fee.

Delivering luggage

Luggage for Blue Basic travelers will arrive at the same time as luggage for other customers traveling in economy.


When traveling with JetBlue, everyone—including those on Blue Basic tickets—receives complimentary food and beverages.

Changes and cancellations

If you need to amend or cancel your ticket, Blue Basic prices from JetBlue cost money. For flights inside North, Central, and the Caribbean, the cost is $100. Whereas for trips outside of these regions, the cost is $200. Similar to all JetBlue prices, a $75 charge and no cost difference apply to same-day swaps.

Booking Basic Blue JetBlue flight

Tickets at the Blue Basic fare are available on all JetBlue flights. Purchasing these tickets is straightforward, regardless of whether you are using cash or points. Just follow the below steps to make basic blue reservations:

You should first visit JetBlue’s homepage at
You may input the dates and locations of your preferred flights from here. You may also check the “Use TrueBlue points” option if you are utilizing points.
You may then find the search results, by default showing the Blue Basic price.
On the left side of the page, you may switch between different fare kinds in the search results. Here, you may compare the costs and features of Blue Basic with Blue Plus, Blue Extra, or Blue.
After picking your chosen flight, a notification that lists all the restrictions for Blue Basic tickets will be displayed to you. Before continuing with your reservation, you must acknowledge this.
After that, you’ll go to the checkout procedure to confirm your flight details and submit your passenger information.
Additionally, you may choose your seats, add a checked bag, choose priority security screening, or add a pet booking at this time.

What is the difference between blue basic and blue on Jetblue flights?

JetBlue Basic and Blue Fare differ in several ways, but the ability to modify or cancel your reservation is perhaps the most important. You may change Blue Basic rates for no additional cost with Blue fares. Nevertheless, Basic fares throughout North America, Central America, and the Caribbean need a $200 change charge.
Other differences include:

JetBlue basic blue tickets do not permit carry-on baggage (except flights to/from London), whereas Blue Rates are permitted, regardless of route.
Advanced seat selection is a separate charge for Blue Basic flights as opposed to being included with Blue fares.
Last to board the plane is blue Basic tickets.
Blue Basic tickets come with a 1-point bonus for online booking in addition to earning 1 TrueBlue base point for every dollar paid. A dollar’s worth of blue and above class fares, however, earns three TrueBlue points.

Are Flights on Blue Basic Worth It?

Everything comes down to personal taste. The most basic fare JetBlue provides is the Blue Basic. Flying Blue Basic, however, can enable you to make even more financial savings if you have definite intentions and don’t require much fanfare. This fare makes it pretty much simpler to spend less on the traveling part and thus, people can focus more on actually enjoying their trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does blue basic mean on JetBlue

    The entry-level economy fare offered by JetBlue is Blue Basic. It’s a very inexpensive fare, so there are no extras.

  • What is the difference between Jetblue basic and blue?

    Blue Basic and Blue Fare on JetBlue differ in several ways. But the ability to modify or cancel your reservation is perhaps the most important one.

  • Can I upgrade my Jetblue flight from basic to blue?

    Yes, if you have JetBlue Basic Fares, you may upgrade it to higher fares.

  • How is the JetBlue blue basic review in general?

    Being a low-frill fare option, passengers do like JetBlue’s blue basic rates and they have always given positive reviews for the same.

  • Can I get additional details on JetBlue’s basic fare?

    Yes, to avail more information on the basic fare option, you must call on our numbers at Vootfly. We are a team of experts that can solve all your queries promptly.

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