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About JetBlue Airways

JetBlue Airways has received a lot of positive feedback from loyal consumers despite being a low-cost carrier for its all-around superior services. Depending on the travel requirements of the customer, the airline offers a variety of ticket options. This means each passenger can fly with this carrier irrespective of budget issues. Moreover, JetBlue Blue Extra would be an excellent compromise if you’d like to receive some extra airport and aboard bonuses without having to purchase an incredibly expensive ticket. However, before starting the booking process, make sure you are fully informed of the Blue Extra fare choice.

What is JetBlue blue fare extra?

Jet Blue Airlines customers occasionally only know about the Basic Blue rates. But by adding the word “extra,” it becomes the Blue Extra Fare, which has additional benefits. The extra blue fare offers a variety of flexible options, which you will read below. Learn additional information about what JetBlue’s “blue extra” actually entails.

  • When comparing Blue Extra seats to regular economy seats on JetBlue, the former is the more expensive flying seat.
  • However, you are also able to modify the flights in any way you choose.
  • Additionally, you can cancel without any problems at all.
  • If you don’t want to leave right away, you can also put your seats on standby at the same time.
  • Additionally, you have the option of picking your seats and requesting priority boarding and check-in.
  • All in all, at the expense of some fees, you can receive all such services.

More on blue extra JetBlue 

  • Customers of Blue Extra are welcome to bring one free carry-on bag with them on the flight.
  • Additionally, you must bring one personal item on the aircraft, such as a purse, laptop, umbrella, etc.
  • Except for flights to and from London, the Blue Extra ticket does not include checked baggage.
  • A Blue Extra ticket includes same-day switches, same-day standby, and early seat selection.
  • For the Blue Extra fare type, there are no additional fees for changes or cancellations.
  • Purchasers of Blue Extra can get at least 3 TrueBlue points for every dollar they spend.

JetBlue blue extra seats

When selecting this pricing option, you must use the standard Economy JetBlue Seat Selection. This is because Blue Extra is a component of the airline’s Economy Class. Depending on the aircraft, the seat pitch (legroom) for the Blue Extra seats can range from 32″ to 34″. Contrarily, the seat width of Blue Extra varies from 17.8″ to 18.4″. You can choose JetBlue Even More Space if you want seats with more breadth and legroom.

Is JetBlue Blue extra worth it?

Depending on your travel requirements, preferences, and financial situation, you may choose to purchase Blue Extra. Let’s break down the extra features of Blue Extra and assess their value to you so you can make an informed choice.

  • Time-saving Benefits
    Blue Extra offers priority boarding and accelerated security, saving you valuable time at the airport. These benefits can be alluring if you frequently travel or simply value a hassle-free trip. If you don’t typically need to get somewhere quickly, you might want to think about whether this function is worth the extra money.
  • Flexible Travel Schedules
    Flexibility is one of Blue Extra’s most important advantages. You can quickly adjust your travel arrangements without worrying about expensive fees if there are no modification or cancellation fees. This benefit can be well worth the additional expense if your schedule is uncertain or if you value peace of mind.
  • Make No Decisions Based on Baggage Allowances
    It’s important to remember that the baggage limit for both Blue and Blue Extra prices is the same: one carry-on and one personal item. You might be let down if you had high hopes for Blue Extra’s additional checked baggage policy. Decide based on other factors other than just baggage allowances.

Jetblue difference between blue and blue extra

Although both prices provide a relaxing and enjoyable flight, some significant variances may affect your choice. 

  • Ticket Modification
    Ticket flexibility is one of the main distinctions between JetBlue Blue and Blue Extra rates. You can benefit from not paying any change or cancellation costs when you use Blue Extra. This is a fantastic choice for people who have erratic schedules or who just want the opportunity to alter their minds without being charged extra. The Blue fare, on the other hand, carries change and cancellation penalties that differ based on the route and the amount of time before departure.
  • TrueBlue Points
    TrueBlue points are earned more quickly for Blue Extra prices, so you’ll have more to use toward future travels.
  • Priority Boarding
    Priority boarding with Blue Extra will enable you to find your seat more quickly. Priority boarding and accelerated security checks are additional features of Blue Extra tickets.
  • Seat Selection
    You have a better chance of getting your favorite seat on the plane if you fly Blue Extra because you have access to early seat selection. However, only up to 24 hours before departure do Blue price passengers have access to seat selection.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does blue extra mean on JetBlue?

    Blue Extra is appropriate for travelers who just have a carry-on and a personal item. Same-day swaps and standby, early boarding, and even more speed are further advantages.

  • Is JetBlue blue extra first class?

    No, Blue Extra is not the first-class cabin of JetBlue. Instead, JetBlue Blue Mint is the highest-fare cabin which is similar to first class.

  • What is the difference between blue and blue extra on JetBlue?

    JetBlue Blue and Blue Extra have similar features, but passengers may receive additional benefits if they choose the latter. Choose Blue Extra if you want a more comfortable airport experience or desire the flexibility of same-day flights.

  • Is Blue Extra the more expensive fare option on JetBlue?

    Yes, the Blue Extra Fare is the most expensive fare class in comparison to Blue Basic, Blue, and Blue Plus.

  • I have additional questions regarding Blue Extra, whom should I contact?

    For additional information about Blue Extra, get in touch with us on VootFly. We are a team of experts that can assist you with any queries you may have.

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