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About JetBlue Airway

Travelling can be hectic and even more so when you are not enjoying it. The only way to enjoy your journey is to experience the amazing services of first class. That’s why, we are here to tell you about one such amazing first class experience that is JetBlue First Class. The First Class of JetBlue is  popularly known as Mint. 

JetBlue Airlines is known to provide low-cost travel throughout the whole United States. Most of the airline’s operations are under the management of its headquarters in Queens, New York. Additionally, it has offices in Florida and Utah. 

JetBlue Airlines offers premium First Class that has amazing perks, services, privileges equivalent to other full-case carrier airlines. JetBlue Mint is exclusively available on selective routes only such as NewYork (JFK) to Los Angeles (LAX) and other  coast to coast destinations such as Caribbeans and Latin America and all flights to/from  London (UK). Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the premium experience and keep on reading to know more about JetBlue Airlines First Class. 

 What to Expect in JetBlue First Class aka Mint?

  • Spacious cabin called suites and studios. 
  • Gourmet menu for first class guests
  • Mixed drinks especially for the guests
  • Priority Check In and priority baggage claim 
  • Airport Assistance 
  • Inflight entertainment options 
  • Free Wifi connectivity 
  • Sleeping Kit by Tut and Needles. 

Experience the Finest Class:  Mint 

The premium services of JetBlue Mint are only available on selective routes and on selective aircrafts only. There is subjective availability in JetBlue First Class flights; that’s why the category of JetBlue fare type has multiple versions depending on the aircraft model. 

What are JetBlue First Class seats like? 

When you are flying  with JetBlue Mint, you can expect a lot of space because you get a fully lie-down seat that’s 6 feet 8 inches long. Also, for more comfort, you get cushions and adjustable firmness along with massage features.

Furthermore, you can enjoy your favourite shows or on-demand movies on 15 inches T.V in the comfort of your suite. Or for a relaxing session, you can meditate or read a digital newspaper as well. 

Now,  there are two distinctions between JetBlue Mint. 

JetBlue Mint Suite

In some of the JetBlue first Class flights, you can experience a  complete suite experience like a hotel on board. You can find 24 suites on transatlantic flights and 16 on transcontinental flights. These suites are placed in a herringbone configuration to make it lavish and spacious.  

Wireless charging capabilities, 15 inches black TV screen, a phone ledge, in-seat power plugins and small stowage unit are some of the additional benefits of JetBlue Mint Suite. 

JetBlue Mint Studio

 JetBlue studios are located in the first row of the flight  Each aircraft equipped with suites will have 2 Studios in the first row. These studios are significantly more spacious than suites featuring 22 inches black screen TV and an extra side table for your productivity and a guest seat to accommodate any other Jetblue first class passenger. 

Mint Studio seats are also equipped with mirrored vanity and also you get additional privacy with a sliding door that separates you from others.

One of a Kind of Experience with JetBlue First Class

You can enjoy more perks and privileges when you fly with JetBlue Mint. 

  • A Faster Airport Experience
    With Mint, you can definitely experience a dedicated check-in and expedited security. You get priority boarding along with priority claims in baggage as well. 
  • Your Second is Free
    You can travel with two bags for free (up to 70 pounds) now along with your personal baggage. This very exclusive service is only available to JetBlue First Class Flyers and JetBlue Mosaic.
  • Enjoy Gourmet Style Food
    The menu of JetBlue Mint varies by flight, you can enjoy world-class pineapple French Toast or smoked Trout for breakfast to Beef tenderloin for dinner. And before you go, you’ll receive premium chocolate covered cashews to conclude your journey with a sweet note.
  • Taste the Mixed Drinks
    Mint flyers also enjoy the exclusive service of wines and cocktails. JetBlue Mint has a signature drink called “Mint Condition” that elevates the name of this premium class. You can also enjoy non-alcoholic drinks on board.
  • Sleep in the Lap of Luxury
    Once onboard, you will receive a premium quality of sleeping kit designed by Tuft and Needle. This JetBlue first class sleeping kit includes a convertible blanket with built-in foot pocket, eye mask, a memory-foam pillow with pillowcase and noise isolated headphone from Master and Dynamic.
  • Keep Yourself Well
    To ease your nerves throughout your long journey, you get a wellness kit from Wanderfuel. 

How to Book your JetBlue First Class Tickets?

JetBlue Mint is available on some cross- country domestic routes and international routes only. Thus, the fare of this premium class varies according to its destination.  

  • You can simply search for your destination and choose JetBlue fare class as per your choice. At the booking window, you will be able to see different options of fare along with additional categories such as refundable and non-refundable tickets in JetBlue first class flight. 
  • You can filter the options as per your requirement then proceed with paying in dollars or TrueBlue points. 
  • JetBlue allows you to pay for your first class with a combination of TrueBlue points and Cash.
  • If you are booking a class reservation for multiple passengers, then you can’t put one passenger in Mint and another in a lower fare class. In this case, you must book separate reservations. 

Want to Upgrade to Mint After Booking?

You can upgrade your standard jetblue fare to Mint after booking. Ensure to use a single payment method to upgrade from another class to Mint class. For example, if you have used TrueBlue points to book the flight, you’ll have to pay TrueBlue points to upgrade your class to JetBlue First Class Mint and likewise with other payment methods. The booking of Mint is subjective to availability so do check priorly before making a reservation ‘

What is the Bottom Line ?

If you are up for a premium and lavish experience of first class then you have to try JetBlue Mint. From private suites and studios with fully lie-flat seats to complimentary meals and  priority boarding and speedy check-in along with other exceptional perks makes the whole flight experience rivals that of most of the other airlines. JetBlue First Class is worth experience  if you like to fly with utmost luxury and comfort. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you get in JetBlue Mint?

    Flying with JetBlue Mint enables you to enjoy A-class benefits such as a sleeping kit, free meals, fully lie-flat seats, noise isolation headphones and priority services on ground as well. 

  • What is JetBlue Mint?

    JetBlue has named its first class as Mint. It is a conventional first class experience with fully lie-flat seats, complimentary meals and drinks, priority check-in and boarding and more. 

  • How much does JetBlue Mint cost?

    After analysing several routes, you expect an average one-way JetBlue First Class price to range for $1500 and if you are looking for long enough then you might also get Mint for $800 as well. 

  • Can I cancel my JetBlue First class ticket ?

    Yes, you can cancel your reservation within 24 hours of your booking.

  • Can I upgrade my class to Mint?

    Yes, You can upgrade your class to Mint by paying with TrueBlue points or cash. You can get in touch with JetBlue airport staff for this purpose.

  • Can Animals travel in JetBlue first class?

    No, animals are not permitted to travel in first class because the suite and studio do not have necessary storage for pets or animal companions.

  • How many checked bags are allowed in JetBlue Mint?

    The first class JetBlue allows you to get two complimentary checked bags weighing up to 70 pounds each. Along with that, you get priority baggage claim on your luggage.

  • Do the seats in JetBlue Airlines recline to lie-flat?

    Yes, seats in JetBlue Mint are lie-flat with 6 feet and 8 inches accompanied by blankets, cushions and pillows in flight.

  • Does JetBlue Mint give free food?

    You can enjoy complimentary premium meals and drinks in JetBlue Mint.

  • Can you sleep on JetBlue airlines first class?

    Yes, JetBlue provides its First Class passenger with a sleeping kit that consists of a convertible blanket, memory-foam pillow, eye-mask and noise cancelling headphones.

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