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About JetBlue

Traveling with those little furries is quite amazing as well as exciting. However, do you know that JetBlue has some stringent policies and restrictions about traveling with pets? Nevertheless, they may still offer your dog or cat a safe and enjoyable flight. Before bringing your pet on the plane, it’s necessary to grasp the JetBlue Pet Policy; we’ll go over all you need to know! On all domestic and most international flights operated by JetBlue, small cats, and dogs are welcome in the cabin. Pets can not fly as checked luggage or freight on JetBlue. There are only four pets allowed per plane on JetBlue, therefore make reservations in advance to make sure you get a seat. One may also contact TrippyFlight to step in and make a reservation hassle-freely.

Which animals can travel on JetBlue?

Unlike many other airlines, JetBlue exclusively accepts the transportation of dogs and cats. JetBlue only permits one pet per person, which adds yet another restriction to the experience. Therefore, if you are transporting several animals, someone will need to travel with them. Passengers must note that JetBlue only permits a maximum of four animals on each aircraft. JetBlue is unique among other airlines in that it allows unaccompanied minors to fly with a pet. Also, no matter the location, JetBlue charges a flat rate of $125 for each way for pets.

JetBlue Air Online Booking Method

  • Visit the official JetBlue website or mobile app.
  • Along with the trip dates, enter the flight’s origin and destination.
  • Select “Search Flights” from the menu.
  • Choose the booking class from Economy, Business, or First Class, and the most convenient flight time.
  • Select “Seats and Extras” after entering all the passenger information.
  • Add a pet to the reservation and add extra luggage.
  • Review your reservation one last time, then pay for it.
  • You’ll receive a phone call or email notification about your flight reservation with JetBlue Airlines.

JetBlue pet policy in cabin

The Jetblue pet age policy states that a pet cannot travel on domestic flights until it is 8 weeks old. If you are traveling with two tiny animals, they can fit in two different pet carriers while still fitting under JetBlue’s carry-on luggage weight restrictions. The rules have been created by JetBlue Airlines Pet Policy with your pet’s comfort throughout travel in mind. 

  • According to JetBlue carry on pet policy, only in carriers and when seated in a cabin with their owner are pets can fly on JetBlue flights.
  • Dimensions of the Pet Carrier for JetBlue flying are 17″ X 12.5″ X 8.5″ (Length, Width, and Height, respectively).
  • In addition to being well-ventilated, the carrier must be waterproof from the bottom up.
  • Each pet may only travel in one carrier.
  • In addition, passengers can purchase pet carriers for $55 costing.
  • Pet carriers on JetBlue Airlines must be FAA-approved.

JetBlue pet cargo policy

Unfortunately, due to the shortage of oxygen and air on Jetblue Aircraft, pets can’t fly in cargo. This airline doesn’t offer Pet air freight or checked luggage services. Your pet can only travel in the cabin designated exclusively for small animals or pets.

Before You Fly present the following to the airline when you check in

  • Records of JetBlue Pet Policy vaccinations and related paperwork. (Be sure to be aware of your requirements since they may vary between states and nations.)
  • Tags and a veterinarian certificate are requirements for your pet.
  • Be cautious while choosing a carrier because your pet needs to be able to stand up and move about freely inside it to fly on JetBlue.
  • Your carrier needs to be airtight and ventilated.
  • Carriers with hard or soft sides are both suitable.
  • Each carrier may only contain one pet.

Arriving at the airport

JetBlue will issue you an SSR code for your pet after receiving payment for the pet charge. You have 24 hours before your flight to check in after receiving this. When traveling with your pet to the airport:

  • Get your JetPaws bag tag at the service desk. Then, put it on your pet carrier to let the flight crew know that it is ready to go.
  • Your pet will be taken out of its container at the TSA security screening. Although your pet won’t be x-rayed, the carrier will.
  • You should keep in mind that your pet’s container qualifies as a personal item for the flight.
  • You can gate-check your pet stroller without paying an additional fee.
  • During the flight and the airport, your pet must remain in the carrier.

During the JetBlue flight

  • You cannot take your pet on a flight in a bulkhead seat, an emergency exit row, or a seat with a small amount of storage.
  • If you want to keep you and your pet more comfortable, JetBlue suggests taking an aisle or window seat.
  • For whatever reason, your pet cannot exit the carrier.
  • During the flight, you can hold the carrier, but during takeoff and landing, it must be tucked under your seat.

JetBlue pet policy emotional support

  • If a pet complies with all standards outlined in the Jetblue Pet Travel Policy, you may travel free of charge.
  • Jetblue Airlines accepts small pets, cats, and miniature horses as emotional support animals for travel.

Pet Policy JetBlue Therapy Dog

  • Dogs must be appropriately trained to carry out duties for a person with psychiatric problems. This includes anxiety, phobias, depression, autism, or learning disorders, according to the JetBlue therapy dog policy.
  • The owners permit them to put these dogs on their laps.
  • However, submit the DOT Service Animal Air Transportation Form.
  • The dog needs to be correctly socialized and immunized.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How rigidly does JetBlue’s pet policy apply?

    Regulations dictate that Jetblue Airlines has a very rigorous pet policy. When purchasing airline tickets, pet travelers should bring all the materials and documentation required as per the policy.

  • Do you need a pet health certificate to fly on JetBlue?

    You must have your pet’s health and immunization records on you when traveling, whether it be domestically or internationally. The JetBlue pet policy states that the health certificate cannot be older than 10 days.

  • What is JetBlue pet policy to puerto rico?

    The animals flying to Puerto Rico must have a 30-day-valid health certificate from a veteran in the US.

  • How do I cancel my JetBlue pet reservation?

    On their official website, online app, or by giving them a call, JetBlue accepts cancellations for pet reservations. The JetBlue pet cost is not refundable, but one may use it for future flights within a year of the original booking date.

  • Where should I reserve a pet seat on JetBlue?

    The customer service at JetBlue Airlines makes it simple and quick to book a pet seat. Alternatively, get in touch with TrippyFlight and we would provide you with the ultimate solutions.

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