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Airlines have become very lenient nowadays with the policies they come up with. So are you worried about your altered travel plans despite having already made your Lufthansa reservations? We’ve all encountered situations where we had to reschedule our travel. As a result, Lufthansa Airlines offers passengers the option to change their flights. Instead of canceling their flights, passengers can change and adjust them by using this option. You will discover in this guide exactly how the Lufthansa Change Flight option assists customers in quickly and easily altering their travel plans. So whatever questions you may have, be ready to avail answers for all of them.

Lufthansa flight change policy

  • All reservations made with Lufthansa Air are subject to modification, according to the Lufthansa change flight policy. Up to an hour before the scheduled flight’s departure, you can make modifications with Lufthansa.
  • Occasionally, depending on the terms of the tariff or ticket, Lufthansa will allow for route adjustments. The cost of your old and new tickets, however, can fluctuate if you change anything about your journey.
  • This difference as well as any additional adjustment costs that may be required are available in the new ticket price. The cost of the change depends on the type of ticket or tariff you bought.
  • There are different Lufthansa flight change fees applicable. Depending on your travel class, the fee to change a flight on Lufthansa normally runs from USD 300 to USD 750 per passenger.

How to change Lufthansa flight online?

Passengers have a lot of flexibility to change their bookings thanks to the Change Flight Lufthansa online choices. Travelers can alter things like their names and departure dates. As a result, we’ll outline the process for you in the sections below. You must first access your reservation, though.

  • Visit, which is the airline’s official website.
  • Next, select “Menu” and then select “View & Amend Flight Details” from the Lufthansa Airlines Manage area.
  • Choose your preferred login method in the third step.

You may access your reservations once you click on login. One may make all the alterations right there now.

Lufthansa change flight fee

All flight modifications are subject to the terms and restrictions of the ticket type the passenger purchased from Lufthansa Air. The fee for changing a flight with this carrier varies based on the ticket class you select, such as Business Class, Premium Economy, or First Class. You can alter the flight’s path following Lufthansa’s flight adjustment policy, depending on the ticket type. Moreover, following the Lufthansa Seat Selection Policy, you can make changes to even get a better seat. In addition, you’ll have to pay the difference between the new and old reservations.

  • The cost of modifying a flight reservation with Lufthansa ranges from $200 to $1,000. It depends on the time of the modification, the kind of ticket, and several terms and conditions.
  • According to the Lufthansa 24-Hour Cancellation Policy, you can change your Lufthansa reservation for free. After which, you may receive a full refund within 24 hours of making your reservation. But this mostly depends on the type of ticket you purchase.

How to change name on flight ticket Lufthansa?

Passengers cannot change their names after making a reservation with Lufthansa. But there are some exceptions, such as changing their surname or new name. To make changes:

  • Check out the Lufthansa website.
  • Visit Login and enter the appropriate information.
  • There are two ways to sign in: Lufthansa Id and Miles & More.
  • After logging in, select “My Account” by clicking on your name.
  • Make the desired changes by selecting “Edit” while scrolling down.
  • Finally, click “Save Changes.”

How to change Lufthansa flight dates?

You must follow these steps to modify your flight date online.

  • Go to Lufthansa Airlines’ official website or download their app to your smartphone.
  • Fill up the passenger’s information, including first and last names and the booking number, under the My Bookings tab.
  • When you have retrieved your Lufthansa reservations, click the “Find Bookings” option and look for the Flight Change option.
  • Continue reading to book new flights or modify flight dates on Lufthansa by adhering to all the on-screen instructions.
  • Pay the fare difference (if applicable) and the flight change charge to complete the transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to change flight on Lufthansa?

    Passengers can change Lufthansa flights through online and offline methods. They can either visit the official website or reach out to the customer care number.

  • Can I change my return flight date with Lufthansa?

    If a passenger has booked a round-trip, they have to reschedule the entire flight and not just the return flight date.

  • How to change seat on Lufthansa flight?

    You may change a seat on a Lufthansa flight as early as 23 hours before your flight departure by visiting the official website.

  • How much does it cost to change flight date on Lufthansa?

    One has to pay €50-70 or $60 if they wish to make a flight date change with Lufthansa. 

  • What is the Lufthansa same day flight change policy?

    Lufthansa’s ticket same-day policy states that customers may make amendments one hour before their originally scheduled flight. Also, make sure that the new flight should be on the same route and between the same airports as the original booking.

  • Whom should I contact if I am stuck with my flight change procedure?

    Passengers can contact Lufthansa customer service change flight number if they get stuck at any phase. Alternatively, you may call on Vootfly numbers and we will give you the right solution.

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