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About Lynx Air Review

Are you planning for a journey by a flight? How do you decide which airline to take? Well, you should research about it before travelling yourself. What if we can help you with a proper researched review. That’s why we have Lynx Air Reviews to ease your apprehensive mind so that you can decide which airline is best for you. 

Lynx Air previously operated as Enerject is a ultra low-cost Canadian Airline. Enerjet was launched in 2006 as a chartered service carrier however, in November 2021, the airline rebranded  itself with the name Lynx Air. The first flight took place on April 7, 2022, operating from Calgary International Airport to Vancouver International Airport. 

What to expect from Lynx Air?

If you are looking for an airline that takes you from point A to Point B at pocket-friendly cost then Lynx Air is the one. As this airline is an ultra low cost carrier, it charges basically for everything extra as per Lynx Air reviews. To know more about the airline, we should personally dwell into the experience of customers for Lynx Air. 

  • The airline operates a fleet of brand-new Boeing 737 Aircraft. The aircraft can be considered as modern and has a decent amount of legroom but does not have USB ports or plugin on board. 
  • As a budget airline, Lynx does not offer entertainment options like screen or wifi connectivity in flight.
  • Lynx does not offer food or beverages on board. 

What are the good things about Lynx Air?

There are some good reasons to consider in Lynx Airlines and here’s what should look forward to in Lynx Airline review 

  • The fare starts with a base fare of as low as $1. You can look for some of the cheapest airline tickets on lynx Air with fares just starting at $59.  
  • The brand-new Boeing 737 has a sleek and modern touch to it. However, it may not be the most comfortable thing out there but you can make the best out of it considering the low fares. 

What are bad things about Lynx Air?

  • Lynx Air does not include carry-on baggage in the price of the ticket. Lynx Airlines only allows one free personal item such as a small backpack at most. 
  • There are no inflight entertainment options on board. Customers are urged to bring their own source of entertainment to avoid monotony during the journey Lynx Airlines review,
  • Lack of meals, beverages and snacks is expected as the airline provides low base fare to customers. 
  • This airline is one class service so you have to pay extra for  things like seating assignments, carry-on baggage and checked baggage. 
  • The unannounced delays and cancellation is one of the major problems with Lynx Air. If you have a flexible schedule then go for Lynx Air. 

Tips for Flying on Lynx Air

  1. As there is no in-flight entertainment, bring your own sources of entertainment like downloaded  movies or books, magazines. 
  2. Bring your own snacks and drinks because there are no options for snacks on board even for purchase. 
  3. Be sure to charge your all electronic devices because there are no plugins in Lynx flight. 
  4. According to a different Lynx Airlines review, purchasing checked and carry-on bags before you arrive at the airport is the key to saving more money. 
  5. Always track your flight status online and make sure to do online check in to let the airline know about your presence. 
  6. Book the earliest flight (ideally the first flight) to avoid chaos during security checking and boarding. 

Is Lynx Air Worth the Try?

If you want to travel on a budget and a bit of delay and inconvenience does not bother you so much then you can rely on Lynx Air.  Now, you have an idea of what to expect from Lynx airlines through our analysis of Lynx Air review left by customers. Make sure to carry just one carry-on baggage to avoid any hidden charges. Remember to keep your expectations in limit when travelling with Lynx Air. 

 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I fly with Lynx Air?

    Being a truly no-frills airline, you should consider Lynx as your travelling partner. They are fairly new in the aviation industry and can provide you with reasonable fares.

  • Can I pick my seat in Lynx Air ?

    Yes, you can pick your seat by paying for it. Note that, you will be assigned any random seat if you are not paying for a specific seat. 

  • Do Lynx Air flights get cancelled often?

    You can find  some mixed responses while looking in Lynx Air review regarding delays and cancellations. However, disruptions and cancellation are unavoidable in case of bad weather or due to some other circumstances. 

  • Is Lynx a budget Airline?

    Yes, you can get extremely cheap fare with Lynx with base fare starting at just $1 and the lowest fare being $59. 

  • Does Lynx Air provide food?

    Yes, it’s true, Lynx Air does not provide food on board because it provides the customer with the cheapest fare. 

  • Why is Lynx so cheap?

    Customers who travelled with Lynx provided insight in Lynx Airlines reviews by saying that  you can expect to find the cheapest ticket on Lynx because it is a budget airline. In addition, you will have to pay for extra services that you want in flight. 

  • What is Lynx cancellation policy?

    If you cancel your flight 72 hours before the departure, then you are liable to pay $34.50 + taxes per person. 

  • Is Lynx Airways strict with baggage?

    Lynx Airways offers its customers to carry one carry-on baggage under approved guidelines. 

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