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Did your flying plans change? Would you now like to opt for Qatar Airways change flight option? You have arrived at the right spot since we are going to discuss more about this topic here. We will be sharing all the information on the adjustment to the Qatar Airways flight on this page, so let’s get right into this. The procedure for changing a Qatar flight is simple, and one may access the official website to carry out flight adjustments. To make modifications to your Qatar reservations, follow the information below.

Qatar Airways flight change policy

Passengers must meet certain regulations if they wish to alter their flight with Qatar Airways. These rules include:

  • When you realize you need to alter your ticket within 24 hours after booking, you can do it without incurring the airline change cost.
  • However, if you alter your ticket after the time limit has expired, you will have to pay a flight change fee based on the fare rule and location.
  • If the airline changes your original ticket and you do not desire to fly with the alternatives supplied by the airline, your flight change cost is also waived. In this situation, you have the option of changing to any open date.
  • When a traveler has a medical emergency or sickness, they have the option of changing their flight without paying the flight change cost. In this instance, you must submit your paperwork for approval to the airline.
  • In case you booked through the agent, you will have to approach the travel agent to modify your trip. This is because you will not be able to change your flight through the airline’s official website.
  • Only when the pricing regulations permit it are Qatar Airways’ requests for a change of flight accepted.
  • In the event of a no-show policy, you’ll have to pay one of the charges: the highest of the no-show or Qatar Airways change flight fee.
  • The highest of all price components will determine the date change fees for Qatar Airways.

How to Change a Qatar Airways Flight Online Steps

  • To utilize the flight change option for their bookings, travelers must first go to the official Qatar Airways website. 
  • Click the ‘Manage My Booking’ option on the page.
  • Hit the submit button after entering the necessary information, including your last name and flight reference number. 
  • To make the appropriate modifications to your flight tickets, you must first choose the reservation you wish to cancel and then click the “Flight change” option.
  • The following step is for users to choose the desired modifications from the change menu. 
  • Pay the change cost by going to the payments page. 
  • Lastly, the airline will send you a message after you successfully change the flight.

Any modification to the original booking requires payment of the change flight Qatar Airways charge. Visit the official website,, for further information to access the change option and learn about other change-related facts for your journey.

Qatar Airways change flight date Guidelines

There are a series of guidelines that passengers who booked a journey with Qatar Airways and want to modify the date of their departure must follow.

Passengers must get in touch with the bookings division at least 24 hours before their scheduled departure time to amend the date on a Qatar Airways ticket. 

They will need to submit some basic information, such as name, date of birth, nationality, and passport number, to do this over the phone or by email.

As long as the new flights are within the same calendar year, passengers are free to modify their flight date, time, and destination. Passengers cannot, however, modify their airline or route.

  • To modify your flight, make sure you have a direct booking through the Qatar Airways website or phone center.
  • You should get in touch with your local Qatar Airways office if you cannot alter tickets online.
  • For the new ticket, there will be Qatar Airways change flight date fee. Here how much of a fee you’ll have to pay will depend on the pricing terms of both your new ticket and your old ticket.
  • To confirm a flight change, a traveler must also pay the ticket difference and any other fees that may be necessary.

How Much Does It Cost to Rebook a Flight on Qatar Airways?

The most popular airline for flight reservations is Qatar Airways. Passengers occasionally need to reschedule their vacation. Most airlines charge for this process, and they deduct the fee from the refund they give their customers. It occasionally also annoys the customer. 

Nevertheless, you may simply avoid the cost and quickly reschedule the flight with Qatar Airways, and that too online. Therefore, you are exempt from paying the extra cost for the changed flight. 

Passengers may make their journey more effective and customer-friendly. They may even get in touch with the support person, who will be able to make the required adjustments without charging them.

What are some other options for avoiding the Qatar Airways change flight fee?

If you modify a reservation for the same class of service, there might not always be a change fee, as per Qatar Airways’ policy on flight modifications.

On the day of departure, you can also request standby travel, which entails asking for an earlier or later flight. In that instance, you must make the request three hours before the departure time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I change my Qatar Airways flight for free?

    Yes, you can adjust your flight itinerary with Qatar Airways. You may do this and avoid paying additional costs if you change your flight within 24 hours of making your purchase. Additionally, if you want to change your Qatar Airways trip within 24 hours, you must have bought the ticket one week before the departure time. On their website, you may continue to alter the flight.

  • How much does it cost to change a flight with Qatar Airways?

    By visiting the official website, travelers may proceed with the necessary modifications to their trips. The cost to modify a flight on Qatar Airways starts at USD 25 per ticket, per segment, and may go as high as USD 450. This depends on the modification and the amount of time left before the actual flight departure.

  • How much time do you have to modify your flight?

    You have three hours before your planned departure time to change your flight plan. Additionally, when a traveler cancels a flight with Qatar Airways, they may have to pay some extra fees.

  • How to change Qatar Airways flight date online?

    To make necessary flight date changes, you must visit the official website From there, passengers can use the “Manage Booking” feature to proceed further.

  • I have additional questions regarding the Qatar Air flight change, whom should I contact?

    If you need further assistance, you must get in touch with Qatar Airways change flight contact number. Alternatively, you may also take our (Vootfly) assistance by ringing our numbers and we will help you with quick assistance.

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