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About Qatar Airways

Having plans to conduct a new journey with Qatar Air? Well, with some of the greatest business class seats in the business, Qatar Airways is popular for its first-rate customer satisfaction. This is mentioned in its online Qatar Airways Seat Selection feature. It enables you to pick your seat before making a flight booking. Business class, premium economy, and economy are just a few of Qatar Airways’ service tiers. On a few flights, it also offers first class, but most passengers cannot make use of that. Check out this page to get an idea about the various seats and how you may choose them.

Cabin classes and seats

Qatar Airways seat selection Business class

In business class, aisle access is direct, and there is plenty of space in a 1-2-1 configuration. Additionally, each chair has a power outlet for a laptop and a personal LCD screen. Along with these items, the airline also offers amenity kits and noise-canceling headphones.

Premium economy seat selection

Premium economy seats feature extra legroom and are arranged in a 2-4-2 configuration as opposed to standard economy seats. For added comfort on lengthy flights, each passenger receives their seat in addition to a footrest space in front of them. Similar to business class, this carrier also offers an amenity box and noise-canceling headphones. 

Qatar Airways standard seat selection

On Qatar Airways flights, standard economy seats are placed in a 3-3 configuration and have less legroom than other classes of service.

Can I get my Qatar Airways seat?

On Qatar Airways, you can choose your seats even if you have a basic economy reservation. The paid seat selection Qatar Airways option is available up until four hours before departure. After retrieving your tickets, you can select the seats of your choice online by going to the managed booking section.

What is the Qatar Airways seat-selection policy?

You must be familiar with Qatar seat selection policy to choose a seat. Below is a description of the policy:

  • The seat selection method does not allow you to reserve seats in a different class. You must choose a seat in the same class.
  • No free upgrading in your class is available to you. In these circumstances, you’ll have to pay.
  • As more seats are available at that time if you choose a seat when making your reservations, you will have easier access to the seats of your choice.
  • The choice of seat is based on the seating situation.
  • To reserve seats, you can check in as well. Both online and at the airport are options for doing this.

What options do I have for choosing my seat on the Qatar flight?

There are numerous ways to choose the seat of your choice.

  • Using an Online Method
    By visiting the manage my booking part of Qatar Airways’ official website at, you can select your chosen seat using the online system.
  • Using a Phone number
    By calling Qatar Airways’ customer service department, you can choose the seat of your preference. You can choose a seat with the assistance of the customer service executive.
  • Utilizing a mobile app
    Additionally, you can choose a preferred seat by logging into the Qatar mobile application. Install the app to complete this process after reserving a flight. 
  • Through Online Chat
    By login into your registered account, you can access Qatar Airways’ chat service to choose a seat for your comfortable travel.

How to pick a seat on a Qatar Airways flight online?

  • On Qatar Airways flights, there are numerous ways to select a seat, including online.
  • Browse Qatar Airways’ official website at
  • After that, enter the passenger’s last name and booking reference number in the My Trips section.
  • You can return to your reservation using the aforementioned process.
  • After that, click the three dots icon that appears on the right side of your ticket. Select Manage my trip from the drop-down menu.
  • Pick the check-in option from the available choices.
  • The next step will direct you to a different page, the check-in page.
  • To continue with the process, enter the passenger’s details, including contact information, destination information, arrival information, etc.
  • Selecting a seat is now available by clicking on it.
  • Once more, this will take you to the seat map. Select your preferred seat and then click the confirm button.
  • If you have chosen a paid seat, this will direct you to a payment page.
  • Pay the appropriate Qatar Airways seat selection fee to reserve your seat.

What is the cost of selecting a seat on a Qatar flight?

If you have a first-class or business reservation, you can avail of Qatar Airways seat selection free up to four hours before departure. You can make a booking at any time if you have an elite-class reservation. You won’t need to wait for the online check-in to become available within 48 hours of the departure time in this situation. Additionally, passengers are not eligible for any added seat fees. You may choose a seat in advance for an additional fee of $75 per seat if you have an economy ticket or your flight is already included in the basic comfort rate. However, to take advantage of the free seat selection benefit, you must wait for the 48-hour web check-in process to begin if you don’t want to pay any further fees. Additionally, once a seat has been chosen, passengers can’t change travel class.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get Qatar Airways free seat selection?

    If you have a first-class or business reservation, you can avail of Qatar seat selection free up to four hours before departure.

  • What is the Qatar seat selection fee?

    Passengers have to pay $75 per seat to select their seats.

  • What happens if a passenger doesn’t select a seat?

    If passengers don’t select their seats, they will receive a left-out seat from the Qatar team.

  • What is the preferred seat selection Qatar Airways?

    On Qatar Air, Preferred seat selection comes with extra benefits including comfortable seats and extra legroom space.

  • Can VootFly assist me in choosing a Qatar Airways seat?

    Yes, while making a reservation with us, do let us know about selecting a chosen seat, and we will assist you with getting that seat.

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