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About Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines business class is renowned for being one of the premier business-class offerings in the global aviation industry. This is due to its reputation for providing exceptional service, high-quality cuisine, and comfortable seats. This article will provide an in-depth analysis of Singapore Airlines business class, allowing travelers to determine whether it is worth the additional miles or money to book a flight.

Business Class Seats: Singapore Airlines

The number of business-class seats available on Singapore Airlines aircraft varies depending on the type of aircraft. However, customers can be sure that they will be seated in a spacious, lie-flat chair with access to the aisle on all Singapore Airlines long-haul international flights and regional flights. Additionally, lie-flat seats can be surely found in business class on Singapore Airlines short-haul aircraft as well. The only aircraft on Singapore Airlines’ fleet that does not feature a lie-flat seat is the aircraft Boeing 737-800, on which business-class passengers will be seated in standard recliner chairs, which are common in domestic first-class aircraft in the United States.

Comfortable seats of Long-haul Airbus A350 and Boeing 777

Singapore Airlines utilizes a wide leather-backed seat on its long-haul aircraft, the Airbus A350 and the Boeing 777. The Singapore Airlines A350 business class and Boeing 777 seats are specially designed to provide comfort and privacy, which are highly valued on the longest flights in the world. The seats are sorted in a “1-2-1” layout, with one seat on each side of an aisle and two seats in the middle. The. The middle seats are partitioned by a large console, making them unsuitable for couples who wish to travel side by side. Some passengers express dissatisfaction with these seats for two reasons. Firstly, although each seat is forward facing, the footwells are off to the side, necessitating an angle of sleep. To avoid this, it is recommended to book a seat in the forward of the cabin, as these seats have much larger and forward-facing footwells. Secondly, the seat does not recline to form a bed, but rather the seat backs fold down to create a bed. This seat transition is not something that passengers can do independently and must be requested by the crew.

Airbus A380 Seats: Singapore Airlines

The business-class cabin on Singapore Airlines A380 business class seats occupies a significant portion of the upper deck. Additionally, the rows are configured in a grid-like arrangement. However, the configuration of the middle seats is particularly advantageous for couples traveling together. Not only are the seats situated directly adjacent to one another, but they also recline to create a double bed-like position in the sky.

Food and Beverages: Singapore Airlines Business Class

Singapore Airlines strives to provide its customers with an exceptional onboard meal experience, regardless of the cabin they are flying in. This is especially true on economy flights, which can last up to two hours. Singapore Airlines also serves a warm meal on its business-class flights, which is even more impressive than the standard fare.

Additionally, Singapore Airlines business-class customers can enjoy a wide selection of food options, such as laksa, lobster thermidor, and more, all served on real porcelain plates. To take advantage of this feature, Singapore Airlines requires pre-ordering meals between 15 and 24 hours before departure, although there is an even shorter cut-off period for flights departing from Newark and Auckland. Alternatively, the onboard menu can be viewed up to 8 days before departure.

Singapore Airlines business class provides more than just comfortable seats and mouth-watering food; it also offers a range of amenities and benefits to ensure a stress-free journey.

Perks & Benefits: Singapore Airlines Business Class

Singapore Airlines business-class travelers are eligible for additional checked baggage allowances compared to economy and premium economy travelers. This allowance allows business-class passengers to carry up to two bags of up to 70 pounds each (32 kilograms) on flights to and from the United States. Additionally, these travelers are entitled to large inflight entertainment screens measuring up to 18 inches in diameter and noise-canceling headphones to enjoy the wide range of inflight entertainment options available.

In-Flight Internet Access: Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines just got even better when it comes to free Wi-Fi! Instead of just getting a basic 100MB data allowance, Singapore Air business-class travelers can now enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi on flights. All they have to do is log in to the Singaporeair-Krisworld Wi-Fi site, click on “Complimentary Access” and fill in the details like seat number and name.

In-Flight Amenity Kit: Singapore Airlines Business Class

Singapore Airlines began offering amenity kits for business-class passengers in 2020, after years of declining to provide them. However, to receive an amenity kit, passengers must be in the know to get one. This is because Singapore business-class passengers are only eligible for an amenity kit upon request on flights of more than six hours duration.

In addition, Singapore Airlines also offers business-class bathrooms equipped with a variety of amenities, such as dental kits and razors, as well as combs and lotions.


Singapore Airlines is renowned for offering one of the most exceptional business-class experiences in the world. Most of the company’s flights feature flat-backed business-class seating with direct access to the aisle. In addition, If any passenger is flying on a short-haul flight, Singapore Airlines business-class offers its customers the chance to book delicious meals ahead of time through their ‘Book the Cook’ service. It’s a great way to make your travel experience even better!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Singapore Airlines Business class offer?

    Business class on Singapore Airlines offers a variety of amenities, including lie-flat seats on most flights, access to the lounge, pre-ordered meals on most flights, and additional carry-on and checked-in baggage allowances.

  • What is not permitted on Singapore Airlines?

    Singapore Airlines doesn’t allow any toxic or contagious materials on board.

  • What is Singapore Airlines known for?

    Singapore Airlines (SIA) was established on 28 January 1972 and is considered the national air carrier of Singapore. Moreover, its world’s one of the most successful airlines.

  • How many aircraft do Singapore Airlines have?

    The Singapore Airlines fleet consists of a total of 157 aircraft, of which 148 are passenger aircraft and 9 are cargo aircraft, as of May 2023.

  • Why is the Singapore Airlines logo blue gold?

    Landor Associates, a San Francisco-based design firm, conceptualized the SIA logo in 1972. Landor Associates proposed a golden bird logo against a midnight blue tail to reflect the “modernity and sophistication” of SIA.

  • How much does a personal item cost on Singapore Airlines?

    Personal size: 15.7 inches (40 cm) x 11.8 inches (3.9 cm) x 3.5 inches (10 cm). Standard size: 45 inches (115 cm) maximum linear dimensions.

  • Are there any time restrictions for online bookings?

    Passengers can reserve their flight online up to 355 days before departure to the time when all available seats have been reserved or the flight has been declared closed (usually a few hours before departure), whichever occurs first.

  • How to Book a Flight on For Myself & Other Passengers?

    In the ‘Search flights’ section of, simply choose the number of passengers and navigate through the standard booking process.

  • Will I be able to book a flight on if I’m not one of the passengers?

    It is possible to do so. However, it may be necessary to confirm the validity of your credit/debit card at the Singapore Airlines office nearest to you or at the check-in desk at the airport before departure. It is recommended to bring the credit/debit card along with a valid photograph.

  • I’ve flown part of my itinerary. Will I be able to change any of the remaining flights?

    If you’ve purchased a ticket, you can change your flight.

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