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Finding cheap flights can be a laborious task when you don’t know where to look for it. What if we tell you that Southwest Airlines has some shocking fare deals for you. The airline has launched the super saver deal as Southwest Airlines $69 sale to save your pocket. Now, you can travel without stressing over high fares. 

Southwest Airlines is known as U.S largest low-cost carrier having headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The airline operates on 121 destinations including domestic and international. In 2018, Southwest was recorded for carrying more domestic passengers than any other North American Airline. It currently holds the position of being the third largest airline (in terms of fleet ) in North America after American Airlines and Delta Airways.

Southwest Airlines started operating as a point to point airline which connected undeserving destinations to big cities. To promote customers to take flights from these secondary destinations, Southwest started the promotion fare named as Southwest Airlines $69 sale. To grab the Southwest cheapest fare, keep reading the details further.

What is Southwest Airlines $69 Sale?

Southwest Airlines has launched the most budget friendly fare for those who have financial restraint. The sale began as a three day sale that starts on Tuesday and Wednesday and continues through Thursday. Customers can get the cheapest flight fare with this sale without impacting their pocket. Search for a one way trip, the fare will stay relatively cheaper than most airlines.

Details about $69 Sale

  • The cheapest fare offered in North America is Southwest Airlines’ $69 sale. This fare is classified under the Wanna Get Away Fare type in Southwest Airlines. Every ticket in Wanna Get Away fare is non-refundable. Even though this is the cheapest fare type yet you can enjoy some perks of this fare. 
  • There is no cancellation or flight change fee on this fare. Customers can cancel the flight without any additional cost. 
  • Being the cheapest fare, it classifies as non-refundable tickets. Thus, if you cancel the flight, you will not receive any refund, however you will receive credit points against the fare of your purchase. You are only eligible for credit points in Southwest Airlines’ $69 sale as long as you have cancelled the flight at least 10 minutes prior to scheduled departure. 
  • Passengers are allowed to carry two free bags weighing 22 kg/ 50 lbs and should measure 62 inches entirely. 
  • Passengers travelling in this fare can earn 6 rapid points per dollar on the purchased ticket. In future, you can use those points to book another flight or for upgrading.
  • Southwest Airlines has recently added another perk in this fare which is Same-day standby. Same-day standby allows you to board another flight on the same day for the same route as long as you have retained your seat in the original flight and ensure that you update your status 30 minutes ahead of departure. 

Routes under Southwest Airlines special $69

Southwest Airlines only operates on specific routes under the $69 sale offer. The routes are mentioned below: 

  • Austin 
  • Oklahoma
  • El Paso
  • Midland 
  • Tulsa 
  • Houston 
  • Amarillo 
  • Las Vegas

How to Book The Southwest Airlines $69 Fare Flight?

  • Visit the official website Southwest Airlines.
  • The discounted fare of $69 will be displayed on the top of the website. Click on the banner. 
  • Add all your necessary details like destinations, date of travelling, number of passengers. 
  • You can also go through Southwest lowest fare calendar to check the availability of the cheapest ticket in the future. 
  • Choose the flight and confirm the date as per your suitability and then proceed to payment. 

Terms and Conditions on Southwest Airlines $69 Sale Flight?

The cheapest fare of Southwest Airlines comes under certain terms and conditions. So read the terms and conditions carefully to avoid any inconvenience in future. 

  • Southwest’s $69 offer is only available on one-way trips. 
  • The lowest fare is only available on selective routes within the U.S and to and from Hawaii. 
  • Discount coupons and promo codes can also be used to minimise the cost of flight. 
  • Book your $69 sale ticket from the official website of Southwest Airlines only. 

Are There More Affordable Deals on Southwest Airlines?

Recently, Southwest Airlines has launched another economical fare similar to Southwest Airlines $69 sale. It is now known as Southwest $49 sale. This cheapest fare class offers the same facilities like $69 fare. However, this fare is only available before and after the holiday season. So, if you are looking to travel anywhere after the holiday season at affordable prices then Southwest Airlines is your option. To know more about recent deals, you can check the official website to know the recent offers and deals on your preferred routes.

Bottom Line

Now, travelling can be easier and affordable. You don’t need to spend a hefty amount to travel from one place to another as there are many cheap options to fly from. One such option is from Southwest Airlines $69 sale. This cheap offer allows you to travel to destinations easily without impacting your budget. Furthermore, if you want to keep the latest updates about fares and deals, do keep checking out the official website of Southwest Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to find the Southwest Airlines $69 Fare Sale?

    You can find the Southwest Airlines $69 sale offer on the official website of Southwest Airlines. Click on ‘check deals’ or ‘special offers’.

  • Does $69 fare on Southwest Airlines include international flights?

    Southwest Airlines majorly operates to 121 destinations including national and internationals. However, this $69 offer is only valid on routes within the U.S or to/ from Hawaii.

  • Can I change my flight if I have booked with a $69 offer on Southwest Airlines?

    You are eligible to change your flight in a $69 offer under the clause of same-day standby. You need to inform 30 minutes before the scheduled departure to rebook your seat in another flight on the same-day standby.

  • What is the cheapest day to buy a ticket from Southwest Airlines?

    You can find some cheap deals which begin from Monday or Tuesday and continue till Thursday. You can find some of the cheapest fare of $49 on these days.

  • Are there any benefits included in Southwest Airlines $69 sale?

    You can enjoy multiple benefits of booking with a $69 fare deal. You are allowed to cancel and change your flight without any additional charges, two free bags, and earn 6 rapid points on every dollar spent on your purchase of the ticket.

  • Does Southwest Airlines offer flights to Hawaii?

    Yes, Southwest Airlines offers flights to Hawaii. Travel to Hawaii on the cheapest fare starting from just $49. Check the official website for more details.

  • Can you carry baggage in Southwest under $69 fare?

    Yes, you can carry two free bags for $69. The only condition is that they should weigh 23 kg each only. 

  • Does Southwest Airlines release fare sales regularly?

    Southwest Airlines ensures cheap flights on domestic routes. You don’t need to wait for Black Friday sales to book cheap tickets as Southwest releases cheapest fare flights regularly. To know about the latest deals, check the official website regularly.

  • Can you apply credit points while booking a $69 fare in Southwest?

    While purchasing the $69 fare flight, you will be given the option to use credit points. You can use those credit points to minimise your fare even more.

  • Can I cancel my Southwest Airlines $69 sale ticket?

    Yes, you can cancel your $69 fare ticket without any additional cancellation fee. You can even cancel the flight 10 minutes prior to scheduled departure. In this case, you will not receive any refunds. However, you will be given credit points against the fare you have purchased.

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