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When buying a Southwest Airlines flight, you may ask how Business Select Southwest differs from the low-cost Wanna Get Away rates. Business Select is a pricing class that offers a few perks but at a higher cost than Wanna Get Away tickets. However, there are certain benefits to upgrading to the Business Select fee, especially if you like being the first on board. In addition, you can earn more Rapid Rewards points, or value convenience and flexibility when it comes to receiving refunds or making same-day changes. On this page, you will find more details on Southwest business select so read it till the end. Alternatively, you can also call TrippyFlight numbers and we would solve all your doubts at once.

Benefits of Business Class

  • Avail A 1-15 boarding
    This saves you the $15 per trip fee for Early Bird, which also allows you to board earlier. It also allows you to select your Southwest seat before passengers in boarding groups A16 through C.
  • Relaxed Check-in
    You don’t have to worry about using Southwest check-in as soon as it becomes available (24 hours before your departure). This is because you have a spot in the A 1–15 boarding group. Instead, since you were given your boarding order 36 hours in advance, you can check in whenever it’s convenient for you. You may do so online, by phone, or at the airport.
  • Premium Drinks
    If you book a Business Select fare, your complimentary drink tickets will be printed on your Southwest boarding pass when you arrive at the airport. Generally, passengers who own Southwest credit cards frequently receive free drink coupons in the mail already. To receive your printed drink ticket on your Southwest Airlines boarding pass, be sure to check in at the airport in person. 
  • Earn 12 Rapid Rewards 
    For Southwest Wanna Get Away fares, this DOUBLES the 6 points per dollar you earn. These fares also permit obtaining A-List or A-List preferred status with Southwest. Another amazing benefit, isn’t it?

Are the Southwest Business Select Seats larger? 

Regrettably, no. There is no variation in seat size depending on whether you are traveling on a Business Select, Anytime, Wanna Get Away, or Wanna Get Away Plus fare. However, you should pay attention to the aircraft you’ll be traveling on to get a sense of the seat dimensions. SouthWest has three different Boeing aircraft models: the 737-700, 737-800, and 737 MAX 8. When traveling on a Boeing 737-800 or 737 MAX 8, you may experience a marginally roomier seat, however, the change isn’t that great.

Making a reservation for Southwest Airlines Business Select

  • Visit to look for a flight. Southwest allows you to reserve one-way or round-trip tickets for a group of up to eight people. Simply enter your travel preferences on the flight reservation page. To view your options, from earliest to latest in the day, click Search.
  • In addition to picking your chosen journey schedule and nonstop flight options, you can switch between several days to compare pricing. One may also look at the Low Fare Calendar if they have a flexible schedule.
  • You can sort the flights once you’ve seen all of the ones that match your search criteria.
  • Consider purchasing a Southwest Business Select fare at this stage.
  • Pay for your flights by using any of the available payment methods and then confirm your seats.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the business select on Southwest Airlines?

    Business Select is Southwest’s highest fare class that comes with privileges like a guaranteed A1-A15 boarding slot.

  •  How are the business select Southwest seats?

    Southwest seats are identical in size save for a few minor variations, like increased legroom in the exit row.

  • What are the top benefits of Southwest Business Class?

    The top benefits of Southwest Business Class include premium drinks, 12 rapid points per dollar, fast check-in, etc.

  • Can I get a refund if I can Cancel Business Select on Southwest?

    In the event of a cancellation, you will receive a refund in the amount of 100% of your ticket price to the original mode of payment. 

  • I have additional concerns regarding Southwest Business Class, whom should I contact?

    If you still have queries about Southwest Business Class, we suggest getting in touch with us at TrippyFlight. You can call us at any time around the clock and we would be happy to serve you.

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