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About Southwest Airlines

What is better than travelling with utmost luxury and premium services? Nothing right!  Flying at 33,000 feet above sea level and enjoying premium and comfortable services will surely make your journey a plush one. Here, we can offer you information about what’s best for you if you are looking for an affordable and yet  luxurious experience. In order to enjoy such an experience then you should take a look at  the Southwest Airlines First class service. Embellished with a lot of perks and offers which will add up to your luxurious experience.

Southwest Airlines is known as U.S largest low-cost airline having headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Currently Southwest airline is operating on 121 destinations within the United States, and offers 10 additional countries. Southwest Airlines gives you the experience of comfort and luxury.

Southwest has four fare options, where Business Select is the most premium class. In Business select, you can expect to receive express check-in, baggage allowance, complimentary services, standard seats and priority overhead bins, premium beverages along with inflight- entertainment. With that you also get highly personalised customer service to help you all time. Southwest first class believes in creating an amazing and satisfying experience for the customer. 

More about Business Select

  • Southwest offers 4 fare options to their customers: Business Select, AnyTime, Wanna Get Away Plus  and Wanna Get Away.
  • The finest of these options is Business Select which comes with extraordinary  perks and advantages. You simultaneously get all the privileges of other classes in one which adds to its special characteristic.

Freedom of Baggage 

The Business Select gets you Two Bags fly free policy, in this, you are allowed to have 2 free checked bags. This perks allows the first time traveller to ease their mind about exorbitant baggage fees. This Southwest first class allows you to exercise liberty to bring your essentials and accessories to your journey or short trip. 

Check-in priority

Southwest Airlines gives you the benefit to checkin in almost 24 hours prior to the actual departure. Along with this, you can also check-in online via mobile app or do web check-in. 

Through your prior check-in you are also guaranteed to board in positions A1-A15. You don’t have to stand in the long lines or wait at the counter, you get the advantage to board first. These various check-in benefits provide seamless flexibility to you so that you can enjoy your journey to the fullest. 

Extra Benefits with Southwest Airlines First Class

If you are a Rapid Reward member, this class allows you to earn 12 points per dollar of Business class fare  which is greater than any points provided to low fare class. 

You are also eligible to earn a full cash refund instead of travel credit points. Refundable as long as you cancel the reservation  10 mins before actual departure. You can also enjoy Fly by security which allows you to get through security check points on specially designated places. You are also given the advantage of same day change, which allows you to change your flight seat in case of openseat in a different flight that departs on the same day as your original departing flight.

Southwest First Class takes care of your in-flight entertainment along with your meals and beverages. You get to enjoy free inflight entertainment consisting of free movies, T.V, inflight messaging for all passengers. You can also enjoy inflight complimentary drinks or cocktails of your choice which can be availed by a coupon to be used on the day of your travel. 

What is unique about Southwest Airlines first Class seats is that as a rapid reward member, you can transfer credit points to someone else like your colleague, family. Along with such benefits, you can also enjoy the benefit of refundable tickets, in case you don’t travel on your scheduled day of departure.

Is it worth choosing Southwest Airlines First Class ?

There are some pros and cons with Business Select of Southwest Airlines. 


  • The reality of travelling on Business Class is possible with Southwest Airlines.
  • There is no designated seat allocation system so you can choose whichever seat you want as you have boarded the flight first. In other words it is more of First come first serve service. 
  • Complimentary Drinks and snacks on board to enjoy along with entertainment options in-flight. 
  • No standing in Queues for boarding or for  security check-in.
  • Earn 12 points per dollar of your Business Select Fare, you can use these points for your future travel or you can opt to transfer these points to your colleague or family. 
  • You can get a full cash refund in case of cancellation.


  • Southwest Airlines First Class Seat are not exactly business class seats. They are the standard seats presented to all classes. 
  • Furthermore, Southwest Airlines does not provide hot meals unlike other first class flights. The best thing you can get is a pack of snacks. 
  • You can miss the standard amenities kit in the Business Select of Southwest Airlines. You may notice the business class feel in the Business Select seat, 


Southwest Airlines as a low-cost airline does not offer first -class seating. Instead they fulfil a premium quality of services to those who select their Southwest  Airlines first class. Passengers have appreciated this fare option in their reviews. Even when First-Class is missing, flying with Southwest is made comfortable with this alternative. Now, you can afford the Business class services and benefits at affordable costs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Southwest Airlines offer first class tickets?

    No, Southwest does not offer First Class seats; instead as an alternative  they have  Business Select. 

  • What are the benefits of Southwest Airlines Business Select?

    Among the best benefits of purchasing Business Select Seat is getting 12 Rapid Reward points per dollar for your future travelling. Furthermore, you get the option for priority boarding, chechin- security lanes and refundable fares.

  • Difference between Wanna Get Away and Business Select of Southwest Airlines?

    Wanna Get Away is the lowest fare class in Southwest Airlines. While Southwest Business Select is First class.  Southwest First Class has many perks unlike Wanna Get Away. Perks like priority boarding, security and check-in lanes, Twice as much rapid reward points than Wanna Get Away, along with complimentary drinks.

  • Are Southwest Airlines Business Class seats bigger?

    Southwest Airlines offers similar standards as conventional first class. Except, there are no designated seats for Business Select passengers. The Business select passenger can choose its seat  on a first come first serve basis. 

  • Can we get a refund if we cancel the Southwest First class ticket?

    When you buy the Business Select ticket, you are automatically eligible to get a full refund incase of cancellation.

  • Benefits of Southwest Airlines First Class?

    As a Southwest First Class passenger you get many advantages such as 12 rapid reward points per dollar on your fare, along with free entertainment in-flight, choice of drinks on board, change your flight last minute without extra fees, refundable tickets, designated security and check-in lanes, and the advantage of boarding before anyone.

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