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About Southwest Airlines

Are you considering Southwest for your next voyage? Well, Southwest Airlines strives to make sure that its passengers have more pleasurable, easy, and delightful travel. The airline is also aware of the needs and safety concerns of its disabled clients, that’s why it offers Southwest Airlines Wheelchair facility. To learn how to add on this service, get in touch with the airline. Contacting its customer care representatives could occasionally take some time. Customers can therefore obtain instructions on how to request a wheelchair online by visiting the official website. To get a prompt reaction from the business, you can also locate additional useful shortcuts like Facebook or Twitter.

Important Information for passengers

Call Southwest Airlines’ customer care as soon as you’ve bought a ticket so they can provide you with all the details you need. This includes boarding, security screening, check-in, the additional fee of the service, and assistance from airport officials. Customers can carry personal wheelchairs of all types and sizes in the airline’s hold as checked baggage. This is independent of the class of travel or any auxiliary equipment on which the passenger is physically reliant. Furthermore, the passenger must get their wheelchair ready for the flight depending on the model.

How to request wheelchair access via the website?

  • Visit at this link.
  • Select a flight option from the list at the top of the page.
  • Locate the customer service icon at the bottom of the page and click there.
  • Go to the webpage for passengers and payments.
  • Select the option for special assistance.
  • Pick a wheelchair and any other available devices.
  • Fill out the information requested on the wheelchair or scooter information form, then click Send.
  • Finish the booking process at last.

Other options to request a wheelchair

  • Calling the customer care
    One of the easiest ways is to call the airline’s customer service team. The representative will process your request right away and make sure you receive assistance.
  • Help Desk
    Customers can access the online help desk’s customer FAQ, forum, toll-free lines, and instant chat to receive assistance.
  • Twitter or Facebook account
    By logging into your Twitter or Facebook account, you can send a direct message. There, you can ask for wheelchair access to Southwest Airlines’ social media account.

Check-in options

  • Manual Wheelchair
    When using a manual wheelchair, it is possible to disassemble, fold, and check it in at the counter like any other piece of luggage. The wheelchair won’t create a problem if it isn’t foldable because one may check in nevertheless. Contact the airlines at least 48 hours in advance to pre-inform.
  • Electric Wheelchair
    It is crucial to confirm in advance with the airline if you have an electric wheelchair that uses dry, liquid, or lithium batteries. This is because batteries and other loose parts must typically be removed and transferred in hand luggage. If you are traveling with an electric chair, another thing to keep in mind is to leave it in manual mode. This way, the airport assistance staff may operate it with ease.

How would your trip be onboard?

Typically, those with limited mobility are the last to deplane and the first to board. Nevertheless, it varies by airline. Designated seats are there on the aircraft, which are often in the front rows and close to the windows. Support personnel must assist the occupant in accessing these seats. To access seats, utilize a finger with platforms for boarding and deplaning the aircraft. Finally, it’s crucial to note that if you are taking a wheelchair on a plane, you should check your travel insurance. This insurance will cover mobility equipment in the event of theft or damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I inform Southwest Air that I need wheelchair assistance?

    Customers who require wheelchair assistance must declare their requirements upon arrival at the airport, at any point of connection, and upon arrival at their destination. 

  • Will Southwest Airlines allow me to bring my own wheelchair?

    In the case of Southwest Airlines, YES, travelers can bring their own wheelchairs onboard.

  • Where will the airline store my wheelchair while I’m flying?

    For the in-cabin storage of at least one standard-size, adult, collapsible wheelchair, each aircraft has a storage compartment specifically built for wheelchairs.

  • Where will my battery-operated wheelchair or other mobility device be kept?

    Mobility aids and wheelchairs on batteries will be safely stored in the cargo area.

  • I have additional questions, whom should I contact for immediate response?

    For a very quick response, you must dial TrippyFlight phone numbers. We at TrippyFlight are available 24*7 to give you prompt answers to all your queries regarding Southwest Wheelchair assistance. Kindly reach out to us at +1-800-773-6613.

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