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Let’s introduce the ticket to your incredible travel experience and the way out for your savings, the Sun Country Credit Card. Enjoy more comfortable air travel with this Sun Country Airlines credit card, a frequent Sun Country Airline flier. Start earning points every time you fly, purchase your daily stuff or flying expenses, and redeem these points later. So, start your adventure trip, book hotels and flights, and rent cars, redeem your earned points. In this article, we will discuss Sun Country Credit card benefits and how to apply for a Sun Country Credit card.

Benefits of Sun Country Credit Card

The Sun Country Airlines Credit Card offers many benefits to the passengers, and here are some:

Earn Rewards

Passengers can earn thousands of points with the Sun Country Visa Credit Card. Cardholders can earn three points on each dollar they spend on Sun Country Airlines,  two points on each dollar spent on gas and grocery products, and one point on one dollar spent on other purchases. 

Surprising Sign-Up Bonus

Cardholders can earn significant bonus points while opening an account and meeting its requirements. You must spend $1500 or more in the first three months or billing cycles to earn 25,000 bonus points. You can also earn extra 10,000 points on purchases up to $10,000 in the first twelve billing cycles. You can use these points on your next trip to book hotels, cars or flight packages.

Travel Perks

The cardholders can enjoy Sun Country Credit Card perks throughout the air travel, which enhances the quality of their experience. Enjoy Sun Country Credit Card free bags, priority boarding, free premium drink during the flight, access to airport lounges, and a 50% discount on seat selection on your next trip with the airline. You can also enjoy foreign transactions free of cost.

Other Benefits

Cardholders can enjoy a dedicated Sun Country Credit Card Customer service for any travel inquiries or queries about credit card accounts. Enjoy free fraud protection on your account information and transactions, or enjoy discounts on dining and shopping from card partnership merchants.

Sun Country Credit Card Application

If you are a frequent flier of Sun Country Airlines, then this card is the best for saving more on your next Sun Country Flight. To apply for a credit card, pay an annual fee of $69, and enjoy the perks. Visit the Sun Country Credit Card Login page, fill in your details and password, and access your credit card account. The Standout feature is you can earn substantial bonus points as you open the account. You can now start using Sun Country Credit card payment, navigating the pay bills section and entering your payment details. Start skipping the lines and escaping the bustling airport to a quiet, comfortable lounge before boarding your flight.

Sun Country is the fifth largest budget airline in the United States and serves affordable flights to several major cities. The Sun Country Credit Card, with its reasonable annual fees, offers you a rewarding and convenient travel experience. The card is ideal for one living near the hubs of Sun Country Airlines as it provides flights to some limited international destinations such as Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. 

The Sun Country Credit Card Reviews can go down due to the limitation of international flights during off-peak seasons. If you are a member of the frequent Flyers program of the airline and live near the airline hubs, apply for the card to enjoy exclusive travel Perks, top-notch customer service, and a luxurious treat boarding the flight.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Balance Transfer Fee associated with Sun Country Credit card?

    The Balance Transfer Fee of Sun Country Visa Credit card is $10 or 5% of your cash transferred.

  • Can I Use my Sun Country Visa Credit Card in cities other than that of the United States?

    Yes, you can use your Sun Country Visa Credit Card in cities outside the United States without paying extra fees for foreign transactions. The card is acceptable internationally anywhere, wherever Visa or MasterCard are acceptable.

  • Does Sun Country Airlines offer any Mobile App?

    No, currently, the airline doesn’t have any Mobile app. But the app is in development and expected to launch in 2024.

  • How can I check whether my Sun Country Rewards account is active?

    You can check if the account is active by logging in to your account online from the official website. You can also contact and call Sun Country Rewards at 651- 905-2778 any day between 7 am to 10 pm.

  • Does Sun Country Airlines offer self-check-in?

    Yes, Sun Country Airlines offer Self-check-in. You can check in for your flight using kiosks until one hour before your departure time.

  • What is the Penalty Fee for the Sun Country Credit card?

    The penalty fee for Sun Country Credit card is $40 for late payments and $35 for returned payments.

  • How can I get maximum rewards using the Sun Country Credit card?

    You can get maximum rewards using the Sun Country credit card for frequent air travels with Sun Country Flights. 

  • Can I use the Sun Country Reward points on other flights?

    No, the use of the Sun Country Reward points is limited. It can only be redeemed on Sun Country Airline Flights or travel packages.

  • Is it worth buying the Sun Country Credit card for $69?

    Yes, it’s worth it if you take out all of the Sun Country Credit card benefits. It depends on your situation, and you must earn a minimum of points to redeem your points. They provide generous reward points and services to make a convenient experience for the passengers.

  • How can I improve my credit card score for applying for the Sun Country Credit card?

    A good credit card score is needed to be approved for the Sun Country Credit Card. With a poor score, you may not get the card; the easiest way is to consult the airline’s customer support center. They will assist you with the ways for your improvement.

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