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About Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines (TK), the national airline, was established in 1933. The airline offers flights to 280 airports in 110 nations in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, North America, and South America. In terms of the total number of destinations covered, it ranks as the fourth-largest carrier in the globe. Turkish Airlines has a fleet of 286 passenger aircraft made up of Airbus, Boeing, and Embraer models. Though some provide Premium Economy Class seats, the majority are set up with Business Class and Economy Class cabins. To talk about Turkish Airlines seat selection, you can do so easily via the online method. To understand the complete policy and steps to select a seat, read this page till the end.

Turkish Airline Seat Selection Policy

Okay, when traveling, you may opt for Turkish Airlines select seats that suit your demands and level of comfort. You can choose from different seat types and request a seat with more legroom to make your journey comfortable. When traveling with Turkish Airlines, you may select from a variety of seat selections. If you are traveling with a child, you can request a seat with a baby seat. Strollers have been placed at your seats to aid you in supervising your child. The flight personnel is also quite knowledgeable in assisting you with the baby. Furthermore, as you are aware, there are seats on an airplane that are certainly the safest seating options. One may choose these seats, which are next to the plane’s exit. Lastly, there is a full range of seats available for free in business class. However, you could have to pay more for the seats if you’re traveling in economy class.

Steps for choosing a Turkish airline seat selection

It’s very easy to select a seat by yourself if you know how to do it correctly. To help you in selecting a seat on a Turkish plane, we have provided the below steps that you must follow. 

  • Start by visiting www.turkishairline.com.
  • Type in your PNR information.
  • Next, select the Turkish Airlines seat arrangement 2D Model.
  • Choose a seat for Turkish Airlines.
  • Make the payment in Step 5 and the airline will assign you the appropriate seat.
  • One may also call on +1 888 675 7794 to choose a seat for yourself.

Turkish Airlines seat selection fee

The majority of seats are free for business class passengers, and they can select the seat of their choice. While certain seats on an economy flight are free, the most desired seats—those with more legroom, baby-friendly features, etc.—are charged for. The price of a seat on a domestic aircraft can range from 45 to 75 Turkish Lira. Turkish Airline seat selection fee for international flights can be as little as $9 and as much as $129 per seat. Prices vary depending on your seat and your destination.

When can I select my Turkish Airlines seats?

You can make Turkish Airlines seat selection while checking in online or offline up to 24 hours before departure. One may do so if they purchase their travel through Turkish Airlines’ official contact center or the airport. But if you book a flight through a third party, you have to get in touch with the travel agency directly. By using your account or going to the control my booking page, you may select your seat online. On the seat page, you can refer to the seat selection instructions and choose your seat from the Turkish Airlines seat map.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I make a seat selection Turkish Airlines?

    Yes, you can select your seats on Turkish Airlines by visiting www.turkishairlines.com or by reaching out to customer service at their phone numbers.

  • Does the Turkish Airline select seat provide additional legroom?

    For Turkish Airlines international seat selection or domestic seat selection, you can pick a seat with extra legroom. But if there are technical difficulties on some routes, you can’t buy them. In those cases, at the check-in counties, the customer can request seats with more legroom.

  •  Does Turkish Airlines charge for seat selection?

    No, Turkish does not charge for seat selection. Instead, you can choose Turkish Airlines free seat selection for business class till the time of check-in. 

  • How can I get a Turkish Airlines seat selection free of cost?

    If you have purchased a Turkish Airlines flight ticket and would like to choose your seats without paying, then choose your seat when purchasing your ticket. Alternatively, if you are traveling in business class, you can choose your preferred option without paying at any time before check-in.

  • I have more questions regarding seat selection, what should I do?

    In case you are having issues with Turkish Airlines select seat, you must contact us on Vootfly. We can help you in solving all your concerns and help you in choosing a seat.

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