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Flying with United Airlines (UA) is preferable for USA travelers. They feel that the facilities and policies that UA provides are amazing and easier. If you are thinking of going somewhere with United Planes, do not think twice. But hey, did you accidentally use the wrong name when you booked your flight? In that case, you have the choice to change a name that has been misspelled on United Airlines. According to United Airlines name change policy, modifications to names in confirmed itineraries are made. In short, the name change option is one of the modifications you can make to this airline. You can read this information in full for more details on the name change and United Airlines policy. Also, you’ll learn how to change the name on a united airlines ticket here

The Policy for United Airlines Name Change

After the confirmation of the booking, if you discover that your name is misspelled, you must change it. Only following United Airlines’ name change policy is this feasible. However, you must meet the following prerequisites for United Airlines change name on ticket without requesting any supporting documentation:

  • Make sure you spell the passenger’s first name correctly.
  • Make sure you spell the passenger’s last name correctly.
  • Alternatively, change the name to a nickname.
  • Change the prefix or title, or make other necessary corrections.
  • Change a name’s middle or initial.
  • United Airlines change passenger names of their first and last name should be reversed.

If any of these conditions require you to change your itinerary, you can do so online without submitting any supporting documentation.

Name change United Airlines Procedure

Let’s learn how passengers can change their names with simple steps:

  • Visit the United Airlines website.
  • You may view your itinerary by clicking the My Trips tab on the home page.
  • Specify your confirmation number and the e-ticket’s last name. You may access the itinerary on your device after providing all the necessary information.
  • You are now free to alter your existing information in any permitted way.
  • The change charge may also apply to some adjustments. Therefore, you must pay the costs before saving the modifications.
  • The calculation for the United Airlines name change fee follows the carrier pricing guidelines and takes into account several variables.
  • You can save it after making the necessary adjustments, and then you can receive a revised itinerary.

Passengers can quickly change their itinerary online by following these simple steps. Additionally, you will receive support following the most recent booking.

What to do if you forgot to put the middle name?

Your first and last name on the boarding pass needs to match those on a piece of government-issued identification. This is valid if you neglect to include the middle name on your United Airlines ticket. Don’t worry if you haven’t mentioned the middle name yet; you can still travel with just your first and last name. However, it is necessary to present your passport, voter ID card, or any valid Id. See a few more crucial details below:

You can get to your required destination without adding your middle name when you purchase your plane ticket. 

If you fly out of or into the United States, or if you use an international station, you can add middle names to the secure flight information when making your reservation. 

You must enter your middle name when checking in online less than 24 hours before departure, although using just your first and last name will speed things up. 

The issued documents and passport you use for the aircraft adventure must have the same name as you.

What to do if Passengers booked tickets with the wrong name?

When you book an airline ticket under the wrong name and then discover it, you must make a decision. Even if you cannot exchange your flight tickets for someone else, you may make some modifications to your ticket. But it is impossible to modify the entire name when you discover a terrible term in your reservation. If you cancel your airline ticket or rebook within 24 hours of the flight’s departure, you are eligible to modify your complete name if you are an elite traveler. When you reserve a flight on United Airlines using the incorrect name, carefully review the information.

  • Go to the booking page by first visiting United Airlines’ website for reservations.
  • Enter the passenger’s last name and reservation number after choosing to book.
  • You must void your flight, therefore navigate to the modification and choose the ticket part.
  • Within 24 hours of your flight’s departure, rebook it and use the cancellation option.
  • Go to the booking area and pick a free flight you can reserve under a different name.
  • When booking a new flight with a new passenger name, enter the destination name, the date, and the time. Then, swiftly choose the fare.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • With United Airlines, is it feasible to switch from a nickname to a full name?

    Yes. Without showing a legal document, United Airlines passengers can go from using their nickname to their full name and vice versa.

  • After getting married, do I need to alter reservations to my United Airlines name change marriage?

    If your name changes after getting married, you may make the necessary modifications following the United Airlines Name Change Policy. However, a marriage certificate is necessary.

  • Can I talk to a United Airlines executive about changing my name?

    Yes. You can call the toll-free hotline to get help from an expert.

  • Does UA Demand the Middle Name on the Ticket?

    The answer is no, your middle name does not need to be on your airplane ticket. But you must pass security since the secure flight passenger information typically corresponds to your airline profile.

  • Can TrippyFlight help me in changing the United Airlines name change on ticket?

    Yes, if you have reserved a ticket with us on TrippyFlight, you can seek our assistance with the name change.

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