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About SFO United Airline Terminal

The UA San Francisco International Airport Terminal is one of the busiest in the US. At San Francisco International Airport, United Airlines has one terminal. At this airport, United Airlines operates more than ten customer service counters, providing the helpful assistance that travelers need at the time of travel. You can book, manage, check in, and do so many things at the terminal itself. Hence, this overview of United Airlines SFO Terminal (San Francisco International Airport Terminal) is created. It will give you a fast overview of the airline services offered at SFO and how to take advantage of them. Do you want to learn about various other details about this terminal? Well, on this page, you will get answers to all the queries.

What all you may do at the United Airlines SFO terminal?

Make and manage reservations

Speak to a representative at the United Terminal in San Francisco if you have any issues concerning reservations. When you are aware of the available flights and seats, you may make the necessary reservation and pay to confirm it. Furthermore, you can also ask the team to manage your ongoing reservation.


At the United Airlines check-in counter at SFO, present the necessary travel papers. You’ll get your boarding card once you check in your luggage. However, if your luggage is overweight or excessive, or if it exceeds the airline’s permitted limit, you will have to take the appropriate action, such as purchasing more luggage.


At the San Francisco International Airport’s Terminal 1, there is a United Airlines baggage desk.  You must arrive 45 minutes before takeoff for domestic flights at the United Airlines domestic terminal SFO. Whereas, reach 60 minutes before takeoff for international flights to check your bags there. 

Flight Tracking

Contact the United Airlines employees at Terminal B to find out the status of your flight. The airline’s website additionally provides this choice. Consequently, you can manage your reservation online too.

Report for lost baggage

After arrival, if you can’t locate your luggage, you must notify United Airlines at Terminal B right away. You may count on them to assist you in the recovery process. 

United Lounge

At Terminal M, Airside 3 (Inside Security), San Francisco International Airport, you are welcome to relax in the inviting atmosphere of this tastefully furnished lounge. Modern conveniences like food and drink, printers and copiers, card readers, a play area for kids, televisions, internet stations, newspapers, and periodicals are available in the lounge. To confirm admission to the lounge, you must contact managers at the United Airlines headquarters. 

Rent a Car

To reserve an airport vehicle rental and learn more about other available options, get in touch with the staff at Terminal 3.

United Airlines departure terminal SFO

At San Francisco International Airport, United Airlines flights depart from Terminal 3. But Terminal IN and Terminal 2 are also employed. This terminal may occasionally change; for more information, you must check with your airline.

United Airlines arrival terminal SFO

At San Francisco International Airport, United Airlines flights arrive through Terminal 3. But Terminal IN and Terminal 2 are also employed. This terminal may occasionally change; for more information, get in touch with your airline.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What terminal is United Airlines at SFO? 

    United Airlines uses San Francisco International Airport’s Terminal 3 for both arrival and departure.

  • What time do I need to arrive at the San Francisco International Airport?

    For domestic flights with United Airlines, you must arrive 45 minutes before takeoff, and for international flights, you must arrive 60 minutes before takeoff.

  • Can I upgrade my seat at the SFO United Airline terminal?

    Yes, it is possible to upgrade a seat at the terminal. However, you have to pay an upgrade fee at the time of check-in or else you’ll be assigned a random seat.

  • How to get a boarding pass at SFO airport?

    Visit the check-in desk at the United Airlines terminal SFO to obtain the boarding pass. Priority boarding requires an additional fee of $15 per passenger, each way, at the airport.

  • Can I rent a car from the San Francisco Airport?

    Booking a rental car is simple at the airport. However, we recommend that you contact the office staff at United Airlines San Francisco Airport Terminal.

  • How can I get in touch with the SFO Airport Terminal office of United Airlines?

    If you have any questions or issues, call the United Airlines San Francisco International Airport contact number. You can also use this number to make new flight reservations. The service is accessible every day of the week, 24 hours a day, from Monday through Sunday.

  • I have more concerns, how can I get personalized help regarding my trip at United Airlines international terminal SFO?

    To avail of personalized and quick help, get in touch with the Vootfly portal. We can assist you with the best possible solution we could provide regarding your trip from the SFO United Airlines terminal. Call us on this number right away +1-800-773-6613 and get assistance now.

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