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About United Airlines Terminal IAH

The George Bush Intercontinental Airport is an international airport in Houston, Texas. It serves the Greater Houston metropolitan area and is one of the state’s busiest airports. It spans across an area of around 10,000 acres and has five runways. It is among the largest passenger hubs for United Airlines. The United IAH Terminal is one that has been under the spotlight for those that use the airport 

Airport Facilities

The Airport has five terminals and a total of 161 gates in total. 30 of them with hardstands and 131 with jet bridges. The Skyway is an automated people mover system and offers airside linking between all of the terminals.

There is a subway that provides landside linking between the terminals and the airport hotel. Access to the international arrivals facility is provided by Terminals D & E. Terminal D also has gates that can support jumbo jets like Airbus A380 and Boeing 747-8. 

  • Terminal A has 20 gates and is used by domestic carriers other than United
  • Terminal B has 40 gates which include 30 hardstands and is made use of for United Express flights. 
  • Terminal D has 12 gates and is used for international flights for airlines other than United.
  • Terminal B has 40 gates which include 30 hardstands and is made use of for United Express flights. 
  • Terminal E contains 30 gates and is used for United’s international flights. 

IAH United Airlines Terminal

Knowing the IAH United Airlines Terminal is very helpful as the airport acts as a hub for the United Airlines. There are a lot of facilities and services available for passengers at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport. 

Services Of United Airlines At IAH

Flight Reservations

At its terminals, the airline has counters for making reservations. Passengers can approach counters for booking tickets. It has a high standard of professional services for passengers.

Fight Management Counter

It plays an important role in managing flights and gives air operators the facility to make booking modifications. Changes may include modifying date, location, class types, etc. 

Booking Cancellation

United understands that travellers may need to cancel their tickets at any time. At the terminal staff have complete knowledge of cancellation procedures. They can also begin revocations on behalf of the passengers when more guidance is required. The IAH United Airlines Terminal provides help with this. 

Upgrading Seats

This can really help make the travel experience better. The airport counters provide great guidance on how to upgrade seats. This can also be a good option if one intends to change their ticket class. 

Luggage Management   

Reserving allowances are important when it comes to baggage. In case a traveller has booked this allowance but needs to alter it they can do so at the terminal. The allowance can be increased or decreased.

Curbside Check-In

A curbside check-in option is also available to make travel experiences more convenient. It saves time and other processes such as luggage check-in, boarding pass access, etc. may also take less time. Airport staff at the United Airlines Terminal IAH may also provide assistance. 

Lost & Found

It happens quite often that some passengers end up leaving certain possessions behind. These items may prove to be valuable to them which is why the United Airlines Lost and Found department exists. It makes efforts to ensure possessions are returned to the rightful owners. 

Other Services Offered

  • The airline also has kiosks at the airport terminal that allows passengers to print boarding passes.
  • Passengers may enquire about entertainment options that are available on the flight.
  • Staff can provide information about seat and spacing availability.
  • Enquiries about frequent-flyer programs can also be made here. 
  • If there are medical conditions a passenger needs help with they may contact United Airlines

Which Terminal is United at IAH? What services do they offer at their terminals? Hopefully these questions have been answered above. United is one of the world’s biggest airline companies and it has several hubs. 

The George Bush Intercontinental Airport is one of its most important hubs. The terminals have plenty of facilities to help passengers. This also incentivizes passengers to fly with them to/from this airport. The airport has great facilities for the airline which makes it a great option for tourists to fly with them. 

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