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About Southwest Airlines

Not sure what the various pricing options represent but intend to fly Southwest Airlines? You may reserve the choice that best suits your needs by being aware of the variations in Southwest’s rates. Of the four Southwest flight options, Wanna Get Away fares are the least expensive, but should you book them? Yes, you’ll save money, but the costs associated with forgoing some of the benefits that the more expensive ticket classes provide might not always be justified. Don’t be puzzled since we will cover everything about the airline’s fare options. This post has all the information you need to decide if booking Southwest’s cheapest fare option, Wanna Get Away Southwest, is right for you or not.

Benefits of booking Southwest Airlines Wanna Get Away fares

Here, we will talk about all the benefits of reserving this base fare:

  • Earn 6 Rapid Points per $1 spent on airfare
    Yes, when buying tickets from Southwest, you’ll earn six points per dollar spent. So this is the first amazing advantage of flying SouthWest’s Wanna Get Away fare.
  • 2 checked bags for free
    Bring up to two free checked baggage with this ticket option. Nevertheless, this benefit applies to all Southwest airfares.
  • Cancel the fare without penalty
    If you cancel a Wanna Get Away ticket at least 10 minutes before the planned departure time, there is no fee. But passengers will get a flight credit rather than a refund. These credits for flights never expire though.
  • Make modifications without paying anything
    If you make modifications at least 10 minutes before the planned departure time of your flight, there are no change costs. This perk is available on all Southwest fare classes. However, you are in charge of paying any price variations for the new fare if you purchase a new ticket.

Southwest Seating and Boarding 

Now that you know what is Wanna Get Away Southwest, let’s study its seating and boarding procedure below:

To begin with, in Southwest Wanna Get Away seat selection, there is no assigned seat provided. Southwest uses a unique boarding procedure in contrast to other US airlines. There is no assigned seating and no advance seat selection. Instead, after boarding the aircraft, passengers choose their seats.

Moreover, when you will board the plane depends on your position (1–60) and boarding group (A, B, C). The earlier you check-in, the better position you receive for your allotted boarding group and seat. One day before departure, you can check in for your flight.

Southwest Wanna Get Away baggage

If we talk about Southwest Wanna Get Away carry on, you can only bring one bag and one smaller personal bag. Dimensions for carry-on luggage are 10 x 16 x 24 inches.

Next, Southwest will take the first two checked bags for free if they don’t weigh more than 50 pounds or measure more than 62 inches (L+W+H). This is the airline’s ruling for Wanna Get Away Southwest baggage.

Wanna Get Away Southwest Airlines booking procedure

You must use the official website to look for Southwest Wanna Get Away fare. This is because online travel companies and other search engines are not permitted to display their pricing. Prices for all four fare categories will be available after your search. Pricing can be displayed in dollars or points. Additionally, you may find nonstop flights and flights at specific times of day using the search criteria. To view the most affordable rates, use the low-fare calendar. To purchase your tickets, choose the Wanna Get Away fare option and carry out the checkout process. For this, you just have to follow a few simple steps and you are good to go.

The Distinction between Southwest Wanna Get Away vs Anytime:

While there isn’t much of a difference between Southwest Airlines Wanna Get Away vs Anytime, there are some noticeable modifications when you switch to an Anytime fare. You may start earning higher points as a rapid reward program member with the Anytime fare. In case you cancel your tickets, you will get a refund in the form of the original payment method. As you know this is not valid with the Wanna Get Away since if canceling these tickets, you’ll only get travel credits. Other benefits of upgrading to the Anytime fare include Early bird check-in, same-day changes, and standby list access.

The Difference between Southwest Wanna Get Away vs Wanna Get Away Plus

Regarding Southwest Wanna Get Away vs Plus, the Wanna Get Away Plus is the airline’s newest fare. Although it is comparable to Wanna Get Away, it does have a few advantages that can be important if you value flexibility. As a rapid reward program member, you’ll earn 8 points on every dollar spent. With this fare class, you can even transfer flight credit unlike the Wanna Get Away. 

So is Southwest Wanna Get Away Plus worth it as an upgrade?

Yes, with Southwest, when you upgrade fares, it’s always worth it since it comes with major benefits. If you choose the Plus fare, you can alter your flight credits the same day and transfer them to another person. If there’s a chance you won’t fly Southwest again in your life and you need to change your plans, Wanna Get Away Plus Southwest is more than worthwhile. This means you can donate the cost of your ticket to a worthy cause. Additionally, if you want the freedom to fly out early, you might be able to return home sooner without paying an additional fee. For more information on this subject, we recommend you have a word with the airline’s executives by dialing their numbers.

Frequently Asked Question

  • What is Southwest Wanna Get Away?

    Southwest Wanna Get Away is the lowest fare type that the airline offers to all customers. With this, you’ll get free checked bags, free change, as well as cancellations up to 10 minutes before departure.

  • Is Wanna Get Away the same as the basic economy?

    No, Wanna Get Away is not your typical economy fare. You may still check two bags at no charge per passenger. Also, travelers on the Wanna Get Away can board in the A-group.

  •  Is Southwest Wanna Get Away on Standby?

    The Wanna Get Away fare option is not on standby. It is a ticket that has been confirmed. Besides, tickets for Wanna Get Away come with a seat guarantee.

  •  What is Southwest Wanna Get Away Plus?

    Southwest Airlines’ latest fare, Wanna Get Away Plus, offers advantages including transferable trip credits, same-day changes, and even more Rapid points. It is the upgrade version of the Wanna Get Away fare.

  •  I have additional questions about Southwest Wanna Get Away, whom should I contact?

    If you have further queries regarding the Wanna Get Away fares, you must get in touch with us on VootFly. We, have a dedicated team that can explain everything you did like to know about this fare.

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