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About Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the world, with an extensive network of Domestic and International Flights. Delta is always concerned about its passengers and enhancing their flight experience. So let’s know about one of the Features provided by Delta, ‘What is Preferred Seating “. Delta Preferred Seating is a service Delta Airlines provides to its valuable customers, allowing them to select their preferred flight seats. This service is available on Delta and Delta’s Connection Flights. We will look into a detailed account of What is Delta Preferred Seating in this article.

What is the Preferred seating on Delta?

Now, you don’t need to cramp your legs in the little space while you fly. When you fly on a business trip, it is important for you to feel relaxed and refreshed after the flight journey. To make you more comfortable, Delta offers to choose your preferred seats free of cost if you are a frequent flier, or you can book it with some extra pennies. The amount for your seat purchase varies depending on the type of upgrade you choose and the distance you fly. Delta Airlines offers different fare classes which can be purchased for your preferred seat: 

  • Delta Comfort Plus
    The basic Preferred seats offered by Delta are Delta Plus. These seats offer extra legroom and much more space on overhead bins for carry-on storage. Passengers can enjoy complimentary drinks on the flight. Special amenity kits and blankets are also available on some long-haul flights. 
  • Delta Premium Select
    Delta offers a Premium Seat selection on long-haul international flights where you can enjoy the journey in a premium economy cabin. This cabin offers wider seats, special meals and footrests separated from the standard economy class. 
  • Delta First Class Cabin and Delta One Suit
    Delta’s First class cabin offers even more comfortable wider seats, more legroom, and premium meals and drinks. The Delta One seat provides the highest level of comfort with its reclinable seats into beds, Michelin Star meals and other comforts. Both these classes are only available on some international flights. 

What is Delta Preferred Seating in Delta Flights

The service of Preferred seating provided by Delta Flights can be complimentary or need to be purchased. 

Complimentary Preferred seating

You can enjoy an advance complimentary Preferred seat selection after you

  • Purchased a ticket for Full Y, M and B fares
  • If you are a member of Medallion SkyMiles: Silver Medallion, Gold Medallion, Platinum Medallion or Diamond Medallion
  • If you are a member of Joint Venture Elite, Elite Plus or SkyTeam Elite
  • If you have a corporate or agency account

Paid Preferred Seating

The members not eligible for the complimentary Preferred seating can also select their seats and enjoy the comfort. They have to pay an amount and purchase the seat 45 days before the flight’s departure date. In case of any refunds or changes to the purchase, you can contact Delta Reservations. 

Delta Airlines aims to enhance the air travel of its passengers by providing the Preferred seat selection respecting their unique preferences. It provides a range of fare options so that passengers can upgrade to their suitable cabin class and enjoy the comforts of a relaxed flight journey. We have provided the details of What isthe preferred seating on Delta Air, and its fare types range from simple economy to Delta One suites. The preferred seats with a low fare can be worth it flying on a business trip or the Delta One Suites providing an unforgettable experience to the loyal fliers of the Airline.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cost of preferred seating on Delta Airlines?

    The Airline charges an average of $15 for selecting seats on a flight and depending on your fare type. A preferred Delta Comfort Plus Seat can cost more than $100 or $150 for a round-trip ticket. 

  • What is the preferred seating on Delta Main Cabin?

    The preferred seating on Delta Main Cabin provides you window seats or aisle seats on the front or exit rows of the regular main cabin. You can just change the location of your seats rather than their quality.

  • As a SkyMiles Member, how many miles should I need to access free preferred seats?

    Medallion-status members of the SkyMiles program are provided free preferred seats. To become a Medallion member, you have to earn at least 25,000 miles or fly on 30 Delta flights in a year.

  • As a Silver Medallion member, how many days before boarding can I move into my preferred seats?

    As a Silver Medallion Member, you can move into and book your preferred seat one day before your scheduled departure.

  • How can I get a free upgrade on Delta Flights?

    You can get a free upgrade by joining the SkyMiles program of the Airline. Frequent flyers can enjoy free first-class upgrades, so sign up for the reward membership, frequently fly with Delta Airlines and accumulate miles to earn a Medallion status.

  • How can I upgrade to First Class seats as a Gold Medallion Member?

    You don’t need to apply for seat upgrades as a Gold Medallion member. Delta automatically upgrades your seat to first class or business class free, depending on seat availability.

  • Can I choose any preferred seat with my Basic Economy Fare?

    No, you cannot access preferred seats with a Basic Economy Fare. Basic economy fares are not eligible for free or purchased preferred seats.

  • How can I purchase a Preferred seat on Delta Flights?

    You can purchase your preferred seat on Delta Flights by visiting the My Trips option on the official website of Delta Airlines, www.delta.com or using the Fly Delta App of Delta Airlines.

  • Can I enjoy priority boarding with a preferred seat selection?

    You cannot enjoy priority boarding for seat selection. However, you can enjoy priority boarding independent of Preferred seats if you are a Medallion member.

  • What is the difference between preferred seating and economy comfort on Delta Flights?

    In Preferred seating, you can choose your seat depending on the location with a low fee compared to Delta Comfort, which provides extra legroom, more comfort, and overhead spaces at a much higher cost.

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