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About Wizz Air

Are you unsure about cancelling flights? What if you lose money if you cancel your flight? These questions can make you sceptical. For your every doubt and trouble, we have a comprehensive guide to handle Wizz Air Flight Cancellation. All you need to do is keep on reading this guide and forget the worry of cancelling flights anymore. 

Wizz Air, founded in 2003, is known as the low-cost carrier in the European aviation industry. It is based in Budapest, Hungary and currently operates from the Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport and London Luton Airport. The airline currently operates on 150 destinations with a fleet size of 85 aircrafts. Wizz Air is also known as the largest Hungarian Airline even though it is not the actual flag carrier of the country. 

To avoid the inconvenience of cancellation, keep reading the Wizz Air Flight Cancellation guide which will help understand the cancellation and refund process to save your precious time and money.

Can You Cancel Your Wizz Air Flight?

There are certain rules and regulations that you need to ensure before cancelling your flight with Wizz Air. 

  • For Round-trip flights, if you cancel your flight from one way, the other will be cancelled automatically. And if the first flight has departed then cancellation will not be applicable for the second flight. 
  • Cancellation of flight is applicable until three hours prior to departure of the flight for one way trips. You are not allowed to cancel after the standard time otherwise your request for Wizz Air flight cancellation will not be applicable.
  • You can cancel your flight ticket 14 days before departure. And to ensure full refund, you will have to pay a cancellation fee of € 65.00 only. 
  • In case, voluntarily cancelling your flight within 14 days before departure, then you will have to pay a much higher cancellation fee of up to € 85 and you might not receive any refund on your purchase. 

How to Cancel the Wizz Air Flight?

  • Search Wizz Air flight cancellation in your web browser and login with your reservation ID.
  • Select the Cancel my Flight button and fill the form for refund or compensation.

What is Wizz Air Cancellation Compensation Policy?

Will you receive your cancellation after you cancel your flight? Are you eligible to cancel and receive a refund for your flight within the EU? These doubts can be daunting, that’s why we have a clear instruction on Wizz Air cancellation and compensation.

  • Flight Cancellation less than 7 days before scheduled time of departure
    In this case, if you are given an alternate flight that departs not more than 1 hour before your original flights and reaches the destination in less than 2 hours after the original arrival. In this case also, you will not receive any Wizz Air compensation as the airline is providing you an alternate option. 
  • Flight Cancellation 7-14 days before scheduled time of  departure
    In case, if you are notified about cancellation of flight by the airline then the airline offers you an alternate flight to your destination that departs not more than 2 hours before your original flight. In this case you will not receive any cancellation compensation as the airline is providing you an alternate option. 
  • You are likely to receive compensation in situations such as
    In case of last minute cancellation or flight to/from Europe are considered for compensation. You can also receive compensation in case of any technical fault of Wizz Air.

What is Wizz Air Delay Compensation?

If your flight is delayed by Wizz Air, you are entitled to receive delay compensation by the airline. The compensation depends on below mentioned terms and conditions. 

  • Only hidden manufacturing defects and technical difficulty in aircraft are considered under compensation policy. 
  • If your flight is delayed due to bad weather or airport strike, then you are not entitled for Wizz Air delay compensation. 
  • If your flight to/ from Europe is delayed by three hours and the responsibility relies with the airlines then you are entitled to receive compensation of  €600.

How to Claim Wizz Air Delay Compensation?

There are two ways where you can claim your compensation for EU (European Union)  flights. 

  • To claim your compensation, you can contact the WizzAir customer services to sanction your compensation.
  • You can also take assistance from a legal professional who will request compensation on your behalf. In this case, you will have to file an official claim form and upload the required document along with your signature. 
  • In most cases, the process of  Wizz Air delay compensation takes at least 2-3 months. 

How Much Can You Claim For Delay Compensation?

The compensation that you will receive depends on your flight route and your class type. For most cases, there is a fixed range for compensation that is €250 to €600. 

Your amount of compensation can be determined by your destination as well.

Incase of Destination outside the EU

  • If the distance of your flight is up to 1500 km, you are entitled to receive €250.
  • If your destination is between 1500 – 3500 km, you are entitled to receive €400. 
  • If your destination is beyond 3500 km, you are entitled to receive €600 maximum as your Wizz Air delay compensation. 

Incase of destination within the EU 

  • If the distance of your flight is up to 1500 km, you are entitled to receive €250.
  • If your destination is between 1500 – 3500 km, you are entitled to receive €400. 

What is Wizz Air Refund Policy?

Wizz Air is a Hungary-based airline registered with the European Union. Thus  follows the guidelines of the European Union for all flights to or from Europe. The refund policy of Wizz Air is fairly simple. 

  • If your Wizz Air flight is cancelled by the airline, then you will either receive a full refund or you will be rebook on an alternate flight. 
  • As per Wizz Air refund policy, the processed refund will be transferred to your account within 7 days. 
  • In some cases, instead of compensation you might receive vouchers from the airline. However, you can request for monetary transfer if you don’t want vouchers as well.

Bottom Line

Cancelling a flight can be an extremely stressful situation and the continuous follow up for refund and compensation can add more stress to the situation. That’s why to handle such situations, you need a comprehensive guide to understand the minimal details of refunds and compensation to save your precious money and your time. Wizz Air Flight Cancellation guide will help you to understand the details of cancelling and refund of Wizz Air.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I receive refunds if my Wizz Air flight is cancelled?

    Yes. you are eligible for refund only if your flight was to or from Europe. In this you can ask the airline to rebook you on a new flight or you can request for a refund.

  • How do I cancel my Wizz Air flight and get a refund?

    You can cancel your flight within 14 days before the departure of flight and can receive full refund by paying cancellation fee only.

  • How long does Wizz Air take to process refunds?

    According to Wizz Air Refund policy, usually any refund takes 7 days to be transferred to the customer’s bank account.

  • Does Wizz Air pay delay compensation?

    Yes, if your flight was delayed for more than three hours, then you are entitled to request for compensation or an alternate flight to the destination.

  • Can I get a refund if Wizz Air delayed  my flight due to bad weather?

    Wizz Air delayed compensation policy clearly states that bad weather, airport strikes are not considered under compensation or refund. However, you may receive compensation if there is a technical problem in the aircraft.

  • How to claim my refund from Wizz Air  cancelled flights?

    To claim your refund, you can either get in touch with Wizz Air customer service for an instant solution or you can take consultation from a legal representative.

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