Ensenada Mexico: Top things to do 

Do you already find yourself entranced by the beauty of US cities and want to explore more? Do you find it interesting to visit new places and have fun over there? Today, though, we’re going to talk about a small town in Mexico that has an extremely unique charm. Well, we are talking about Ensenada and all of its marvels. You will be compelled to visit this place at least once as soon as you learn more about it through this post. People appreciate this town because of its beauty. Planning a lengthy or even brief journey may need you to explore all that the town has to offer. Despite being a popular tourist destination, Ensenada has managed to keep its small-town charm. Let’s have a brief discussion about this location, how to fly there, where to stay, and the top things to do there.

Information on Ensenada

One of Mexico’s most well-known beach destinations is the little town of Ensenada, which is on the Baja Norte coast. The eccentric coastal town is a mash-up of day trippers on cruise calls, Californians passing through for a weekend of surfing, and local artists and musicians. You may even find domestic visitors from the mainland, and day trippers from the mainland. As a result, such a small town has a remarkably diverse population. To witness the beauty of this town, we urge you to make a quick trip there as soon as feasible for you. We also know you are never going to regret this decision.

Best time to Visit Ensenada

When you decide to travel to this location, it’s important to know about the Ensenada Mexico weather. This includes both the best and the worst periods so you may decide when to visit and when to avoid. The ideal months to visit Ensenada are July through September. During these months, daily average highs exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit or highs of 20 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, the harshest months are December through March. Daytime temperatures fall into the high 60s Fahrenheit or around 20 Celsius.

Airlines to Consider for flying

When you decide to fly to Ensenada, you have to look out for your flight tickets. Ensenada, however, lacks a significant airport. Rather, Tijuana Rodriguez Airport serves this town. Various airlines fly to this region which we will discuss now.

American Airlines

American Airlines, one of the best US airlines, serves Ensenada by connecting it to various other cities. For a comfortable and pleasant journey, you must choose it, especially if the journey is going to last for long hours. Yes, it is a little expensive carrier but it’s a must for those looking for a brilliant flight experience.

Volaris Airlines

Volaris, Mexico’s favorite carrier, provides both nonstop and layover flights to this Mexico town. When you decide to fly with them, you may expect affordable flights as well as a pleasant journey too. So quickly head straight to their website and book a flight now.

Delta Airlines

Do you need any explanation since Delta’s name is sufficient enough to tell you why you should fly with them? They have plenty of options for Ensenada flights and their six cabin classes are suitable for each type of traveler. Without waiting further, make flight reservations to Ensenada and have an amazing journey.

Hotels choices to make:

For a real luxury stay

Punta Morro is the only place to go if you want a true luxury resort. Rooms here, depending on when you choose to go, are a complete bargain given the quality. There are numerous swimming pools, cliffside ocean views, contemporary rooms, and an indoor spa pool. Beginning rates here are $175 per night.

For a more pleasant stay

Even though it is one of the more opulent hotels in Ensenada, this one is nevertheless very reasonably priced. There is plenty of parking, which is usually an issue with other hotels in the neighborhood, and the rooms are modern and pleasant. The greatest restaurants in Ensenada are all within walking distance, and there is an outdoor pool to enjoy in the warmer months. The starting costs are $120 per night for rooms

For a budget stay

One of Ensenada’s excellent low-cost lodging options is Hotel Las Dunas. This is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for an affordable, bright hotel that is close to the activity and has parking. It is clean and reasonably priced despite not having many features. Nightly rates for rooms begin at $75.

Top things to must do:

There are many events in the town and the surrounding area because it is a well-liked port for cruise ships. There are many things to do in Ensenada, including shopping, dining, and visiting museums. You can also sample Mexican wine along the well-known Valle de Guadalupe wine route. However, let’s briefly learn the top 10 things that you may try while you are in town:

Visit Avenida Lopez Mateos

The busiest sections of this avenue, also known as Calle Primera, where Calle Castillo meets Avenida Riveroll are where people congregate to shop and take in the tourist ambiance. This is where all the excitement in Ensenada takes place. It’s flanked on either end by everything from hotels and restaurants to leather and silver shops. The shops on Avenida Lopez Mateos will suit your every need. This includes having a cappuccino while nibbling on delectable seafood or purchasing a poncho or some embroidered textiles.

Do not dare to miss the Water Show at Parque de la Bandera

We enjoy traveling to see everything a place has to offer, so skipping something as enjoyable as this won’t be accepted. A small but lively malecon (sea wall) runs along the city’s coastline. Be sure to visit El Park de la Bandera while wandering along the Malecon. A modest playground and a bandshell, which frequently features live music, are within the park. The park’s dancing fountains, however, are the most fascinating feature. Every night at 8 o’clock, the fountains come to life and perform a live water show timed to music and illuminated with beautiful lights.

Explore La Bufadora

If El Park de la Bandera didn’t fulfill your craving for dancing water, La Bufadora may do the trick. The geological strata of the area of Mexico where Ensenada is, contain one of the largest blowholes in North America. It’s typical for spectators to get wet during the process because the waves can shoot water more than 100 feet into the air. Truly, this is one of the best things to do in Ensenada Mexico.

Have a great time at Cañon de Doña Petra Ecological Park

Canon de Dona Petra Ecological Park, which is in a tranquil area close to Ensenada, attracts visitors with its stunning mountain scenery. Both locals and visitors can visit the hiking trails, ocean vistas, and wildlife. You can make the park as active or as serene as you choose. Several miles of paths for mountain biking and trekking wind through the surroundings. Yet the park also offers a lot of places to relax and read or spread out on a picnic blanket.

Browse the Museo de Historia

The finest spot to get a thorough understanding of the history of the area is Museo de Historia. This contains from pre-Hispanic periods through the conquest by the Spanish colonists and up to the present. Antiques like beads and pots, as well as historic photos and modern gardens, bring Ensenada’s history to life. Even more intriguing is the museum’s location within the Riviera del Pacifico structure. 

Go hiking at El Salto Canyon

A 4.9-mile circle, the El Salto Canyon Trail is not for the faint of heart. The stunning environment of the Guadalupe Valley’s high, black-rock canyon features sheer walls, shadowy crevasses, and winding pathways. Hiring a knowledgeable guide who can point out the kingbirds and red-tailed hawks that soar overhead is the best way to enjoy the canyon. Both experienced hikers and rock climbers use the trail frequently. Even your pet dog is welcome on this trail. 

Pick a nightclub to dance your heart out

Who doesn’t like partying and dancing even though the location is a little new for you? Given its size, Ensenada has a surprisingly large number of nightclubs. Hendrix Club, Ryerson 51, and Beer & Wings are a few locations with affordable drinks and excellent DJs. Ryerson 51 is more upscale. Furthermore, Mango is one of those venues that are just excellent for a couple of drinks and nice music. 

Take a boat tour to whale watch

Whale viewing is one of the most popular things to do in Ensenada during the winter. There are charter boats available throughout the year for fishing excursions or just leisurely cruises around the shore. You can purchase tickets on any of the boats that are along the Malecon. In the town center, there are a few tour agencies where you may reserve these tours. Nevertheless, if you stay at a hotel, the front desk may be able to suggest a reputable company.

Try Wine Tasting

If you enjoy drinking wine or simply want to sample the local fare from every vineyard you come across, Ensenada is the place to be. At Ensenada, which is known as the “wine capital,” there are several wineries to visit, and they all offer wonderful flavors made there. One can relax at any of these spots while sipping on their wide variety of wines.

Sample Baja delicious food

The Juan More Taco Food Tour is a must-do experience for foodies who want to explore Ensenada by sampling their way across the city. On a walking tour of Ensenada’s center, you may find the regional cuisine for which the Baja Peninsula is famous. You’ll sample Mexican street food along the route, including tostadas, shrimp, fish, clam, and carne asada tacos. You can also stop at local restaurants to experience the flavors of Mexican Baja California cuisine.

Ending note:

Well, these are just the best ten things we have currently presented to you in this post. We recommend you make them the top priority in your list of things to do. And while you’ll travel, we are sure you’ll encounter more interesting stuff depending on how long you intend to stay there.