Top 5 Destinations for a Long Weekend around The World

Updated Guide of Top 5 Places For a Long Weekend Around The World

2019 has gone and 2020 has come. Your every day is important for you because life is too short. Therefore, in our traveling hacks here we come with the list of top 5 places for a long weekend around the world. Are you thinking about going on this year on some special occasion of vacation? Wait; here is the great news for you. If you are a travel lover then you may surely love our news just because of our life of the top destinations for the long weekend around the world.

People also like to travel on the Long-Weekends because they love to spend long-quality time with the family and kids. Short Weekends never gives you relief and peace in your life. Therefore, you should always try.

1. Portugal

The world’s famous family gateway is known as Portugal. You can find here, everything that you need including historical places, tasty food, beautiful scenery, and amazing stay places as well. The best thing about the place is fewer crowds. Yes, in comparison to the other world-famous destinations like Miami or New York you can find peace here. If you are traveling with your kids for the Holiday Travel on the Long Weekend then this place has many alternatives for Kid Centric Attractions including Oceanarium. Portugal is also known as the Home to Martinhal and this is the best hotel group for the family stay. The rooms are large and the kids have also the option of gaming in the form of the club and play areas. Don’t miss the visit of UNESCO World Heritage Site Sintra, when you are going to plan the travel in this city.

2. Miami Beaches

The fantastic and ultimate destination for a long weekend journey in the world is Miami Beach. This is the ideal place for the kids and mostly crowd on this place is based on the family and kids. Miami Beach is Kids Friendly and the tropical beaches in the continental United States. This is the must-see attraction of the world and that’s why you love to visit this place. You can also do driving on this beach.

3. Baja California Sur, Mexico

Do you want to enjoy lots of sun and sand? If yes then you need to take a look at the head south to the beautiful beaches of Baja California Sur Mexico. Even you can also found direct flights from many close cities for this place. The destination is also known as the High-End Resorts and Upscale Eateries for the tasty food. Couples can also find suitable romantic places for spending quality time.

4. Bermuda

This is the internationally-renowned for its stunning pink sand beaches. The place is just two hours from Boston, Washington DC and New York and also closed from Miami and Atlanta. Therefore, we can say that this is the hub of the people who are looking for the peaceful and ultimate tourist hub in the United States. The temperature of this place is mainly warm and you can also found the spectacular stretches of sand.

5. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

This is one of the most beautiful cities in this world. If you are thinking to plan the vacation for the long weekend then you love to visit in the Pacific Northwest and the flights are also inexpensive to this place. Therefore, we can say that place is ultimate for dining, shopping, walking and hanging out in the night. On the other hand, the eye-catchy and amazing gardens and theaters are also the great and alluring aspects of this place.