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Expecting a change of plan in your flight itinerary? What about your flight? Every once in a while, these questions haunt us when there is a change in your plan. In some situations, changes in flight itinerary cost additional charges. However, with Aer Lingus that is not the case. The airline makes it easy for you to change anything in your itinerary with ease and most importantly through an online process only. Read this Aer Lingus change flight manual to know more. 

Aer Lingus is the  flag carrier of Ireland with its head office on the grounds of Dublin Airport in Cloghran, County Dublin. The airline was founded by the Irish government and was later privatised between 2006 and 2015. Now, the airline is solely a member of International Airlines Group (IAP). The airline operates with 54 aircrafts on 93 destinations throughout Asia, Europe and North America including Germany, France, United Kingdom and United States. 

It is highly imperative for airlines to provide customers with flight change flexibility. 

That’s why Aer Lingus ensures flight change flexibility to its customers to make their journey easy.  Customers can easily access the online procedure to make changes with Aer Lingus change flight. 

Aer Lingus change flight Policy

If you want to change your flight details, you need to follow some regulations under Aer Lingus change flight  policy. 

  • Flight modification is only available on selective categories which are: 
    • Itinerary Adjustment 
    • Seat Modification
    • Name Change 
    • Fare Transfer
  • For flight change, you need to have proper details of previous booking. 
  • If you have booked the flight through a third party website or travel agent, you need to get in touch with them for the modification. 
  • In case of flight change should be done by considering the regulations in the arrival country. 
  • The modifications are only valid till customers adhere to the rules of Aer Lingus change flight.  
  • Automatic fare transfer is not permitted by the airlines. 
  • A fee or difference in fare could be applicable in case of any modification in itinerary. 
  • Changes should be made in the same region of the destination. 
  • The Flight change feature will only be available 7 days before the scheduled departure. 

Aer Lingus Itinerary Change 

For those who are worried about changing the flight itinerary, Aer Lingus allows customers to modify their itinerary’s date, time, destination and upgradation on their official website. However, there are some rules that you need to follow. 

  • Change flight date Aer Lingus are only accessible 2 hours before the scheduled departure time 
  • The changes made in the itinerary may include change fees. 
  • If a customer makes changes to a lower class, then the airlines will not issue any refund or travel credit against the fare difference. 
  • A customer is permitted to change the flight date as long as the new date is within one year to the same country of the original destination. 
  • As per Aer Lingus change flight, customers are not allowed to upgrade their fare voluntarily through the website. 

Aer Lingus Name Change 

Customers who want to opt for a different name while travelling or want to transfer their ticket to someone else can change names as per the guidelines of flight change Aer Lingus. 

  • Customer can change their name till 2 hours before the scheduled departure time 
  • With a certain change fee, customers can confirm their name modification.

Aer Lingus Seat Modification

For customers who are travelling with family but have different seats have the opportunity to modify their seats as per their requirement. 

  • Customer can change their seats till 2 hours before the scheduled departure time 
  • With a certain change fee, customers can confirm their seat’s modification.

How To Change Flights On Aer Lingus? 

The method of changing flights on Aer Lingus depends on various factors like whether the booking was made directly from the airline or third party source. 

Typically, customers can change their Aer Lingus change flight through Online or Offline methods. 

Through Online Method

  • Customers can change their flight details through the official website of Aer Lingus. 
  • Proceed to the Manage booking option and add your flight details like PNR, last name. 
  • Navigate through the option and make necessary modifications and proceed to take the action option. 
  • The customer may have to pay a certain change fee to confirm changes in the booking. 
  • Lastly, submit the modification and proceed to make the payment. 

Through Customer Support 

Customers can contact the customer support helpline of the airline to get required assistance. The official toll free number is available on the website of Aer Lingus to know about the Aer Lingus change fee. 

Aer Lingus Ticket Change fee 

Any changes in the ticket are subjective to a change fee. Also the Aer Lingus change fee depends on the origin and route of the flight. 

For Date/Itinerary/Seat/Fare Type modification through online  – €40 , $60 and  £35.

For Date/Itinerary/Seat/Fare Type modification at the Airport –  €80, $40

Aer Lingus provides customers with easy and convenient flight modification options to ensure they experience a pleasant journey at their own expense and comfort. 

Along with flexible services, Aer Lingus ensures that their flight change policy

Is reliable and functional. That’s why if you are seeking to know about the flight changes policy then read this manual, so that you can fly at your own convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you change the name on the Aer Lingus flight?

    Yes, you can change your name in your booking. Along with that, you can change your itinerary, fare upgradation, and seat modification. 

  • How to change my flight on Aer Lingus?

    In order to change your flight, you have to login on the official website of Aer Lingus and proceed to ‘Manage Trip’ to change your flight. Changing flights may cost you extra.

  • Can I change my Aer Lingus flight for free? 

    Aer Lingus allows flight change free of cost under certain circumstances.

  • How many times can I change my Aer Lingus Flight? 

    There is no limitation to making changes in the itinerary, however, you are allowed to modify your flight provided that there are at least 7 days left before departure.

  • Can I change my flight details if I have made the booking from a third party?

    No, Aer Lingus does not allow you any changes in the itinerary if the booking has been made by a third party source. You can ask your third party operator to make the needed changes.

  • Does Aer Lingus allow seat change in the itinerary? 

    Yes, you are allowed to modify your seats in Aer Lingus provided that there are at least 7 days left before departure. In some cases, if you are upgrading your seats, you may have to pay additional cost too.

  • How much does it cost to change flights on Aer Lingus?

    Cost of fight change depends on your fare and medium of modification, the change fee usually lies between $60 to $200.

  • How can I change my flight on Aer Lingus without any fees? 

    In order to avoid change free, you can sign up for AerClub which comes with multiple benefits which include waiver of change fee also.

  • Can I get a refund if my flight with Aer Lingus is changed? 

    If your flight was changed by the airline and the reschedule flight timing does not suit you then you are eligible to receive a refund for your flight.

  • Can I modify or change my fare class on Aer Lingus after confirmed booking? 

    Customers cannot change their fare class without paying extra cost in their itinerary. If you want to change your fare class, contact the airlines for further assistance.

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