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Satena, also known as Servicio Aereo a Territorios Nacionales, is a Colombian Airlines based in Bogota, Columbia. The airline is majorly-owned by the Government of Colombia. The Satena Airlines offers flight routes to underserved areas of the country and majorly operates from El Dorado International Airport in Bogota. Satena also has a secondary hub  at Olaya Herrera Airport in Medellin.

Satena Airlines and Cabin Configuration

Satena was first established on April 12, 1962 by then President of the Republic, Alberto Lieras Camargo. The airline currently operates on 42 short-medium range destinations with its relatively small fleet of 13 aircrafts consisting of ATR series and Embrarer. The main objective of proposing Satena is to offer convenient air travel to other areas largely or completely inaccessible by road. Satena flights is a single cabin aircraft offering Economy class throughout the aircraft.

Economy Class

Being all economy class, one can expect extremely affordable fare to fly from one place to another. However, the airline ensures to offer decent service on short-medium flights. Passengers travelling in Economy Class enjoy tasty snacks from the La Carte menu available on all flights. The airline only offers snacks on flights longer than 1 hour. Economy class seats are also equipped with comfortable leather and extra legroom. The airline does not offer wifi connectivity or inflight entertainment on board.

Satena Airlines Baggage Policy

Satena Airline has pretty limited baggage allowance as it operates majorly on short-medium range flights. The airline allows its passengers to carry generous baggage allowance while travelling. Passengers can carry three pieces of baggage with a total maximum weight of 24 kg each. However, the baggage allowance also depends on the destination opted by the customers.

Carry-on Baggage Allowance

Passengers are entitled to carry one item of carry-on baggage and one personal item. As per Satena baggage policy, carry-on baggage must not exceed the weight of 5 kg and must fit in the dimensions of 43 x 34 x 40 cm. Personal items must fit within the dimensions of 15 x 20 cm x 10 cm. Passengers are advised not to carry any prohibited item or any liquid over 100ml  or any explosive and flammable liquids.

Checked Baggage Allowance

Passengers travelling in Satena Airlines can carry checked baggage weighing 15 kg depending on the price of their ticket and destinations.

Satena Airlines Check in Policy

The airline offers its customers feasible air transportation to the remote regions of Colombia. The airline strives to establish a convenient and hassle-free flight experience to its customers that’s why it has multiple ways check-in options that enables customers to check-in easily. 

  • Online check-in for the airline begins at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure and closes 2 hours before the flight is airborne. 
  • Satena Airline also offers its customers to print their boarding pass at home to experience a swift airport process.
  • Apart from online web check-in, Satena also offers airport check-in that opens 2 hours before the flight departure. Passengers with baggage are requested to reach the airport at least 2-3 hours early to complete security and baggage submission at least one hour before the scheduled flight departure. 
  • Passengers without any checked baggage can arrive 2 hours before to check-in at the airport counter as the counter closes 45 minutes before the scheduled departure of the Satena flight.

Satena Airlines Cancellation Policy

Satena Airline cancellation policy is flexible and clear to ensure that passengers are well-informed and receive rightful compensation in case of unexpected cancellation delays along with refunds. 

  • As per Satena cancellation policy, in case if a passenger makes a mistake in the reservation, then the passengers are allowed to request cancellation on the same day of making the booking. 
  • The airline advises passengers to check their ticket guidelines before cancelling the flight. As per Satena Airlines reviews, the cancellation process of Satena Airlines is fairly easy and smooth. 
  • Tickets purchased through debit or credit card are entitled for cancellation only if the ticket is purchased through the official channels of the website like website, reservation window. 
  • As per Satena refund policy, voluntarily or involuntarily, withdrawal refunds can be requested through a website or contact centre. 
  • It usually takes 7 to 20 business days to credit refunds to the original passengers against the Satena airlines reservations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Satena web check-in offer?

    The airline allows passengers to check-in through websites and mobile apps. The online check-in enables customers to choose their seats, upgrade their ticket class, and add service.

  • How long before can I use Satena Airline check-in?

    You can check-in for Satena flight at least 48 hours before the scheduled flight. The online check-in starts 48 hours and closes 2 hours before the flight departure. As for airport check-in, it starts 2 hours before the departure.

  • What is the size limit for checked baggage with Satena?

    Satena allows passengers to check-in two pieces of checked baggage with maximum weight of 23 kg and additional fees for extra baggage allowance.

  • Are there any charges on carry-on luggage with Satena?

    Satena does not impose any charges on carry-on luggage. Passengers are allowed to carry-on 1 bag and 1 personal item with a combined weight of 10 kg.

  • Does Satena Airlines offer mobile check-in service?

    Yes, the airline offers mobile check-in service to customers for a more covinevet flight experience. The online check-in starts 48 hours before the scheduled flight departure.

  • How early can I do the Satena Airlines check-in flight?

    You can check-in online 48 hours before the scheduled departure time for both international and domestic flights.

  • What is Satena Airlines Cancellation policy?

    As per Satana baggage policy, passengers can request for reversal or cancellation if the passenger has made a mistake in the booking. However, the request must be made on the same day of booking.

  • What is the carry-on baggage allowance of Satena Airlines?

    As per Satena baggage policy, carry-on baggage must not exceed the weight of 5 kg and must fit in the dimensions of 43 x 34 x 40 cm. Personal items must fit within the dimensions of 15 x 20 cm x 10 cm. As mentioned in the baggage policy of Satena, passengers are advised not to carry any prohibited item or any liquid over 100ml  or any explosive and flammable liquids.

  • How long does it take to get a refund for a cancelled Satena flight?

    As per Satena refund policy, the refund usually takes around 7 business days to 15 business days from the date of cancellation process.

  • How do I cancel my Satena flight?

    You can cancel your flight via online and offline methods. You can access the website to cancel the flight or you can seek assistance at the check-in counter at the airport.

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