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Aer Lingus is the flag carrier of Ireland with its head office on the grounds of Dublin Airport in Cloghran, County Dublin. The airline was founded by the Irish government and was later privatised between 2006 and 2015. Now, the airline is solely a member of International Airlines Group (IAP). Aer Lingus Airlines operates with 54 aircrafts on 93 destinations throughout Asia, Europe and North America including Germany, France, United Kingdom and United States.

Aer Lingus airlines and Cabin Configuration

As per Aer Lingus Airlines, customers are offered multiple cabin classifications with distinct features and amenities. The airline offers two cabin classes to customers which includes Economy and Business class on board. The seats and cabin classes vary across different fleets of aircrafts. The difference of cabin class may vary depending upon the destinations. Apart from two distinct cabin classes, Aer Lingus airlines also offers multiple fare types including Saver, Plus, Advantage, Flex, and AerSpace. These different fare types in Aer Lingus Airlines flights allow passengers to choose from the most economical option to the most beneficial option depending upon their travel.

Economy Airbus A330 (Recaro Seats)

The cabin configuration and features in each cabin or fare type may be different due to different aircrafts. The Airbus A330 has more spacious seats up to 30-32 inches and a width of 17-18 inches with recline of 4-5 inches in Economy Class for more comfort.  Every seat is equipped with an individual 9 inch inflight entertainment screen. Along with that, seats are also equipped with personal charging points, USB outlets and individual reading light on most A330 aircrafts.

Business Class Airbus A330 (Twin Aisle)

As per Aer Lingus airlines flight review, business cabin class features three different seat layouts on Airbus A330. Passengers travelling in Aer Lingus business class can have direct aisle access seats as 90% of the seats in the cabin offer aisle access. Every seat is equipped with charging points, USB ports, seat controls for recline with massage option along with fully-flat bed up to 6 foot 5 inch bed. Every business class seat is equipped with in-flight entertainment and fully retractable tables to dine and work on. The seats aso feature ample spaces to store laptop, mini tablet and shoes.

Aer Lingus Airlines Baggage Policy

The allowance ensures that travellers carry appropriate luggage as per size and weight depending on their travel destination. The Aer lingus baggage policy depends on destinations and the length of the flight.

Carry-On Baggage

Passengers travelling in all the fares are entitled to carry one carry-on baggage that should be kept in overhead compartments during the flight. However, as per baggage allowance, the permitted carry-on baggage is 10 kg with dimensions of 21 x 15.5 x 9.5 cm and one personal hand bag, laptop bag and suitcase with dimensions of 25 x 33 x 20 cm.

Checked Baggage Allowance for Different Fare Type

Fare Type Checked baggage 1 piece of 20 kg 
SaverNo baggage is allowed 
PlusBaggage Allowance allowed 
Advantage Baggage Allowance allowed 
AerSpaceBaggage Allowance allowed 

Checked Baggage Allowance Flights within Europe

Piece and Baggage Weight Distance 
1 piece of 20 kg/ 44ib  For short-medium flights
1 piece of 25 kg / 54lb Larger bags for medium-long flights 
2 pieces of 40 kg /88lb Two bags with combined total weight 

Baggage Allowance on Transatlantic Flights

As per the baggage policy, three checked baggage options are available for purchase on Transatlantic flights. Smart and Flex passengers can carry up to 23 kg (50lb) bags per passenger. 

Piece and Baggage Weight Distance 
1 piece of 20 kg/ 44ib  On short-medium flights
1 piece of 25 kg / 54lb Larger bags on medium-long flights 
1 pieces of 30 kg /66lb Extra baggage allowance on flights

Checked Baggage Allowance Depending upon Fare Type

Economy Class

Fare Type 1 x 23 kg checked baggage 
Saver Not allowed 
Smart Allowed 
Flex Allowed 

Business Class

Fare Type 3 pieces of checked baggage 
Business Class Allowed 
Business Class Flex Allowed

Checked Baggage Fees

Passengers travelling in Saver Fare on Aer Lingus flight will have to pay certain extra charges while flying.

Saver Fare Baggage Charges

20 kg 44.9944.9954.9954.99
25 kg 49.9949.9959.9964.99
30 kg54.9954.9964.9964.99

All Other Fares

20 kg 59.9959.9974.9974.99
25 kg 64.9964.9979.9979.99
30 kg 69.9969.9984.9984.99

Aer Lingus Check in Policy

The airline offers a feasible and convenient check-in policy  that allows customers to check-in at their desire. You can either use the Aer Lingus airlines check-in online website check-in or mobile app option which can be accessed anywhere with the help of the internet. 

  • As per the airlines check-in policy, the check-in starts 24 hours before the scheduled departure of flight. 
  • The online check-in is available 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight while it closes 1 hour before the flight is airborne. 
  • The airport check-in starts 3 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.

Aer Lingus airlines Check-in Times for the Online Process

Flight Type Aer Lingus airlines Check-in Time Online 
Flights within Europe Up to 15 days before departure 
Transatlantic Flights Within 24 hours before the scheduled departure 

Check-in Deadline

Travel Route Check-in Deadline Aer Lingus airlines Check-in Time 
To/from North America 75 minutes before departure 3 hours before the departure 
Within Europe 45 minutes before departure 2 hours before the departure

Check-in Deadline as per Travel Class

As per the check-in policy, certain different check-in rules apply to different cabin classes. 

Flight Types Check-in Closure Time 
Business Class (North America flight) 60 minutes before the departure 
Flights from Manchester to North America 60 minutes before the departure 

Aer Lingus airlines Cancellation Policy

  • The airline cancellation policy depends on the fare type and cabin class booked by the passengers. 
  • All the booking cancellation should be done up to two hours before the scheduled departure to be eligible for refund. 
  • In case of voluntary cancellation by the airline, passengers will receive the value of the ticket as refund in original payment within 7 days. 
  • Passengers are advised to check the Aer Lingus flight status to know the exact flight information. 
  • Passengers must request for a refund before the expiration of their ticket.
  •  If a passenger has purchased the flight ticket from a third party app, then they must get that cancellation from their end only. 
  • All refunds will be processed in the original form of payment used for purchasing the ticket. 
  • Once cancelled, the booking cannot be instated. 
  • Services and fares already provided cannot be refunded after cancelling. 
  • If passengers cancel  Aer Lingus Airlines flight with multiple itinerary, then it is treated as change flight and incur a change fee and increased fares

Aer Lingus 24 Hours cancellation Policy

As per Aer Lingus cancellation policy, passengers who want to cancel their flight then consider cancelling it within 24-hour of purchase to avoid any additional cancellation charges as per 24 hours cancellation policy. However, there are some additional rules applicable to this flight cancellation policy. 

  • Passengers are allowed to cancel their flight within 24 hours only if the scheduled departure is 7 days after the reservation. 
  • The flight ticket should be an independent booking. 
  • After Aer Lingus Airlines cancellation, passengers can receive their full refund within 7 business days.

Aer Lingus

Cancelled Flight Refund

Aer Lingus refund for cancelled flights depends on several factors like fare types, cabin class, destinations and even the time between scheduled departure and revocation.

Saver or Smartfares

Aer Lingus Airlines cancelled flight refund does not apply to saver or Smartfares. However, the 24 hours free cancellation does apply to this fare type.

Advantages, Aerospace or Flex Fare

The airline offers a flexible cancellation policy to passengers with Advantages, AeroSpace and Flex fare. Passengers can cancel their flight up to 2 hours before scheduled departure to receive a full refund.

Business Fare

This fare type allows passengers to exercise full advantage of cancellation policy. Passengers with business class fare can cancel their reservation anytime before scheduled flight departure to receive full refund.

Business Flex Fare

Passengers in Aer Lingus airlines Business Class Flex fare can get a full refund in case of cancellation. In this fare, passengers can cancel the flight anytime prior to scheduled flight departure.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Aer Lingus a good airline?

    Yes, Aer Lingus Airlines is a fairly good airline which ensures passengers to have a comfortable and convenient flight throughout the journey.

  • Will I get a refund after I cancel my flight?

    According to the Aer Lingus Airlines refund policy, you are eligible to receive a refund only if you have cancelled your flight within 24 hours of purchase.  As per Aer lingus reviews, the refund process is fairly easy and convenient and accessible via the website.

  • What is the cancellation fee in Aer Lingus?

    The cancellation fee depends on the fare types the customer has purchased. Also, the cabin class and destination are another ruling factors to determine cancellation fee.

  • How much does it cost to cancel an Aer Lingus flight offline?

    If a passenger is cancelling an Aer Lingus flight at the airport, then you likely have to pay a minimal cost as a cancellation fee. However, the cancellation fee also depends on fare types, destination and time left prior to departure.

  • What is Aer Lingus Airline 24-hour cancellation policy?

    Passengers can cancel their flight within 24-hour of purchase to avoid any additional cancellation charge. Also, the cancellation is only valid if the departure is scheduled after 7 days.

  • What is Aer Lingus’ check-in policy?

    As per Aer Lingus check-in policy, the check-in starts 24 hours before the scheduled departure of flight. The online check-in is available 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight while it closes 1 hour before the flight is airborne.

  • How to check in online for Aer Lingus Flight?

    Customers have to access the website or mobile app of Aer Lingus Airlines. Login to the website and use the check-in online tab. Enter your flight credentials and proceed to check-in and lastly receive your boarding pass. Passengers can also check in by calling the Aer Lingus customer service.

  • When does the Aer Lingus check-in closes?

    For international flights, the check-in online classes 120 minutes before the departure, while the domestic flights check-in closes 60 minutes before the departure. You can also opt for Aer Lingus flight tracker to know exact details about your flight.

  •  What is Aer Lingus airlines baggage policy?

    As per Aer Lingus airlines baggage policy, the baggage allowance depends on destinations and the length of the flight. The permitted carry-on baggage is 10 kg with dimensions of 21 x 15.5 x 9.5 cm and one personal hand bag, laptop bag and suitcase with dimensions of 25 x 33 x 20 cm.

  • What is checked baggage allowance in Aer Lingus?

    The checked baggage allowance depends on the fare type and destinations. On flights within Europe, passengers can carry checked baggage weighing 20 kg while on transatlantic destinations, passengers can carry 23 to 30 kg checked baggage depending upon their fare type.

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