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About Allegiant Air

Flying with Allegiant Air? Well, if you are expecting to fly with luxury and amenities of First Class, then you must know Allegiant does not offer first class service like other airlines like Delta, American. It follows the method of Southwest Airlines in some way. Passengers who want to travel in Allegiant Air First Class can choose to book seats with extra legroom and pitch for a more comfortable flight experience. 

Allegiant Air is an ultra low-cost airline in the United States. The airline is based in Summerlin, Nevada, Las Vegas. Allegiant is popularly known as the point-to-point airline that caters connectivity services between secondary destinations. Being an ultra low cost carrier, the airline has a cost for everything from baggage to seats.

When it comes to destinations, Allegiant prefers to use a combination of large airports along with small and underserved airports. Allegiant operates on top US vacation areas like Las Vegas, Orlando, Phoenix and at the same time on less travelled routes of Belleville, Illinois; Laredo, Texas; Stockton, California. 

Does Allegiant Air Have First Class?

Allegiant is known as the “Ultra Low Cost Carrier” thus travellers need to pay for everything they choose as additional service. A standard Allegiant service includes a standard seat and a personal bag and additional amenities like extra legroom,  carry-on baggage, refreshments are available at certain charges. 

Ultimately, there is no first class in Allegiant as the entire cabin has two types of seat configurations. Passengers can either choose the standard “no-frill” seats or can pay for seats with extra legroom that classify as better seats. You can either purchase the seats with extra legroom from the website itself or you can upgrade your standard seats to a better seat like Allegiant Air first class at the airport.

How to Purchase Legroom + Seats 

Allegiant Air Upgrade 

A standard Allegiant seat comes with 30 inches of pitch, while the seats with extra legroom seats have at least 34 inches of pitch. The added inches may not classify as Allegiant Air First Class but it is more comfortable compared to the standard Allegiant seats. 

Travellers can select the better seats in the first row and the exit row of the Allegiant aircraft. You can reserve the seats during the Allegiant Air booking process. You can pay to select a seat assignment as the airline does not include seat selection on its basic fare. Travellers can purchase the bundle options which have a free upgrade to Allegiant Air first class. Usually the cost of seat selection starts at $10 and staggers to $40 per segment. In most cases, Legroom +Seat are available at $30-$35 per segment to upgrade. 

Purchase Bundles from Allegiant Air

Apart from upgrades and direct purchases of legroom + seats, you can purchase the Bundle in Allegiant for more added benefits. The concept of bundle enables travellers to enjoy the benefits of multiple addons in one single price. Since “no-frill” airlines sell their products separately for an additional cost, thus bundles are pretty beneficial to save money on extras. 

If you are travelling with carry-on baggage or checked baggage, then these two things alone can cost you  more than Allegiant Air first class fare but with a bundle offer, you can save your money on baggage allowance and it also provides a virtually free Allegiant upgrade to legroom+seat. 

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Checked baggage 
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Trip Flex 

How to Book Allegiant Air Legroom + Seat? 

It is fairly simple to book the legroom+seat on Allegiant, all you need to do is access the website and check the availability of the seat on the flight. 

  • Login to the Allegiant Air official website. 
  • Insert your departure and destination airport along with date of travel. 
  • Select the suitable flight timing and proceed to continue. 
  • Next, you will come across the bundles options where you can choose to purchase bundles with added benefits. 
  • Next, you will have to add passengers details along with other necessary details. 
  • Next comes seat selection where you can choose the Allegiant Air First Class seat or Legroom + seat. 
  • Next, you can add your carry-on and checked baggage as well. 
  • Lastly, make the payment for the entire itinerary and confirm the booking.  

Another way to book Allegiant Air First Class or Legroom+seats is through the Allegiant Airport counter. As the legroom+seat depends on availability, you can check at the airport for available seats and potential upgrades. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Does Allegiant Air offer first class on flight?

    No, Allegiant Air does not have first class service in the aircraft. However, travellers who want to experience a comfortable flight journey can book the Allegiant Air legroom+seat option.

  • Where does Allegiant Fly? 

    Allegiant flies to both large and small airports across the US including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Austin, Portland, Orlando along with Belleville, Illinois; Laredo, Texas; Stockton, California.

  • What are Bundles in Allegiant Air? 

    The concept of bundle enables travellers to enjoy the benefits of multiple addons in one single price. Since “no-frill” airlines sell their products separately for an additional cost, thus bundles are pretty beneficial to save money on extras.

  • Does Allegiant Air have bigger seats? 

    The standard seats in Allegiant offer 30 inches of seat pitch while the legroom+seat exhibits 36 inches of seat pitch for more comfortable seats.

  • Can I upgrade my standard seats to Legroom+seats in Allegiant Air?

    Yes, the airline allows the passengers to upgrade their standard seats to better Allegiant legroom+seats. Passengers can also purchase the bundles which allows them to have virtually free upgrade to Allegiant legroom+seats.

  • How much baggage is allowed to check-in in economy class?

    Customers in economy class can carry one personal item with dimensions of 18 x 14 x 8 inches as long as the baggage can fit under your seat without any baggage cost. For checked-in baggage, customers will have to purchase checked-in baggage allowance.

  • How early can I check-in for my Allegiant Airline Flight?

    The boarding starts 24 hours before scheduled departure, so a customer can check-in for the flight during that time.

  • How many checked-in baggage does Allegiant allow? 

    Customers travelling with Allegiant can carry 4 checked-in baggage only after purchasing. Customers can purchase the baggage during the process of booking the flight.

  • Can I change my seat after check-in at Allegiant Airlines?

    Allegiant Air usually charges an amount of up to $80 for your favourite seat selection after check-in. However, customers are allowed to book their seat while booking without any additional cost.

  • How can I get my Allegiant Airlines online check-in boarding pass?

    You can get your boarding pass via online check-in, with your mobile app, through airport self service Kiosks, and at the airport counter with the help of staff. Customers will have to pay $5 for a printed boarding pass at the ticket counter.

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