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About Delta Name Change

Have you ever made any mistake while booking a flight? Well, those mistakes can cost you as much as forfeiting the entire cost of the ticket. To avoid such mistakes, Delta Air Lines has certain policies which allow you to do minor corrections. The Delta Air Lines Name Change policy also allows users to change or modify or correct the name to ensure that the traveller’s name exactly matches with the passports and valid government ID proofs. 

Delta Air Lines, founded in 1924, is one of the world’s oldest airlines to serve its customers for almost 100 years. Delta currently operates from Atlanta, Georgia. The airline operates from Atlanta, Georgia which is the largest among the nine hubs in terms of passengers carried, fleet size and passenger – miles flown. Delta currently operates over 5,400 flights daily and serves 325 destinations in 52 countries on 6 continents. As of 2023, Delta has 896 aircrafts under their wings, primarily manufactured by Airbus and Boeing.

Delta Air Lines Name Change Policy

Delta name change does not allow a change in ownership from one traveller to another under this policy. The policy has other such highlights worth noting such as : 

  • Flight must be operated by the airlines and the ticket stock should start from 006. 
  • In the case of connecting or codeshare flights, the Delta name change can only be processed on the flight segments only. 
  • The policy does not permit any changes to flight dates, fare class or even origin and destination points. 
  • Only one reissue is allowed per ticket for Delta Airline name correction. 
  • No changes in gender and birth date will be permitted in the booking details. 
  • Only three characters are permitted for Delta Change Passenger Name
  • Minor corrections would be allowed to the date of birth only for errors committed at the time of booking. 
  • The request for changes include one correction per passenger. All other changes to the passengers information will not be covered in the Delta name change policy. 
  • After one correction, if the ticket needs more alteration then the Delta ticket needs to be reissued a second time. 
  • Delta Name change policy applies to both restricted and non-restricted fares. 

Delta Air Lines Name Change on Ticket

Passengers who wish to change their name on the ticket must follow some guidelines prescribed by the airline.

Name Change After Marriage

  • In case of Delta Air Lines name change after marriage, passengers can update their ticket information with government proof to testifying the marriage.
  • Passengers can change their name by visiting the official Delta Air Lines website.

Middle Name Change

It is not mandatory to fill the middle name field while booking, but passengers can change it if they have made a mistake while filling it. While making the changes, keep the government Identification card handy to validate the changes. Passengers can either change the middle name by visiting the website or call the customer support staff of Delta. 

  • Upon dialling the number, provide the representation with your PNR and ticket number. 
  • Precisely share the details to proceed with Delta name change.
  • Lastly, you will receive an automated generated message confirming the name change.
  • It should be kept in mind that Delta Air Lines only allows one change in ticket per person. 
  • Middle name change involves the character modification on the same PNR. 
  • According to Delta Air Lines Name policy, middle names can be added or removed. However, in this case, the airline issues a new PNR with a modified name.

Delta Name Correction for SkyMiles Booking

Delta Air Lines name change policy for SkyMiles bookings allows passengers to apply for change through numerous methods. However, the name change is only applicable if their name changed matches their government issued identity proof. 

Logging in to the SkyMiles Account

Delta name change policy also applies to those passengers travelling on SkyMiles ticket who need to change their name due to marriage, divorce, or any other legal issue, can change their name via online method. Passengers can simply login to their SkyMiles account and then fill the identity verification form along with supporting documents.

Contact Delta Name Change Phone Number

Passengers who are not tech-savvy can contact the Delta Air Lines customer support for assistance. The customer support number are available on the official helpline number on the official website.

Delta Air Lines Name Change Fee

Delta Airlines has a certain change fee that depends on time of change prior to boarding.  

  • The cost of Delta Air Lines Name Change usually ranges from $125 only if the name is corrected within the 24 hours of booking the reservation. 
  • After the payment of name change, the airline will reissue the ticket in the same class of service. However, fare differences may apply. 
  • Beyond 24 hours of risk-free period, any name change in Delta Airlines will cost $275. 

How to Change Name on Delta Airline

Delta allows its customers to make changes to their reservation whether it’s for flight or name. In order to change the name in the itinerary, you can use the three available platforms: mobile app, website, customer support and text message. However, it should be kept in mind that Delta Air Lines change name on ticket is not permitted if you have already checked-in for the flight.

Online Method

  • Visit the official website of the airlines
  • Enter the 6 digit booking reference or the 13 digit ticket number alongside the last name of the passenger to retrieve the booking information. 
  • Click on the name correction tab and click on the  name you want to change (keep the government-issued photo ID alongside). 
  • Users can only correct up to three characters either on the first name or last name. 
  • Once the request is placed, click on “Confirm & Save” to process the name correction request. 
  • Lastly, at the result page, you should pay the fee along with the applicable fare difference, if needed.  
  • Once the transaction is done, you will receive the Delta name change notification from the airline on your registered email.

Mobile App Method

  • Download the official app from the Play Store. 
  • Login to your Delta Airlines account with your credentials. 
  • Enter your PNR and ticket number to retrieve your booking information. 
  • Navigate through the tab and click on the “correction tab”. 
  • Make necessary changes (Delta only allows you to change three characters). 
  • Once the request is placed, click on “Confirm & Save” to process the name correction request. 
  • Lastly, proceed to make the payment along with additional fare difference if needed. 
  • Once the payment is done, you will receive the confirmation on your registered email regarding Delta Air Lines name change.

Name Change Via Phone Number

  • Dial the customer support number from the official website. 
  • Provide the representative with a six digit PNR  or e-ticket number to retrieve the booking. 
  • Ask the agent to correct the name as only misspelt characters would be corrected.
  • Send the government issued photo ID or a copy of your passport for validation via email. 
  • Lastly, pay the change fee along with the applicable fare difference to proceed with the request. 
  • Once the transaction is done, you will receive the confirmation in your registered email.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I change the passenger name on the Delta flight?

    Yes, you can change the passenger name on Delta Airlines according to Delta Air Lines name change policy. Passengers are only allowed to correct their names up to three characters on their first or last name. Lastly, pay the applicable change fee and fare difference.

  • How do I change my name at Delta Airlines?

    You can change your name on the official website of Delta Air Lines. You can also take assistance from customer support or you can change your name from the mobile app as well.

  • Does Delta Air Lines allow name change on International flights?

    As per the Delta Airlines Name Change policy, you can correct your name regardless of class, fare type and trip type.

  • What is Delta Air Lines Name change fee?

    The cost of name change usually ranges from $125 only if the name is corrected within the 24 hours of booking the reservation. Beyond 24 hours of risk-free period, any name change in Delta Airlines will cost $275.

  • Can names be changed on Delta Airlines?

    Delta allows name changes as long as the passengers remain the same as per the information provided while booking. At the airport, you will have to present your passport or any other government ID proof to testify to the name change.

  • Can I transfer my Delta Ticket to another person?

    Delta does not allow passengers to transfer any ticket to another person.

  • Can I change my flight details on Delta Air Lines?

    As per Delta Flight change policy, you change your flight within 24 hours of making the reservation. However, if the 24 hours period has lapsed then you can contact the Delta customer support to change your flight details. Every change is likely to be subject to a change fee.

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