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About Delta Air Lines

Both business and leisure travelers adore Delta Air Lines. The company has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, but it provides services to clients all around the world. This includes Central America, Australia, and Canada. Delta positions itself as a premium airline, providing greater comfort and luxury than carriers at a lower price point. Regular travelers of Delta claim to have had positive encounters with the airline, making it appear to have the finest airline testimonials. When we talk about the Delta ECredit, it has a monetary value and passengers may use it to reduce the cost of a ticket. One may use it to book tickets for present or future travel and the ECredit value is not transferable. Well, since it is your reward, only you may use it. There are many aspects to discuss regarding this feature, so let’s study each of them.

How do you get an Ecredit on Delta?

If you have just canceled a Delta flight, you may receive an ecredit. Let’s say, passengers have got an ecredit for 2023, you may use it preferably by the end of 2023. Moreover, up until the end of 2024, you can even use them for travel! It means, if you cancel a flight right now, you’ll receive a Delta eCredit that is good for one year. 

How do I find my delta ecredit?

If you want to check ecredit delta, you must first create a Delta SkyMiles account. Then go to to find your unused travel vouchers. There, you can search for certificates and eCredits using your certificate or eCredit number, contact information, SkyMiles account information, or credit card information. Click Look Up after entering the data you want to use. Enter the first and last names of the passenger on the following page to verify your eCredit. Your voucher value will appear under Manually Entered Certificates and eCredits once you click Add, causing the website to reload.

How to use delta ecredit for booking tickets?

In the airline sector, reserving a ticket with Delta is the simplest process because it just takes a few minutes to purchase tickets. Your ECredit is the points and prizes you get when you book a ticket, and it has a monetary value. Now let’s see how to redeem ecredit delta in two different ways.

Make use of your SkyMiles account

When purchasing a flight through the Skymiles account, you get the payment option to use ECredit and receive a discount on the total cost of the ticket.

Pay with ECredit during a regular reservation

Follow the standard booking process by visiting the website, selecting your flight, providing your information, and confirming your ticket. Make the final payment with ECredit points.

The methods listed above are legitimate; if you have any questions, you may find more information on the official website. If you face ticket cancellation for any reason or you are not satisfied, you can also request a Delta ECredit refund.

Can you use delta ecredits for someone else?

The same traveler must book fresh travel using any eCredit refunds that they already have. Well, don’t expect to drive a Delta ecredits transfer to another person. This also means that you cannot use travel reimbursements from a family or group trip for you or another group. However, the passengers listed on the original trip must also be on the replacement flight to qualify.

What to do if Delta ecredit not working?

You must contact Delta customer support immediately if your eCredit isn’t functioning to use an unused eCredit towards a new reservation. A customer service representative can assist you if you can’t find your voucher or can’t pick it up when making a reservation.

Contacting Delta Customer Support to receive a refund

By speaking with a customer service representative, there are several ways to find out the status of your refund with the airline. You may also learn various delta ecredit rules by contacting the support team. 

By using a phone call

You can ask the agent about the eCredit Delta refund or the status of your eCredit. Do more inquiries by calling the Delta Airlines customer care line and following the IVR instructions.

By using social media

So Delta Air eCredit isn’t showing up on your travel account as a part of a refund? In this case, you can also visit the airline’s social media page and send them a nice note. One can leave a comment or a message on their official page, or file a complaint.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is ecredit on Delta?

    Every time you book a flight with Delta, you receive electronic flight credits or points. Passengers may use them on their next reservation to receive a favorable price.

  • Can I use Delta ecredit for baggage?

    Well, you can’t, unfortunately. Only airfare is eligible for ecredit; other costs, such as baggage fees, are not.

  • Can I get a refund for my Delta e-credit?

    Passengers will receive ecredit reimbursements following the flight policies, which are subject to change over time. According to the airline’s current policy, you may or may not receive an ecredit Delta refund.

  • How to use delta ecredit for someone else?

    The ecredit is only sent to you if you have booked the ticket and are its primary owner. You cannot apply for an ecredit on behalf of another person and receive the discount on their behalf. 

  • What is the delta ecredit expiration period?

    Ecredits are valid for up to a year from the day the credit was issued to your delta fly account. If you use your Delta Air eCredit after a year, it is no longer valid and you may not be able to make bookings.

  • I want to enquire more about ecredits, whom should I call?

    If you have more questions on Delta’s ecredits, you may get in touch with us on VootFly. We at VootFly have an expert team that can solve all your concerns.

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