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If you are travelling to Egypt, then experience the luxury and facilities of Business class. Egyptair Business class offers priority check-in and access to its Almeisan Lounge.  Along with the flagship lounge, you also get access to other Star Alliance partner lounges at available airports. The new dreamliner 787-9 offers spacious seating arrangement with ample legroom. The inflight services are commendable along with the meal services and amenities offered. It is worth noting that EGYPTAIR is a dry airline which means it does not serve any alcohol.

Egyptair is the state-owned flag carrier of Egypt with headquarters at Cairo International Airport. The airline operates from its hub at 81 destinations in Africa, Europe, Asia and the United States. The frequent flyer of EGYPTAIR is known as Egyptair Plus which is quite helpful when you want to win Egyptair business class and award flights. The airline is also a member of Star Alliance. 

What to Expect from Egyptair Business Class

Passengers travelling in business class can enjoy various world-class amenities including  premium lounge services, baggage allowance, impressive seat layout, top-notch inflight meals and beverages along with an extensive airline branded amenity kits. As a business class passenger, your experience of business class will commence from your arrival at the airport. 

Priority Check-in and Boarding 

Business class passengers can enjoy the priority check-in and boarding facilities as part of priority perks at the airport. To extend this premium experience the airline has established a special check-in counter for customers. The priority check-in service allows Egypt air business passengers to avoid long queues while dragging the luggage. 

Premium Lounge Access 

At Cairo International Airport, business class passengers can shop around the duty free stores, however, you will not find any alcohol shops at the airport. Most restaurants at the airport also follow the same procedure. Due to its small size and warm weather condition, passengers are likely to feel stifled while doing check-in and security screening. The  Airport has multiple screening zones and passengers with different passports are subject to the cumbersome procedures.

EGYPTAIR has multiple lounges in the airport, many of which have been facilitated with modern equipment and facilities. However, the lounges are lacklustre and feature limited options in buffet and beverages. But the EGYPTAIR Business class lounges are the only respite in the hustle bustle of Cairo International Airport. 

Passengers travelling in Business class or Star Alliance Gold members travelling in any cabin class have the access to priority check-in and boarding.

Baggage Allowance 

EGYPTAIR business class passengers have the privilege of carrying ample baggage while travelling. Passengers in business class can carry 2 pieces of checked-in baggage weighing up to 32 kg (70 lbs) with a total dimension of 158 cm. Other than checked-in baggage, you can carry 2 hand baggage weighing up to 8 kg with dimensions of 118 cm. 

Seat Configuration and Facilities 

EGYPTAIR has a combination of aircraft in its fleet which comprises Airbus A 330s and Boeing B777s. However, the EGYPT AIR Business class on these aircrafts are outdated as per the recent aviation standards. These aircrafts offer limited storage space with angled lie-flat beds in 2-3-2 configuration. 

A small fleet of Boeing 787-9 has recently joined the airlines which has modern configuration of 1-2-1 reverse herringbone configuration with fully flat-beds and plentiful storage space and better entertainment screens.

The best suited seats for passengers travelling in pairs are the middle seats that offer a galley dividing the two seats for privacy. 

Each seat is equipped with a side table, power and USB port, storage spaces near and under the armrest along with electronic controls on the side of the seat to control the seat position from recliners to fully-flat bed. However, the old EGYPTAIR business class in A330s fleet will have borderline archaic seat controls. It’s best to check the flight configuration before booking, so that you can avoid the old and outdated fleet. 

Inflight Meal and Beverage Service

EGYPTAIR has a colourful menu but lacks authentic Egyptian cuisine. Once the flight is airborne, the crew distributes the menu to the passengers. However, the menu lacks the details in descriptions in the meal and you may only find “mixed seafood” or “beef fillet with cheese”. This is not very helpful for those who are on strict dietary needs. 

The meal service consists of three courses which includes appetisers, main course and desserts or after drinks. As for appetisers, EGYPTAIR Business class passengers expect salad, selection of cheese or different breads, main course usually includes four choices including a vegetarian choice as well. Each meal is offered on a linen-lined tray table before a tray with all silverware, bread basket and appetisers. The airline has missed an opportunity of showcasing their vibrant and intriguing display of cuisine in the inflight menu. 

Lastly, the dessert options range from cakes, fruits or cheese mostly. 

Depending on the flight timing, a second meal will be served just two or three hours before arrival. Usually, breakfast has an Egyptian selection of meals which passengers can enjoy heartily. 

There is no “dine-on-demand” service available in EGYPT AIR Business class, however, you can pursue the crew to do so if plenty of time is left. You can also pre-order meals subject to dietary needs. 

As for beverages, EGYPTAIR is strictly a dry airline, so passengers wouldn’t find any alcohol on board. However, the airlines do try to compensate for the lack of alcohol with plenty of fresh juice options, or hot beverages like tea, coffee, espresso or cappuccino. 

Inflight Entertainment Service 

On older aircrafts like A330s, passengers will discover a tiny screen folding out from the armrest whereas the biggest and recent planes will feature big HD screens. The IFE system features a handful of Hollywood movies, some Arabic movies along with a small selection of TV shows. Interestingly, EGYPTAIR Business passengers will also find audio books of the Quran in the system too.

On B737, the IFE system is more generous and features better entertainment options. Boeing B737 usually operates on long haul flight routes thus, you can also use the inflight Wi-Fi, which carries a fee based usage. Passengers can enjoy the IFE system with the help of noise cancelling headphones available at seat during boarding along with a remote controller to control the system while reclined. 

Amenities and Facilities 

On short haul flights, EGYPTAIR business class passengers receive amenity kits with minimal toiletries which lack any brand-name or flamboyance. 

However, on some long-haul flights, passengers may receive an upgraded amenity kit of all-leather Cerrutti-branded bags stocked with Aigner toiletries in Egyptair Business class. The amenity kit contains the usual and standard detail kit, eye mask, socks, hand lotion and lip balm, shoehorn and a comb sometimes. 

Upon request, crew will offer passengers duvets and pillows for a more comfortable sleeping experience in flight. 

How to get Egyptair Business Class? 

You can book EGYPTAIR either from the official website or the third-party websites with paid fare or you can choose to book your flight with miles points. You can book directly from the airlines by using the EGYPTAIR Plus. 

  • Paid Fares
    One of the options to get EGYPTAIR Business class is by purchasing the ticket. Undoubtedly, EGYPTAIR business class prices are relatively more expensive than economy class. You can purchase a standard economy ticket and later on upgrade the ticket to business class which will cost far less than the original business class ticket. Also, if you are a member of the Star Alliance  loyalty programs, you can get the upgrade without paying at all. 
  • EGYPTAIR Plus Reward Points
    Another way to book EGYPTAIR Premier World is to utilise the EGYPTAIR PLus Reward Points in your account. EGYPTAIR Plus is the loyalty program of EGYPTAIR which can be used to get reward flights to chosen destinations without paying anything. Access your EGYPTAIR Plus check the number of reward points before booking the flight.
  • Star Alliance Loyalty Program
    To book an EGYPTAIR Business Class seat, you can redeem a partner program’s miles to book the same flight. EGYPTAIR is part of the Star Alliance and thus any member’s loyalty program can be used to do the booking. Passengers can earn and redeem miles for their flight from more than two dozen airlines partnered in Star Alliance. Members of Star Alliance Gold can also enjoy special benefits irrespective of cabin class. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does EGYPTAIR serve alcohol in Business Class? 

    No, Egyptiar is strictly a dry airline and thus passengers won’t find any alcohol in the carrier. 

  • What EGYPTAIR Business Class Baggage Allowance?

    Passengers in business class can carry 2 pieces of checked-in baggage weighing up to 32 kg (70 lbs) with a total dimension of 158 cm. Other than checked-in baggage, you can carry 2 hand baggage weighing up to 8 kg with dimensions of 118 cm. 

  • What are EGYPTAIR Business class benefits? 

    EGYPTAIR business class includes priority check-in and priority boarding lanes at the airports. Star Alliance Gold members also have the privilege to use priority lanes at the airports. Passengers have the liberty to carry a generous baggage allowance of 2 checked in bags along with 2 carry-on bags on flight. 
    In-flight facilities include complimentary snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, hot beverages, along with amenity kits and plenty of entertainment options on Boeing 737s.

  • What is the inflight entertainment in EGYPTAIR Business Class? 

    The IFE system on A330s features a handful of Hollywood movies, some Arabic movies along with a small selection of TV shows. Interestingly, passengers will also find audio books of the Quran in the system too.
    Whereas Boeing 737s  have a better IFE system which is more generous and features better entertainment options.

  • Does EGYPTAIR Business Class have lounge access? 

    Cairo International Airport has plenty of lounges available including two Egyptair lounges. But the lounges are lacklustre and feature limited options in buffet and beverages. But the lounges are the only respite in the hustle bustle of Cairo International Airport.

  • What facilities are included in the business class of EGYPTAIR ?

    You get the benefit of priority check-in and boarding along with excess baggage allowance, premium quality of seats, world class in-flight meals, sleeping and amenities, and a wide variety of choice of entertainment on board.

  • What is the EGYPTAIR Comfort Plus class? 

    EGYPTAIR comfort plus is the business class product on domestic routes. The comfort plus class offers flyers more premium, lavish seats, along with hot and cold meal options with non-alcoholic beverages. Passengers can also enjoy the benefit of priority access to check-in boarding and lounge along with extra baggage allowance. 

  • Can I upgrade my economy class ticket to Egyptair Business class?

    The ability to upgrade depends on the airlines, fare class, and eligibility score. You can upgrade your ticket from economy class to business class by paying the upgrade amount or you can also use the EGYPTAIR Plus points.

  • Does Egyptair offer food in flight?

    EGYPTAIR offers three course meal inflight starting from appetisers to main course to desserts. However, the airline does not offer authentic Egyptian dishes in the menu. Passengers can choose the main course from 4 different dishes along with a choice of beverage. EGYPTAIR is a dry airline thus, passengers cannot order any alcoholic drinks.

  • Does EGYPTAIR offer chauffeur service at Cairo International Airport?

    No, EGYPTAIR does not offer any chauffeur services.

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