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We can experience change of plans anytime and thus one should be prepared to make changes in schedule as well. However, these changes can cause quite some pain during vacation especially if you have planned one in Hawaii. However, if you are flying with Hawaiian Airlines, you don’t have to worry about changing plans and paying for it. Hawaiian Airlines Change Flight policy allows you to change flights whenever you want without any extra charges. 

Hawaiian Airlines, the flag carrier of the state. It is a commercial aircraft headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii. It operates flights to / from Hawaii, within the US, and to a few international destinations. The airline currently has 31 destinations with 64 aircrafts in the fleet. Hawaiian Airlines is also famous for having routes to the lesser travelled gems like Molokai. They have this extensive and broad route network and convenient connections which makes it easy for you to travel and hop between Hawaiian Islands.

Flight Change Policy for Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian airlines change flight  allows its passengers to reschedule or change their flight along with making changes in departure date, time and destination.

  • If you are requesting for a change in your itinerary within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket then you may not be charged, however, in case of fare difference, you will have to pay the applicable charges. 
  • Requests made after 24 hours of booking are subject to applicable change fee. 
  • You will not be charged a change fee in case you have bought an award flight from Hawaiian Miles.
  • Tickets purchased from third party websites are not included in the Hawaiian airlines change flight policy. In case of changes required, contact the third party only.

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Change Policy for Main Cabin 

Hawaiian Airlines has a specific regulation for flight change policy for Main Cabin passengers.  

  • According to Hawaiian change flight policy, main cabin passengers cannot make changes in their itinerary. 
  • Passengers who want to make changes can simply cancel the booking within 24 hours free cancellation period to avoid any cancellation charges as per Hawaiian Airlines flight change policy. 
  • Passengers booked in the Main Cabin cannot upgrade their ticket to Preferred Seat, Extra Comfort, or Business or First class. 
  • Main Cabin passengers cannot select their seat before check-in.

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Change Under Medical Waiver 

Hawaiian Airlines change flight policy understands your concern when you are changing your flight due to a medical emergency. That’s why the airline has a specific policy for customers who want to change their flight on medical grounds. 

  • Main Cabin Passengers can change their flights in case they or someone in their family is facing a medical emergency like hospitalisation. 
  • In this case, you are eligible for a change fee waiver on a Main Cabin Basic Ticket. You can also cancel or change your flight as per your requirement as per Hawaiian Airlines change flight policy. 
  • In order to change flight and rebook, you will have to complete a Medical Waiver Request Form and share a copy of that to the official website of the airline as per Hawaiian Airlines change flight policy.

Hawaiian Airlines Same Day Flight Change

The Hawaiian Airlines same day flight change allows passengers to change their flight on the same date of the departure. 

  • You can make changes to your itinerary until one hour before the original scheduled flight departure as Hawaiian Airlines change flight policy. 
  • However, you cannot make amendments to the booking if you have already checked-in for the flight. 
  • In case of destination or date change, you will have to pay the fare difference between the original and revised reservation.

Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Policy 

Under Hawaiian airlines change flights  a passenger can make changes in the name including change or add last name, change the legal name or shift the first and middle name. Hawaiian Airlines change flight only permits certain changes in name under few circumstances.  

  • The name change request will only be permitted to tickets purchased directly from the airlines. 
  • A passenger can change its name under circumstances such as marriage, divorce, adoption. 
  • According to the Hawaiian Airlines change flight  policy, an error of three characters in the name is considered to be a minor modification while a mistake of more than three characters will be counted as name change. 
  • To process the name change, passengers should have a legal document supporting the name change in the booking. 
  • In case of marriage, passengers should have a marriage certificate to support the name change as per Hawaiian Airlines change flight  policy.

Hawaiian Airlines Standby Policy Under Flight Change 

In case of overbooking or passengers who are late for their flight due to flight change, Hawaiian Airlines has a standby policy which allows passengers to secure seats in upcoming flights upon request. However, there are several restrictions on these standby tickets as well. 

  • This policy does not apply if you have already checked your baggage for the original flight as per Hawaiian Airlines change flight policy. 
  • You are also not eligible for standby by flight if your desired flight is all set to depart in less than 30 minutes.

How to Make Changes in the Itinerary of Hawaiian Airlines? 

Hawaiian Airlines has introduced two ways to use online flight change which include accessing the official website to make changes as perHawaiian Airlines change flight policy. The second option is to use the Hawaiian Airlines Mobile app. Both the methods ensure convenience and comfort to the passenger.

Online Method- Website 

  • Access the Hawaiian Airlines official website 
  • Go to the “Manage Flight” option.
  • Press on the “My Trip” tab and enter the passengers full name, confirmation number, itinerary number etc. 
  • After retrieving your booking, click on the “Altar Flight” tab to make changes in the booking. 
  • Click on the flight booking you want to change and proceed to search for alternate flights. 
  • Once confirmed, pick a new seat, examine the new itinerary and click on “Book this trip”. 
  •  Proceed to book and pay any applicable fare difference or Hawaiian Airlines change fee. 
  • Lastly, you will receive a confirmation email regarding your booking.

Online Method – Mobile App

  • Download the official Hawaiian Mobile App from the IOS Store or Apple Store. 
  • Sign in to your account and navigate through the interface to click on “My Trip”.
  • Press the “Change Flight” option and click on the flight you want to change. 
  • Find an alternate flight and confirm the booking once satisfied. 
  • Confirm modification and pay the applicable change fee to confirm the revised booking. 
  • Lastly, you will receive a confirmation email regarding the revised booking.

Remote Method – Hawaiian Helpline 

  • Dial the helpline of Hawaiian Airlines mentioned in the official website. 
  • Once connected with an airline representative, share PNR, passenger’s last name, flight number to proceed with flight change as per Hawaiian Airlines change flight. 
  • Request for required flight change and openly convey your preferences. 
  • Once the airline representative confirms the flight changes, proceed to pay the requested change fee. 
  • Lastly, you will receive a confirmation email from the airlines.

Hawaiian Airlines Change Fee 

According to Hawaiian Airlines change flight policy, a passenger with non-refundable ticket must pay change fee for date, time and flight route changes. 

  1. Tickets booked through Hawaiian Miles are subject to a $50 change fee. 
  2. Modifications in flight itinerary from the USA to Japan are subject to a $300 change fee. 
  3. Changes in domestic flight bookings to/from North America with Hawaiian Airlines will cost $200. If you have booked a domestic flight via HawaiianMiles, then the applicable Hawaiian airlines change flight fee will be $50. 
  4. For flights change within neighbouring islands in Hawaii are subject to a change fee of $30. 
  5. If you have booked a flight from a third-party website, then additional change fee will be applicable depending on the terms and condition of the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Hawaiian Airlines change flight policy? 

    According to the policy, If you are requesting for a change in your itinerary within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket then you may not be charged, however, in case of fare difference, you will have to pay the applicable charges. The airline also allows you to make changes in your flight up to 24 hours prior to scheduled departure. 

  • Can I change my Hawaiian Airlines Flight within 24 hours? 

    If a passenger is expecting a sudden change of plan which does not allow the passenger to take the flight, then the passenger can cancel the flight without extra cost. Hawaiian Airlines has 24-hour cancellation which assures customers to cancel their flight without any additional cost. However, passengers are allowed to make necessary changes in their itinerary as long as the changes are in destination, flight route, and timing.

  • How much does the Hawaiian Airlines charge for flight change?

    The Hawaiian Airlines change fee policy only applies to Main Cabin class. Changes in destination are subject to fare differences which should be paid by the passengers. 

  • Will I be informed if the airline changes my flight? 

    Yes, if the airline experiences a situation where a flight change is necessary, then you will be informed via SMS, email.

  • Can I change the date of my flight on Hawaiian Airlines ?  

    Yes, you can change the date of travel with Hawaiian Airlines, you may be charged for a change fee along with fare difference between the original and new flight. 

  • Can we change the flight date after confirming booking with Hawaiian Airlines ?

    Yes, according to Hawaiian Airlines change flight policy, you can change your flight date even after booking only if the booking has been made from the official channels of the airlines such as website, mobile app, airport counter. 

  • Does Hawaiian Airlines have a flight change option for international flights? 

    Yes, you can change your international flight booking prior to 24 hours before the scheduled flight. However, there will be an applicable change fee applied to the itinerary. 

  • What happens if the price is increased after making changes in the original flight? 

    In case, if the fare of the changed flight is increased more than the original, then you will have to pay the fare difference to confirm the updated booking in accordance with Hawaiian airline flight change policy. 

  • Will I have to pay any fees for changing my ticket? 

    The Hawaiian airlines change fee depends on what type of changes you are adding. However, change is destination and timing are subject to change fee of $30-$200 depending on the destination. 

  •  How many days before Hawaiian Airlines permits changes? 

    Usually Hawaiian Airlines allows passengers to make changes in their flight up to 24 hours before departure as per change flight Hawaiian Airlines. 

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