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Iceland is a highly sought-after tourist destination, attracting visitors from all corners of the globe. Despite the growing competition, Icelandair Business Class continues to be a preferred choice for airlines wishing to visit the Land of the Frozen Sun. To accommodate the increasing demand, the domestic airline has significantly increased its fleet, route network, and personnel, while maintaining its well-known stopover service, which allows passengers to stay in Iceland for a maximum of seven days before journeying to an additional European destination, at no additional charge.

Icelandair offers direct flights to North America from twelve airports in the US and three in Canada, making Iceland more accessible than ever before. For flights that exceed twelve hours, it is recommended to upgrade to business class.

Icelandair Business Class Flights

Saga Premium is a business class offered by Icelandair, which can be confusing due to the name of the loyalty program. However, it is worth considering, particularly for frequent flyers. Signing up for the Saga Club does not automatically entitle one to upgrade to Saga Premium, as this is only done when one achieves Saga Silver status, and one can book it the traditional way by paying on any aircraft in the Icelandair international fleet. 

The availability of the Icelandair Saga Premium seats varies depending on the type of aircraft being used for the route. The seats in the Saga Premium are comparable to those of Premium Economy on other airlines in that they do not lie flat, but there is ample legroom with 40″ in the Premium seats and 32″ in the Economy seats, as well as a power socket in the Economy seats. The dining service in the Saga Premium is similar to that of traditional business class, with a menu featuring alcoholic beverages and Icelandic snacks and sodas. On North American flights, the meals are either three-course meals or two-course meals, while on European flights are two-course meals.

The Icelandair Airport Experience 

Icelandair check In & Baggage allowance

When traveling from Iceland, Priority Check-in is a key advantage of Iceland Saga Class tickets. This line is often long and slow, and Premium passengers are given their lane and the opportunity to expedite their passage through security. However, it is still advised to arrive two to three hours before departure and download Icelandair’s check-in app for a faster check-in process. It is important to note, however, that Saga Premium tickets do not necessarily grant expedited check-in at airports outside of Iceland. 

In addition to Priority Check-in, Premium tickets also include the following additional benefits:

  • 2 [70.5 lb] i.e (32 kg) checked bags
  • 1 [50.7 lb] i.e (23 kg) checked bag (economy premium and flex)

Icelandair business class lounge access

Keflavik Airport offers a variety of dining and shopping options, but finding a place to relax before boarding is challenging. Icelandair’s Saga Lounge, located in Zone A of the airport, provides a convenient escape from the hustle and bustle of the airport. The lounge is equipped with various amenities, including Wi-Fi access, attractive Icelandic décor, and stunning landscape views. Passengers can expect to spend up to 15 minutes in the Saga Lounge before they reach their gate, and Iceland Air first-class grants them expedited access to general security, though not passport control.

The Icelandair business class in-flight experience

Icelandair Saga Seats & Cabins

Icelandair operates a fleet of 30+ aircraft, all of which are manufactured by the same manufacturer, Boeing. These aircraft consist primarily of the 737-8/9 MAX family of narrowbody aircraft, as well as four widebody aircraft, such as the 767-200/300ER. The aircraft are aging, but a fleet modernization program is underway. The operating model allows for any aircraft to be operated on any route, with Icelandair Saga Premium seats. The majority of flights, due to the central location of Iceland, are of a 2-6 hour duration, while a few flights are of a 6-8 hour duration. However, the 737 MAX Business Class is more spacious and comfortable on shorter flights, which contributes to the overall fleet appeal of Icelandair.

The Saga Premium recliner-style seats offered by Icelandair are suitable for regional flights, boasting a comfortable 40″ pitch and a slightly firm seating position. The 16-22 seat configuration on the Boeing 737 and 757 aircraft is 2-2 in configuration, while the 25 seat configuration on the larger 767 aircraft is 2-1 in configuration. The Foldable Footrests and Headrest Wings add to the comfort of the seats, however, recline is limited. 

The 737 MAX8 aircraft (originally intended for Royal Air Maroc) do not include personal monitors, however, streaming entertainment is provided. Icelandair informs passengers about these unique aircraft and offers 12 additional Iceland Air Business class seats. Although Business Class on Iceland-Europe routes surpasses “Euro-Business”, transatlantic passengers may not find Saga Premium to be as spacious as flat-bed seating.

The 737 MAX8 aircraft (originally intended for Royal Air Maroc) do not include personal monitors, however, streaming entertainment is provided. Icelandair informs passengers about these unique aircraft and offers 12 additional Iceland Air Business class seats. Although Business Class on Iceland-Europe routes surpasses “Euro-Business”, transatlantic passengers may not find Saga Premium to be as spacious as flat-bed seating.

Icelandair: Meals & Alcohol 

A three-course meal service is prepared during flights to and from North America. This includes an appetizer, a cooked main dish, and a dessert. A variety of snacks are available at all times, and Icelandic chocolate is also handed out at various times. Try Icelandic candy bars like Rís, it’s a crunchy, chocolatey local favorite. 

Moreover, the Icelandair Saga class includes champagne and pre-flight drinks, plus other alcoholic beverages to accompany meals or whenever one pleases. Brands hailing from Iceland are available, including Gull beer, Reykjavik Distillery gin, and Reyka vodka. On a recent flight, there was even a gin and tonic menu with different gins paired with different tonics.

Icelandair Business Class: How to make a Reservation?

  • Visit the Icelandair website (
  • Enter the city of departure and the city of destination, as well as the dates of departure and arrival, and the total number of passengers.
  • Select the cabin class: Economy, Premium Economy, or Saga.
  • Select the preferred flights and fare options. Icelandair offers various fare types, that includes; economy light, economy standard, flexible fares, and Saga class fares.
  • Please enter the necessary passenger information, such as name, contact details, and passport information if traveling internationally. 
  • Review the booking information and make any required adjustments. 
  • Payment for the flight should be made via credit card or a payment method accepted by Icelandair. 
  • Upon completion of the booking, one will receive a confirmation email containing their itinerary, as well as other relevant information. 
  • If one has any questions or requires assistance while making their reservation, they can contact the customer service team of Icelandair.

How to request a seat upgrade on Icelandair

Icelandair’s Class Up program provides economy passengers with the opportunity to bid for upgrades on eligible flights. Before a flight, an email will be sent to the passenger indicating the price range option available for their flight. There is no set average cost as it is contingent upon availability and demand. Generally, an upgrade can be expected to cost between $300 and $500 per leg, in addition to the pre-flight fare. To bid, the passenger will need to select a price, enter their credit card information, and be charged automatically if the bid is accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Icelandair business class seats flat?

    The seats of Icelandair Business Class do not lie flat but only recline slightly.

  • What should be the carry-on size on Icelandair?

    The passengers’ carry-on bag must fit in the overhead compartment. If it exceeds the maximum size and/or weight, it must be checked in and an extra baggage fee will apply.

  • Does the Icelandair business class have access to a lounge?

    To gain access to the lounge, a Business Class passenger must be a registered member of IcelandAir or possess elite status or a credit card.

  • Does Icelandair check or weigh carry-on bags?

    The airline personnel may check or weigh the bag of passengers, so one must be prepared to get it checked.

  • Is everything cost-free in the business class lounge?

    It varies by lounge, though one should generally expect everything to be free of cost unless there’s a menu with a price.

  • Are drinks complimentary in the business class lounge?

    Yes, international and domestic business classes receive free drinks.

  • Does Icelandair offer TVs?

    It is essential to note that the entertainment system of Icelandair offers over 350 hours of movies, television programs, and music.

  • Does Icelandair provide blankets to its passengers?

    All tickets come with free in-flight snacks, comfy seats, and non-alcoholic drinks.

  • Is Icelandair equipped with in-seat power?

    In the forward section of the cabin, there is a reclining seat with a minimum pitch of 34 inches (86 cm) and a power socket.

  • Is Icelandair equipped with phone chargers?

    Yes, there is a USB charging port located in front of each seat on board to facilitate the charging of mobile phones and other onboard devices.

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