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Flying in a lavish setting while having signature caviar and gourmet dishes along with top-notch inflight services sounds like a dream scenario. However, this scenario is not a dream but reality with Lufthansa First Class. Lufthansa is among the top airlines that are known for their first class services. The airlines ensure to offer every premium facility to its customers to make their journey exceptionally brilliant. 

Originally known as Deutsche Lufthansa, it originated from Germany and it is also the flag carrier of the country. Lufthansa is considered to be the second largest airline in Europe after including its subsidiaries. The airline serves over 17 domestic destinations along with 201 international destinations in 73 countries. Known for its world-class services, Lufthansa offers a wide range of facilities on board which includes seat selection, in-flight entertainment and delectable dishes as part of meal service too. 

Lufthansa First Class Details

Known for its world-class Lufthansa 747 8 first class services, the airline offers a wide range of facilities on board which includes seat selection, in-flight entertainment and delectable dishes as part of meal service too. However, the first class experience varies a little from plane to plane and from airport to airport.  

For example, the mentioned Lufthansa 747-8 comes with a personal, lockable wardrobe at the front of the plane for extra carry-on luggage. While on Airbus a380, you get access to the lavish first class restroom which has a separate washing and changing area apart from the toilet. But, regardless of different aircrafts, you can experience some of the premium facilities in every first class thanks to Lufthansa allegris. Lufthansa Allegris is a new product launched by the airlines that has changed the entire visuals of all cabins in the flight. 

What to Expect in Lufthansa First Class

The airline offers all the first class customers with personalised premium services. Some of the services are far better than other competing airlines in North America. 

Valet Parking Service 

As a passenger of Lufthansa First class or an HON Circle Member, you can take advantage of the special valet services to ensure that your journey begins the moment you arrive at the airport. Furthermore, the Lufthansa personal assistance will ensure to assist you through customs and security more smoothly. At Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt and at Munich Airport, you can drive straight to the entrance where you can hand over your car to valet service. 

Personal Assistance

At Frankfurt Airport, a personal assistant will greet you and will take care of your travel formalities and that to be discreetly. The personal assistant will accompany you through security and check you in for your flight. The purpose of having personal assistance is that you can rely on them to complete your travel formalities like check-in, baggage drop or any other ordeals. Along with Europe, you can take personal assistance outside Europe to enjoy the reassuring feeling of knowing that personal assistance will be on hand to assist you to enjoy lufthansa first class. 

First Class Terminal 

If you think First Class is only limited to priority check-in, baggage drop to priority boarding, then you have underestimated the limit of luxury of Lufthansa. In the First Class Terminal at Frankfurt airport is itself an extravagant experience. In the terminal itself, you can spend your waiting time in an exclusively classy atmosphere where everything has been arranged to perfect for comfort and well being. You can relax yourself on the available easy chairs, in the wining and dining section or at the premium Cigar Lounge. If you like a discreet and quiet area, then you can withdraw yourself to one of the five separate office units available at Lufthansa First Class Terminal with complimentary wifi, telephones call service within Germany and fax. 

First Class Lounge

If you think the First Class Terminal is lavish enough then the First Class lounge is at a whole new level of lavishness. You can enjoy the premium services of lounges at FirsFrankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Geneva and Vienna as well as in New York. As a first class passenger, you can indulge with ornate facilities available in the lounge including excellent food, inspirational reading material, spa and wellness facilities. The lounge is carefully designed to fulfil your every need while the personal assistance discreetly looks after your travel formalities while you wait for your Lufthansa First Class flight. 

Limousine Service 

In case of any hurry to board your flight, you can take the exclusive limousine service straight to your flight. However, if you are flying from Frankfurt, Geneva, Munich, and Vienna, this limo service is only available on certain departures with aircrafts at different positions. In that case, you will be chauffeured in the limousine or exclusive minivan directly to the aircraft. 

Facilities on Board

The distinct layout of the first class cabin allows every passenger to have ample space to relax and enjoy the comfortable journey. Every cabin in first class is equipped with soundproof curtains to ensure least disturbance to you. 

Furthermore, the Lufthansa first class seats are designed to offer utmost comfort by reclining and turning completely into a 2-metres long bed with a comfortable memory foam mattress, temperature-regulating duvets and premium quality of bed-linen. The first class cabins are also equipped with a smart lighting concept and a flexible reading lamp that provides the perfect environment for relaxed reading. You also get an additional ottoman that is an independently adjustable footrest for extra comfort on Lufthansa 747 8 first class. 

Culinary Delights and Fine Wines

Lufthansa holds pride when it comes to its amazingly selected inflight menu. The delightful meal -elegantly arranged on a fine china dish and served to you is one of the best things to experience on Lufthansa Airlines First class. The dining experience itself feels like fine dining at a high-end restaurant on land. The most integral part of First Class experience is both red rose and caviar service. Both are complemented by an exclusive collection of award-winning wines. The first class gourmet meals are always prepared by world’s best chefs who offer delights of Michelin-quality cuisine on board. 

Inflight Entertainment 

The Lufthansa first class entertainment program offers a top selection of a wide range of inflight entertainment options where you can enjoy more than 5000 channels, on-demand TV shows, series and music. Passengers can also enjoy the facility to play games to keep themselves busy throughout the journey on Lufthansa 747 8 first class. With over 100 movies available in 8 different languages, you can watch Hollywood blockbusters, German and European productions as well as films from India, China and Japan. In addition, you can watch live TV channels CNN, Euronews and sport highlights via Sport 24 as a part of inflight entertainment. 

How Much Does First Class Cost in Lufthansa Airlines 

The first class comes with top-notch facilities and amenities to provide a world-class service to the passengers. However, in order to enjoy these luxurious services, you will have to pay a hefty amount. The price of tickets highly depends on your choice of destination and time of the year/week. 

The expected cost of Lufthansa First Class can reach up to multiple hundred dollars. A typical flight from JFK, New York to Heathrow, London booked four weeks ahead costs around 15,690 USD. That’s why it’s best to try different ways to buy First Class tickets on Lufthansa Airlines. 

How to Book Lufthansa Airlines First Class Tickets 

  • Paid Fares
    For those who are occasional travellers and don’t have loyalty membership of Lufthansa Miles & First Class can be quite a burden on your wallet so it’s best to check the other ways to purchase the ticket. 
  • Lufthansa Miles & More 
    To buy Lufthansa Airlines First Class, you can use your mile points present in your Lufthansa Miles & More account, then you can simply login to Lufthansa to book an award flight in Lufthansa First Class. While this class requires more miles than economy, it is worth booking to experience a lavish and luxurious journey. You can also upgrade your seat from any lower class to Lufthansa First Class if you have sufficient mileage points in the account.
  • Partner Airlines Miles Points 
    To book Lufthansa 747 8 first class, you can redeem a partner program’s miles to book the same flight. Lufthansa Airlines is part of the Star Alliance and thus any member’s loyalty program can be used to do the booking. However, if you are buying award tickets from a partnered airlines’s loyalty program then you’ll have to wait till 15 days before the day of departure to book it. 
  • Collect Lufthansa’s Own Mileage Currency 
    Unlike other frequent flyer programs in which you can trade American Express points or Chase Ultimate Rewards to other currency for their miles, Lufthansa miles cannot be amassed by converting points from other travel programs. Instead, you can only earn Lufthansa Miles & More miles by flying with Lufthansa from economy to Lufthansa First Class, or travelling with a partner and designate Lufthansa Mile as currency or just get Lufthansa Credit Card like Lufthansa Miles & More Credit Card. 

Bottom Line 

Enjoy the top notch services to make the most out of your journey. From chauffeur services to top-quality amenity kit, the airline is adamant to offer you the best experience on board. If you are looking to fly anywhere in Europe using miles then definitely book your next flight with Lufthansa Airlines. With its customer centric services starting from your arrival at the airport to baggage claim, the airlines ensure to make your journey memorable by travelling Lufthansa First Class. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Lufthansa First Class have flat beds?

    Yes, Lufthansa  offers lie-flat beds in every Lufthansa First Class. You will notice slight variation in seats in A340-600 and Boeing 747-8 aircrafts.

  • What facilities are included in the First Class of Lufthansa?

    You get the benefit of priority check-in and boarding along with excess baggage allowance, premium quality of seats, world – class in-flight meals, sleeping and skincare amenities, and wide variety of choice of entertainment on board.

  • Does Lufthansa First Class have lounge access?

    Yes. Every Lufthansa First Class passenger can enjoy lounge access at selected airports at Frankfurt, Munich, Geneva, Vienna, New York and Heathrow.

  • Does Lufthansa  provide alcohol in Lufthansa First Class?

    Beverages are available on every Lufthansa flight. Lufthansa First Class passengers can enjoy a wide range of complimentary drinks including finest wines and cocktails from the specially curated beverage menu.

  • Does Lufthansa have chauffeur service?

    Yes, Lufthansa Airlines offers chauffeur service and is only available for First Class passengers at Frankfurt Airport.

  • What is the baggage allowance in Lufthansa First Class?

    The Airlines allows the passengers travelling to/ from America to carry three check-in bags weighing up to 70 pounds (32 kgs). Also, you are allowed to carry two free carry-on bags weighing 15 pounds each.

  • What is the cost of Lufthansa First Class in India?

    The cost of Lufthansa First Class in Lufthansa  in Indian Rupees is approx 1,308,098 rupees.

  • What is the inflight entertainment in Lufthansa First Class?

    Lufthansa  is known for its wide range of inflight entertainment options where you can enjoy over 100 movies available in 8 different languages, you can watch Hollywood blockbusters, German and European productions as well as films from India, China and Japan. Along with top selection of a wide range of inflight entertainment options where you can enjoy more than 5000 channels, on-demand TV shows, series and music.

  • Do I get priority boarding in Lufthansa First Class?

    Passengers can enjoy the priority check-in and boarding facilities as part of priority services at the airport. To extend this premium experience the airline has established a special check-in counter.

  • Which Lufthansa planes have First Class?

    First class are only offered on selective long-haul flights departing from Frankfurt operated by Boeing 747-8i or Airbus A340-600 that operates from Munich.

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