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The official carrier of Jordan, the Royal Jordanian is a product of Jordan’s rich history and hospitality. If you want to experience the top-notch luxurious flight expedition then, try the Royal Jordanian Business class that offers world-class services not just on board but at the airport as well. The business class known as The Crown that actually offers services equivalent to some of the best airlines in the world. 

Royal Jordanian Airlines, formerly known as Alia Royal Jordanian Airlines is the flag carrier of Jordan with headquarters in its capital Amman. The airline currently operates scheduled flights in four continents Asia, Europe, Africa and the United States from its base at Queen Alia International Airport. The airline has been a part of the Oneworld alliance since 2007. 

Routes of Royal Jordanian Business Class

As mentioned above, the airlines operates on 4 continent, however, there are some famous destinations on which Royal Jordanian Airlines Business class operates: 

  • Amman – JFK
  • JFK to Amman 
  • Amman – Cairo
  • Dubai to Amman
  • Amman to London Heathrow
  • Amman to Dubai 

What to Expect from Royal Jordanian Business Class : The Crown 

Royal Jordanian business Class has plenty of services that give customers a remarkable experience. The amenities include premium lounge services, baggage allowance, impressive seat layout, top-notch inflight meals and beverages along with Bamford amenities kit. Equipped with luxurious amenities and inflight services, the business class is proving itself as one of the best in the sky. As a business class passenger, you can experience excellent services at the airport and in the flight too.

Priority Check-in and Boarding 

Royal Jordanian Business class passengers can enjoy the priority check-in and boarding facilities as part of priority perks at the airport. To extend this premium experience the airline has established a special check-in counter for customers. Members of Oneworld loyalty programs can use the designated first class check-in counters at the airport for a more easeful experience. You can get one of the best airport experiences at the JFK(New York) Airport, which is also host to American Airlines along with Qatar and LATAM. 

Premium Lounge Services 

To get into the lounge, you will be given a pass by the Royal Jordanian Staff at the check-in counter. You can also access the lounge without a Royal Jordanian business ticket if you are a Oneworld elite or AA concierge Key member eve . Also, if you are flying with AA business class or First class or have the Citi AAdvantage Executive World Elite mastercard, then also you can access the AA flagship lounges too. The whole layout of AA Flagship lounge at JFK is spacious and has a lot of setting capacities. Many of the seats had multiple power and USB outlets to juice up your devices before boarding flights. The entire lounge has sufficient Wi-Fi connectivity and in a snug corner, you have workstations with computers. 

The lounge also has a hot and cold buffet arrangement which includes veggies, breads, noodles, chicken, toasted barley pilaf and pan-seared salmon. The Jordanian Airlines business class lounge has another highlight which is the self service Champagne counter featuring Bollinger Champagne Special Cuvee which is an excellent champagne type. The beverage section also has all sorts of wine ranging from red to rose. 

One of the remarkable features of the Flagship lounges is that it offers shower rooms that come with new towels, washcloths, hand towels and other necessities. 

Seat Configuration In Business Class 

Royal Jordanian Business Class features a bright and airy cabin with the airline’s logo on the bulkhead of every seat. The airline’s long-haul fleet consists of 2-2-2 seating with 24 seats in cabin configuration. Unlike other business class, Jordanian Airlines business class window seats do not have direct aisle access. Thus, this configuration can be a bit problematic for the window passengers as they will have to climb over the other passengers to reach the aisle. The seats, white with red trim, are designed by Rockwell Collins and are the B/E Aerospace Diamond model that is often used in American Airlines and Qatar. The seat features ample space along with a roomier footwell. Every seat features storage space and power outlets with USB ports. The touch button installed in the seat allows you to take the seat from recline to lie-flat. Like other Boeing Dreamliner aircrafts, dimmer switches are offered rather than traditional windows. 

Complimentary Meals and Beverages in Business Class

Royal Jordanian Business Class passengers can enjoy the finest menus prepared by world class chefs. Airline changes its menus monthly and seasonally to provide diverse cuisine to the customers. The passenger can enjoy a full three course meal with appetisers,  main course and decadent desserts. Often the menu includes a traditional Jordanian dish like Mansaf – marinated lamb in yogurt sauce with rice. The cabin crews also offer light bite size snacks on passengers request for munching throughout the journey. 

Passengers can select from one of four main dishes including beef, veal, seafood, chicken or pasta. Depending on the length of the flight and time of the day, a second meal will be served. As an inflight norm, Royal Jordanian Airlines business class serves a flute of champagne of your choice with every meal. Occasional, you can expect to taste some authentic Jordanian Wine inflight as well. 

Inflight Entertainment Experience 

The IFE system features a full 17’’ of HD screen with touch sensitive features and comes with a remote controller. Royal Jordanian entertainment has substantially first-rate films, sitcoms, documentaries and music channels. The inflight entertainment is doubled up with the readily available headphones at the seat. However, Royal Jordanian does not offer inflight Wi-fi. 

Luxurious Amenities 

Royal Jordanian airlines offer some of the best luxurious amenities to business class passengers. In case of long-haul flight, you can enjoy the refreshing and soothing amenity kit from Aqua Colonia in Air Jordanian Business Class that includes beauty products like cream, lotion, and mist along with eye mask, socks, dental kit and comb. At each seat, a fleece blanket and large pillow is placed for a more comfortable sleeping experience. 

How to Book a Royal Jordanian Business Class? 

You can book Royal Jordanian Business class either from the official website or the third-party websites with paid fare or you can choose to book your flight with miles points. You can book directly from the airlines by using the Royal Jordanian Royal Miles  points. Another way to buy Royal Jordanian Crown Class is to redeem miles of other Oneworld  partners, only if you are a member of any Oneworld loyalty program. 

  • Royal Jordanian Royal Miles  
    The most convenient way to buy Royal Jordanian Business Class is to use mile points. You can use your mile points present in your Royal Jordanian  Royal Miles account, then you can simply login to Royal Jordanian to book an award flight in Royal Jordanian Business Class. While this class requires more miles than economy, it is worth booking to experience a lavish and luxurious journey. You can also upgrade your seat from any lower class to Royal Jordanian Business Class if you have sufficient Royal Miles  points in the account. 
  • Partner Airlines Miles Points 
    To book Royal Jordanian Business Class, you can redeem a partner program’s miles to book the same flight. Royal Jordanian is part of the Oneworld  and thus any member’s loyalty program can be used to do the booking. Transfer Oneworld loyalty points equivalent to the cost of Royal Jordanian Business Class price and get your award flight in business class. 

    The best way to get an award flight is to redeem the point of AAdvantage to the Royal Club. 

Bottom Line 

As a Royal Jordanian class passenger, you can experience a lavish and comfortable journey not just in flight but on ground as well. The airline offers authentic Jordanian hospitality on board. The top-notch inflight facilities will elevate your business class experience up to some level. Furthermore, you can experience the comfort of ultra luxurious seats, the deletable taste of dishes created by world-class chefs, and sound-sleep relaxation on a sustainable fleece blanket and soft pillow on Royal Jordanian Business Class. So, if you are planning to travel to Jordan or any of the Middle-east countries, then Royal Jordanian is one of the best options. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Does Royal Jordanian  business class have flat beds?

    Yes, one of the facilities offered by seats in Royal Jordanian Business Class is a fully flat bed. You are provided with an additional pillow and blanket while you are sleeping. 

  • What facilities are included in the business class of Royal Jordanian?

    You get the benefit of priority check-in and boarding along with excess baggage allowance, premium quality of seats, world – class in-flight meals, sleeping and skincare amenities, and wide variety of choice of entertainment on board.

  • Does Royal Jordanian  Business Class have lounge access? 

    Yes. Every business class and first class passenger can enjoy lounge access to Royal Jordanian The Crown Lounge at available airports. Business class passengers can also use the access of Oneworld lounges at available airports.

  • What is the in-flight entertainment facility in Royal Jordanian  Business Class?

    Royal Jordanian  Business class features top-notch entertainment services which includes Royal Jordanian  Private Screening on-demand movies, T.V shows and more on seatback screens. You can enjoy the inflight entertainment fully with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones.

  • What is the baggage allowance in Royal Jordanian  Business Class?

    The baggage allowance of The Crown class depends on the destination of the ticket purchased. However, flights with destinations to the United States have plenty of allowance. Business Class enjoys ample baggage allowance which includes two checked-in bags weighing 32 kg with one piece of carry-on luggage weighing up to 9 kg (22 pounds). The checked in bags must not exceed the dimensions of 158 cm.  Along with checked and carry-on luggage, passengers can carry one personal baggage including handbag, briefcase, or purse with no extra cost.

  • Does Royal Jordanian provide alcohol in business class?

    Beverages are available on every Royal Jordanian flight. Royal Jordanian   Business Class passengers can enjoy a wide range of complimentary drinks including premium alcohol.

  • When can I check-in my luggage in Royal Jordanian?

    You can check-in your luggage from 24 hours to 4 hours before the scheduled departure of flight while the check-in closes 45 minutes before the scheduled departure for domestic flights. On international flights, the check-in is at least 60 minutes before the scheduled departure.

  • Does Royal Jordanian offer priority check-in facilities in Business Class?

    Yes, Royal Jordanian Business Class allows priority check-in facility as well as boarding for business class passengers. Business Class passengers also enjoy the benefit of priority baggage claim after arrival.

  • Can I upgrade my economy class ticket to business class on Royal Jordanian Airways?

    Yes, you can upgrade your economy ticket to exclusive Royal Jordanian business class through miles points or through Oneworld partner miles points.

  • Is Royal Jordanian: The Crown a Business class? 

    The Royal Jordanian The Crown offers business class facilities and experience to passengers. The priority check-in counters, lounge access, and inflight facilities doubles up the luxurious experience of business class.

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