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Known for being awarded the best Airlines in the world five times by Skytrax, Singapore Airlines boasts its exemplary services to customers. If you are flying anywhere in Asia or even transatlantic or Intercontinental flights, opt for Singapore Airlines that offers multiple perks and facilities on board. 

Singapore Airlines is the flag carrier of the Republic of Singapore and operates across six continents. The airline has 75 international destinations in 32 countries and Singapore being its primary hub. Currently, the airline has 156 aircrafts in its fleet and directly operates from Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore. 

Singapore Airlines Facilities

As a full-service carrier, the airline offers plenty of services to its passengers not just in Business Class but in Economy class as well. The services include complimentary meal services, ample baggage allowance and more. The airline features multiple cabins which includes Suites, First Class, Singapore Airlines Business Class, Premium Economy Class and Economy Class. The variety of cabin configurations allows passengers from all walks of life to travel to their destinations without any hassle.

Cabin Configuration

The has multiple cabin configurations to cater to all masses. The airline features multiple cabins which includes Suites, First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy Class and Economy Class. The most elite cabin class in the airline is called Suite.


  • The Suite features some of the most luxurious facilities and amenities.
  • Just like its name, the Suite is like an Hotel in the sky. The suite features a complete room with plush queen size bed, reclinable chair. 
  • Another remarkable feature of Singapore Airlines flight Suite is a 32”HD touchscreen monitor for an exclusive private screening session. 
  • For privacy, the suite also features a sliding door for complete privacy. 
  • Those travelling in Suite can also experience scrumptious fine dining. 
  • Alongside all the facilities, the suite also features spacious lavatories with modern touch.

First Class

  • First Class is known as the second best product in Singapore Airlines.
  • It features plush hand-stitched luxurious leather seats with back cushions to enhance your journey. 
  • The First Class cabin is designed with intense to cool reading light for pleasant ambience. 
  • Passengers travelling in First can reserve their main course 24 hours before their flight to experience top notch dining experience. 
  • Another remarkable feature of Singapore Airlines First Class is the abundance of inflight entertainment options that includes 1,800 TV shows, movies, games and live streaming.

Business Class

Those travelling in Business Class can enjoy a lavish flight experience not only includes standard fully-flat bed or plush seats but it also has Book the Cook facility that allows passengers to request the chef to cook whatever they want. In Singapore Airlines, the business class product depends on the model of the aircrafts. The business class product is featured in A380, A350 and B777, B787, B787-8 and in regional business class aircraft 737-800. However, there are few things common in every business class product across all aircrafts. 

  • All business class products are configured in 1-2-1 configurations. 
  • The Singapore Airlines business class seats are designed by Poltrona Frau who has given the seats their unique hand-stitched leather touch. 
  • All seats feature ample storage space not just under the arm rest but in front of the seat as well. 
  • Passengers travelling in Business class can also experience gourmet cuisine specially curated for the taste buds of the premium customers.

Premium Economy

This cabin comes at a fair price but offers luxurious facilities like no other. The exclusive seats are made from comfortable material to ensure a smooth flying experience. You can do your work more efficiently with ample stowage areas under your seat and under your arm rest and power outlet. Also, those who are travelling in Singapore Airline Premium Economy can enjoy complimentary meals and inflight entertainment options.

Economy Class

The airlines has designed their economy class with more space and more recline. Passengers travelling in Economy can choose between different fare types that include LITE, Value, Standard and Flexi. Economy passengers can also request for special meals depending on their requirement at least 24 hours before the flight.

Baggage Allowance

Singapore Airlines offers a generous baggage allowance which enables passengers to travel with plenty of baggage. However, there are certain regulations on baggage allowance for passengers.

Checked Baggage

As per the airline baggage allowance, checked baggage allowance based on weight or piece concept depends on your final destination. Passengers carrying checked baggage should ensure that the total dimension of the checked baggage must not exceed 158cm and must not weigh more than 32 kg under Singapore Airlines baggage allowance. However, the weight and piece concept still depends on the fare type you have purchased. 

Class of Travel Allowance PPS Club MembersKrisFlyer/ Star Alliance Gold Member 
Suites and First Class 2 pieces of 50 kg Additional : 50 kg Total : 100 kg Additional: 20 kg Total : 70 kg 
Business Class2 pieces of 40 kg Additional : 40 kgTotal : 80 kg Additional : 20 kg Total : 60 kg 
Premium Economy 2 pieces of 35 kg Additional : 35 kgTotal : 70 kgAdditional : 20 kg Total : 55 kg 
Economy Class (Flexi) 2 pieces of 30 kg Additional : 30 kgTotal : 60 kgAdditional : 20 kgTotal : 50 kg
Economy Standard 2 pieces of 30 kg Additional : 30 kgTotal : 60 kgAdditional : 20 kgTotal : 50 kg
Economy Value 2 pieces of 25 kg Additional : 25 kgTotal : 50 kg Additional : 20 kg Total : 45 kg
Economy Lite 2 pieces of 25 kg Additional : 25 kgTotal : 50 kg Additional : 20 kg Total : 45 kg

Carry-on Baggage

As per baggage allowance, carry-on baggage depends on the fare type and cabin class. Passengers travelling in economy class can carry one carry-on bag while passengers travelling in business class can travel with 1 carry-on baggage. In addition, the carry-on baggage must not exceed 7 kg in weight and total dimension 115 cm.

Class of Travel Allowance Limitations 
Suites, First Class, Business Class 2 piece Dimension must not exceed 115 cm, and weight should be 7 kg 
Premium Economy Class, Economy Class 1 piece Dimension must not exceed 115 cm, and weight should be 7 kg 

Check-in Methods

The airline provides the feasibility and independence to you in every aspect from check-in to select meals before boarding.

  • Those who are travelling from Singapore Airlines can check-in 48 hours – 1.5 prior to the scheduled departure. 
  • Customers can also opt for an online check-in facility available on the airline’s official website or through its mobile app. Just add your PNR number to search for your details and proceed with web check-in. 
  • For Economy passengers, the web check-in starts from 48 hours and closes 12 hours prior to scheduled departure. The official website allows passengers to check their Singapore Airlines flight status to know the timing of the flight. 
  • Singapore Airlines web check-in allows you to select your desired seats while using a mobile app. After check-in, the airlines ensure to send you the boarding pass along with the receipt on your registered email id.

Singapore Airlines Auto Check-in

The check-in allows you to auto check-in for your flight 48 hours before departure. You can simply access your account and opt for auto check-in from Manage Booking after your booking has been confirmed. 

  • After auto check-in you have the liberty to choose seats through online seat selection process. 
  • You are also allowed to choose your meal preference before the scheduled flight departure. You can even assign instructions to the airlines regarding specific meals such as gluten-free, dairy-free or even order cakes on board for birthdays. 
  • After auto check-in, you can purchase additional baggage at a fixed rate to escape the hassle at the airport.

Online Check-in

  • To complete Singapore Airlines check in online, you must access the official website.
  • Insert your reservation number, flight number and last name. 
  • Select the sector of the flight that you want to check-in. Also simultaneously select preferred seats.
  • Lastly, check-in to finish the process and download the boarding pass. 
  • Print your boarding pass and proceed to the boarding gate if you don’t have any checked baggage to submit.

Singapore Airlines Cancellation and Refunds

Singapore Airlines offers a feasible and convenient choice to cancel their flights. You can cancel your flight in case of certain circumstances and avoid paying cancellation fees. 

  • If you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking the flight, you are eligible to receive a full refund as per Singapore Airlines Cancellation Policy. 
  • In case of a refundable ticket, you can cancel the ticket to receive full credit of the ticket excluding taxes in your original form of payment. 
  • In case of non-refundable tickets, only the refundable taxes will be refunded. 
  • If your flight has been cancelled by the airlines, you are eligible to receive full compensation or alternate flight against your booking
  • You can cancel your flight within 24 hours of purchasing it as long as the reservation has been made 7 days prior to the scheduled departure. 
  • The 24 hours cancellation policy allows you to receive full-refund against your booking without any extra cancellation fee.

Cancellation Fee

In Singapore Airlines, the cancellation fee depends on the class of the ticket, not on the cabin class that you have purchased. If you cancel a flight outside the 24-hour free cancellation policy, the airline will charge you a cancellation fee.

The cost of Singapore flight cancellation fee are as follows: 

Cabin CategoryCancellation Fee 
Saver Fee $109
Advantage Fee $183
Value $146

Singapore Airlines Refund Policy

Passengers can request for full refund on their cancelled ticket and the airlines will process the ticket refund in the designated time. 

  • Tickets purchased from credit card or cash will be refunded within 7 business days after the submission of refund application. 
  • As per Singapore Airlines refund policy, tickets purchased by check will be refunded within 20 business days. 
  • If the airline cancels a flight or cannot operate a flight, then the airline will offer an alternate flight to your original destination
  • If you have missed your connecting flight due to a Singapore flight delay, then the refund amount will be fully refunded if the ticket is completely unused. Or the difference of fare will be credited to your account in case you have utilised a part of your fare.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I get my Singapore Airlines online check-in boarding pass?

    You can get your boarding pass via online check-in, with your mobile app, through airport self service Kiosks, and at the airport counter with the help of staff.

  • Does Singapore Airlines offer baggage allowance?

    Yes, you can enjoy free baggage allowance from Singapore Airlines. If you are travelling in economy class, you can carry 2 pieces of free baggage weighing up to 30 kg each and 158 cm of total measurement.

  • Can I change my seat after check-in at Singapore Airlines?

    The airline allows you to choose your desired seat after check-in. You can also change your seat if needed after check-in.

  • What is Singapore Airlines’s 24-hours cancellation policy?

    The Singapore Airlines 24-hours cancellation policy guarantees that if the reservation has been made 7 days prior to scheduled departure, then you can cancel the booking within 24 hours to receive full refund without cancellation fee.

  • What is the Singapore Airlines customer service number?

    +65 9184 8888 is the number which you can use to resolve any of your Singapore Airlines booking related to baggage, cancellation, refund, special assistance, check-in lounge service. 

  • What happens if Singapore Airlines cancels my flight?

    If your flight is cancelled by the airlines, then you can change the travel date without any change fee or you can request a refund for your unused ticket and extra services that you’ve purchased along with it. Passengers who are having trouble with refunds or cancellations then they can contact Singapore Airlines phone number.

  • How long does Singapore Airlines issue a refund?

    It usually takes about 7 business days to refund the ticket purchased through cash or credit card and it takes 20 business days to refund tickets purchased from cheques.

  • Does Cancelling a flight give you a refund?

    Singapore Airlines refund policy depends on the type of ticket you purchased rather than cabin class. If the ticket meets all the requirements then you will receive an amount as refund.

  • What is Singapore Airlines Cancellation and Refund Policy?

    The airline offers a 24-hours no risk period in which you can cancel your booking given that it has been made 7 days prior to scheduled departure time.

  • Can I check-in my baggage 24 hours before departure?

    If you are departing from Singapore Changi Airport, then you may check-in 24 hours before departure and drop your luggage at the assigned baggage area.

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