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About Aeroméxico Airline

Are you travelling to Central America or specifically Mexico, then it is imperative to travel with Aeromexico. For a roomier and luxurious experience, book your next flight in Aeromexico Business Class that is equipped with plush leather seats and world-class amenities. You can enjoy an scrumptious inflight meal highly influenced by Mexican roots. The airline’s newly modified business class is known as Clash Premier Business class. 

Aeroméxico or Aerovias de Mexico (the Airways of Mexico founded as Aeronaves de México) is a flag carrier of Mexico, based in Mexico. The headquarters of the airline is located in Mexico City itself. Currently, it operates on more than 90 destinations which includes Mexico, South America, Central America Europe, Asia and the Caribbeans. Aeromexico is also a member of SkyTeam along with Air France, KLM and more. 

What to Expect from Aeromexico Business Class

Aeromexico operates the Clash Premier Business class on all Aeromexico Airlines business class aircrafts. The business class is equipped with various world-class amenities including  premium lounge services, baggage allowance, impressive seat layout, top-notch inflight meals and beverages along with airline branded amenity kit. 

As a business class passenger, you can experience excellent services at the airport and in the flight too.

Priority Check-in and Boarding Access 

Business class passengers can enjoy the priority check-in and boarding facilities as part of priority perks at the airport. To extend this premium experience the airline has established a special check-in counter for customers. Aeromexico offers priority check-in services to customers at Mexico City International Airport. Just like priority check-in, you can board the Aeromexico Airlines business class along with First Class passengers.  Passengers who are members of any of the SkyTeam partners loyalty programs can use the SkyPriority section available at the Mexico City Airport.

Premium Aeromexico Salon Lounge 

At the Mexico City International Airport, there are two Aeromexico Salon Premier lounges that offer extravagant lounge experiences to business class and elite-level passengers. The lounge area is equipped with a beverage counter with professional bartenders to serve drinks. The buffet table is always embellished with notable Mexicans dishes such as Chilaquiles topped with sour cream at breakfast stations. The Aeromexico Salon lounge also features a spa service which is available for passengers under a certain fee. Passengers can spend their relaxing moments before catching the Aeromexico business class flight. 

The lounge also has plenty of seating along with separate work spaces for customers who like to work in peace. Most of the lounge area is equipped with power outlets and high-speed Wi-Fi. Aeromexico Business class passengers can enjoy the access of SkyTeam lounges around the world. 

Baggage Allowance 

The baggage allowance in Aeromexico depends on the cabin class and fare type purchased. Those who are flying in Aeromexico business class can carry two checked bags weighing up to 32 kg (70 pounds) on board with one piece of carry-on luggage weighing up to 9 kg (22 pounds). The checked in bags must not exceed the dimensions of 55 cm x 40 cm x 25 cm. Aeromexico  Airlines Business Class allows passengers to carry personal baggage along with checked and carry-on luggage. Personal baggage including handbag, briefcase, or purse with no extra cost. 

Seat Configuration in Business Class

Aeromexico offers long-haul flights on all Boeing Dreamliner aircraft which comes with 1-2-1 configuration on 787-9 aircraft. Another variation of seat configuration is displayed in 787-8 which comes with 2-2-2 configuration. All business class seat flat-bed seats with stowage sections and power and USB outlets secured smartly. The seats are 21 inches wide and in lie-flat mode, the bed can measure up to 78 inches long. The seats have a navy blue accent inspired by the colour of the logo of the airline. 

Unlike other dreamlines aircrafts, these two Aeromexico Airlines business class 787- 8 and 787-9 aircraft feature windows with dimmer switches unlike the traditional window shades. 

Complimentary Meals and Beverages in Business Class

Customers of Business Class can enjoy the finest menus prepared by world class chefs. As the Clash Premier is a newly introduced business class product, it hasn’t reached the heights of services like the U.S competitors. Aeromexico has slightly different service protocols on its long-haul flights. The inflight main course is served later in the flight based on the time of the day while the cabin staff serves smaller meals or snacks after take off. 

The inflight menu can be relatively short but Aeromexico business class passengers can choose between chicken, seafood, pasta dishes depending on the day and route of the flight. If you feel like having light snacks, then you can explore the inflight bar between the two cabin classes. The bar is fully equipped with snacks, glasses, beverages including a few bottles of liquor, soda and even cocktails. 

As for beverages, cabin staff offer Aeromexico Business class passengers a choice of champagne, alcohol along with light appetisers. Inflight beverage also includes a good array of international alcohols including Mexican and imported beer.  

Inflight Experience 

Aeromexico has an 18 inches entertainment screen with a wide range of inflight entertainment options which includes a variety of on-demand TV shows, series and music. Aeromexico Airlines business class along with other aircrafts with business class has an extensive IFE system with almost 200 movies and over 50 TV shows to go through. Passengers can also enjoy the facility to play games to keep himself busy throughout the journey. The entertainment options feature a mix of languages suitable for passengers with mixed ethnicity. The entertainment consoles also feature children’s mode so that adult-oriented programs are not displayed. Aeromexico also offers inflight Wi-Fi on its Aeromexico 787 9 business class with three choices : free texting package similar to its counterpart Delta Airlines, a 108 MB Package for $19.95  and unlimited full flight package worth $39.95. 

Amenity Kit 

Aeromexico offers amenity kits to all passengers in Business Class Aeromexico. The all-leather kit is designed by Boggi Milano which contains simple yet essential amenities like socks, comb, dental kit, pen, lip balm, earplugs, and an eye mask, body lotion and hand sanitizer to accompany long-haul flights. 

How to Book an Aeromexico Business Class? 

You can book Aeromexico  Business class either from the official website or the third-party websites with paid fare or you can choose to book your flight with miles points. You can book directly from the airlines by using the Aeromexico Club Premier points. Another way to buy Aeromexico Airlines Business class is to redeem miles of other SkyTeam partners, only if you are a member of any SkyTeam loyalty program. 

Paid Fares

For those who are occasional travellers and don’t have loyalty membership of Aeromexico Club Premier, they can simply enjoy the exceptional services of Aeromexico  Business Class by paying the complete fare through monetary fund transfer. However, travelling on Business Class can be quite a burden on your wallet so it’s best to check the other ways to purchase the ticket. The airline also offers solid bedding which includes a large pillow, soft blankets. 

Aeromexico Club Premier 

Another convenient way to buy Aeromexico Business Class, you can use your mile points present in your Aeromexico  Club Premier account, then you can simply login to Aeromexico to book an award flight in Aeromexico Business Class. While this class requires more miles than economy, it is worth booking to experience a lavish and luxurious journey. You can also upgrade your seat from any lower class to Aeromexico Business Class if you have sufficient club premier points in the account. 

Partner Airlines Miles Points 

To book Aeromexico Business Class, you can redeem a partner program’s miles to book the same flight. Aeromexico  is part of the SkyTeam and thus any member’s loyalty program can be used to do the booking. Transfer SkyTeam loyalty program to Aeromexico Airlines Business Class and get your award flight in business class. 

Bottom Line 

Aeromexico is the flag carrier of Mexico and thus the first choice of every traveller who is planning to visit Mexico. It is also one of the leading airlines operating in South and Central America. Aeromexico may not be big on facilities on board like its US competitors but it is more economical when it comes to commuting between short-haul flights. Aeromexico Business Class offers travellers comfortable seats including lie-flat beds on Boeing 737 9 along with premium inflight facilities such as appetising meal and beverage service, extra baggage allowances and lounge access. It is more convenient to buy Aeromexico Business Class tickets through its Club Premier loyalty. However, if you don’t have enough points in your account, you can always use the SkyTeam partners loyalty programs to encash the business class ticket of Aeromexico. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Does Aeromexico business class have flat beds?

    Yes, one of the facilities offered by seats in Aeromexico Business Class is a fully flat bed. You are provided with an additional pillow and blanket while you are sleeping.

  • What facilities are included in the business class of Aeromexico ?

    You get the benefit of priority check-in and boarding along with excess baggage allowance, premium quality of seats, world – class in-flight meals, sleeping and skincare amenities, and wide variety of choice of entertainment on board

  • Does Aeromexico Business Class have lounge access? 

    Yes. Every business class and first class passenger can enjoy lounge access to Aeromexico Salon Premier at available airports. Business class passengers can also use the access of SkyTeam Lounges at available airports.

  • What is the in-flight entertainment facility in Aeromexico Business Class?

    Aeromexico  Business class features top-notch entertainment services which includes Aeromexico Private Screening on-demand movies, T.V shows and more on seatback screens. You can enjoy the inflight entertainment fully with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones.

  • What is the baggage allowance in Aeromexico Business Class?

    Business Class enjoys ample baggage allowance which includes two checked-in bags weighing 32 kg with one piece of carry-on luggage weighing up to 9 kg (22 pounds). The checked in bags must not exceed the dimensions of 55 cm x 40 cm x 25 cm. Along with checked and carry-on luggage, passengers can carry one personal baggage including handbag, briefcase, or purse with no extra cost.

  • Does Aeromexico  provide alcohol in business class?

    Beverages are available on every Aeromexico  flight. Aeromexico  Business Class passengers can enjoy a wide range of complimentary drinks including premium alcohol.

  • When can I check-in my luggage in Aeromexico ?

    You can check-in your luggage from 24 hours to 4 hours before the scheduled departure of flight while the check-in closes 45 minutes before the scheduled departure for domestic flights. On international flights, the check-in is at least 60 minutes before the scheduled departure.

  • Does Aeromexico  offer priority check-in facilities in Business Class?

    Yes, Aeromexico offers Premier Access which allows priority check-in facility as well as boarding for business class passengers. Business Class passengers also enjoy the benefit of priority baggage claim after arrival.

  • Can I upgrade my economy class ticket to business class on Aeromexico  Airways?

    Yes, you can upgrade your economy ticket to exclusive Aeromexico  business class through miles points or through monetary transfer.

  • Is Aeromexico Premier One Business class? 

    The Aeromexico Clase Premier offers business class facilities and experience to passengers. The priority check-in counters, lounge access, and inflight facilities doubles up the luxurious experience of business class.

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