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About Aeromexico Airlines

Aeroméxico or Aerovias de Mexico (the Airways of Mexico founded as Aeronaves de México) is a flag carrier of Mexico, based in Mexico. The headquarters of the airline is located in Mexico City itself. Currently, it operates on more than 90 destinations which includes Mexico, South America, Central America Europe, Asia and the Caribbeans. Aeromexico Airlines is also a member of SkyTeam along with Air France, KLM and more.

Aeromexico is known to offer multiple fares for the convenience of its customers. The airline has four fares including : Basic, Classic, AM Plus, and Clase Premier. Clase Premier is known as the business class fare of Aeromexico that offers premium service not just inflight but at the airport too. The business class is equipped with various world-class amenities including premium lounge services, baggage allowance, impressive seat layout, top-notch inflight meals and beverages along with airline branded amenity kit.

Cabin Configuration

Basic Fare

Basic Economy Fare is known for being the lowest fare but it is also the most restrictive. Aeromexico flight allows passengers travelling in Basic Fare with a complimentary baggage allowance of one carry-on bag. However, Basic flyers are not eligible to choose seats, complimentary checked baggage, ticket changes, refunds. Basic economy passengers do not qualify to earn points or segments.

Classic Fare

Known as the standard economy seat of Aeromexico, flyers in this class can upgrade their seats to AM class. Passengers in Classic Fare are also eligible for complimentary standard seats and up to 25% discount on purchase of checked baggage.

AM Plus

This is Aeromexico’s “Economy Plus” that offers additional benefits. Passengers travelling in AM Plus are eligible to get complimentary seats with extra legroom on Aeromexico flight, SkyPriority benefits that come with priority check-in, boarding and free baggage. 

AM Plus flyers also get access to reserved overhead bins and more spacious seats. 

Clase Premier

This cabin class is known as the Aeromexico Business Class. Aeromexico operates the Clash Premier Business class on all aircrafts. The business class is equipped with various world-class amenities including premium lounge access, free baggage allowance, impressive seat layout with extra legroom, top-notch inflight meals and beverages along with airline branded amenity kit. Those who are flying in Aeromexico business class can carry two checked bags weighing up to 32 kg (70 pounds) on board with one piece of carry-on luggage weighing up to 9 kg (22 pounds). As per Aeromexico baggage policy, the checked in bags must not exceed the dimensions of 55 cm x 40 cm x 25 cm. Passengers can also enjoy the facility to play games to keep himself busy throughout the journey. The entertainment options feature a mix of languages suitable for passengers with mixed ethnicity. However, Premier Clase has three different fare types that includes Premier Light, Premier, and Premier One.

Aeromexico Airlines Check-in Policy

Aeromexico provides the feasibility and liberty to every customer in every aspect from check-in to select meals before boarding. However, there are some check-in guidelines that customers should adhere to for a seamless experience.

  • If you have purchased an assigned seat, then in this specific case, Aeromexico online check-in starts 60 days prior to scheduled departure. 
  • Check-in for International flights starts 24 hours before departure. 
  • According to Aeromexico check-in policy, passengers can get complimentary seating if they complete the check-in between 24 hours and 2 hours prior to their departure of flight.
  • Aeromexico flight bookings made from third party websites are not eligible for online check-in. In this case, passengers need to complete the check-in by calling the airline’s customer service. 
  • Passengers who need to make changes in the itinerary after check-in, need to cancel their check-in by contacting the airline’s customer support before modifying the booking. 
  • Any reservation purchased from other sales channels are subject to “Identity Verification” as per Aeromexico Airlines check-in. The verification needs to be completed online up to 2 hours prior to scheduled departure along with a cost of 35 USD.

Online Check-in Time

The airline allows passengers to check-in online through the web check-in which offers more convenience to customers while staying at home. You can check-in online before you arrive at the airport and you can also get your boarding pass 24 hours before the departure.

Airport Check-in Time

Aeromexico advises passengers to reach the airport at least 3 hours prior for international flights and 2 hours prior for domestic flights. The Aeromexico check-in staff will check the travel documents before printing the boarding pass. As mentioned in check-in Aeromexico policy, passengers need to reach the boarding gate at least 45 minutes before the scheduled departure.

Aeromexico Check-in Fee

As per Aeromexico Check-in policy, the airline does not charge any check-in fee for online or mobile check-in. However, those who choose to check-in at the airport, have to pay a certain check-in fee.  

FlightWeb Check-in Mobile Check-in Kiosk Check-in Airport Check-in Check-in via Call
Domestic Flight  Free Free Free $25$50
International FlightFree Free Free $50$100

Aeromexico Check-in Time

Aeromexico check-in time depends on various destinations. Online and offline check-in is available 24 hours before the scheduled departure International flights. For domestic flights, the Aeromexico Airlines check-in begins 48 hours before scheduled flight departure.

Flight Departing Check-in and Baggage Drop Deadline 
Flight within Mexico 30 minutes 
Domestic flights with codeshare partners 30 minutes
Flights on international Routes45 minutes 
Flights to U.S.A 60 minutes 
Group Booking for domestic flights 60 minutes 
International flights 120 minutes 

Aeromexico Baggage Policy

Aeromexico Baggage allowance depends on the fare type purchased by the passenger. Passengers travelling in Basic Economy are not eligible to carry any checked baggage unless purchased. However, Classic and Full passengers are allowed to carry one and two checked baggage respectively. 

Checked Baggage

As per Aeromexico baggage policy, passengers travelling on domestic and international flights can carry one piece of luggage weighing up to 25 kg with a total dimension of 62 inches depending on fare type purchased.

Main Cabin Baggage

AllowanceBasic Fare Classic Fare Full Fare (AM Plus Fare)
Baggage AllowanceUp to 20 or 25 kg Up to 20 or 25 kg 2 piece of max 25 kg

Premier Clase Baggage Allowance

Allowance Premier Light Premier FlexPremier One 
Baggage Allowance 2 piece of bags weigh up to 32 kg2 piece of bags weigh up to 32 kgNo limitation 

Aeromexico Airlines Cancellation and Refund Policy

The airline offers its customers a flexible Aeromexico Airlines cancellation policy to ensure that customers get a stress and hassle free experience in case of emergency.

  • Aeromexico offers a 24 hours cancellation policy which allows customers to cancel their flight within 24 hours of making the reservation to receive a full refund. The reservation is eligible for refund only if the booking has scheduled departure after 7 days. 
  • The refunds would be credits back to the original payment method within 7-10 business days. 
  • The Aeromexico cancellation policy applies to all refundable and non-refundable fares. 
  • Incase of flight change, the customer does not have to pay any change fee but will have to pay the difference in fare if the later flight is more expensive. 
  • As per Aeromexico cancellation policy, non-refundable tickets are eligible for travel credit points for future travel instead of monetary refund. 
  • In case, if the passengers cancels the flight after 24 hours of booking it then a certain cancellation fee will be applied.

Aeromexico Cancellation Fee

  • In case of cancellation after 24 hours of purchase of the Aeromexico Flight ticket, $200 cancellation will be applicable. 
  • Depending on the fare rules on your ticket, you will be eligible either for refund or a credit voucher. 
  • The validity of your credit voucher will remain only for 365 days from the date of cancellation. 
  • The cancellation fee will not be applicable for flights within Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Caribbeans and the U.S. 
  • As per Aeromexico Airlines cancellation policy, in case of death of a passenger’s family member, the airline will not charge any cancellation fee.

Aeromexico Airlines Refund Policy

  • Passengers can request cancellation of flights no later than two hours prior to the departure. 
  • Aeromexico cancellation fee may apply depending on the fare type and route as per the purchase rule. 
  • The cancellation is applicable to all refundable and non-refundable tickets.
  • Aeromexico Airlines will credit refund to the account from which the book was made or to the concerned passenger who has initiated the cancellation.
  • The airlines usually credit refunds within 7 to 20 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I cancel my Aeromexico Basic Economy ticket?

    Yes, you can cancel your Aeromexico Basic Economy flight without any cancellation fee only if you cancel it within 24 hours of booking it as per Aeromexico 24 hours cancellation policy. However, after 24 hours of cancellation policy, customers cannot cancel basic economy tickets. 

  • What does Aermexico charge on the International flights for baggage?

    Aeromexico charges for check in baggage on international flights depending on the destination, fare class and frequent flyer status of the passenger. 

  • How many bags does Aeromexico allow?

    Each passenger is allowed to carry one bag and one personal item such as laptop bag, handbags or per Aeromexico Airlines.  All carry-on luggage should be able to fit in the overhead bin or under the seat of the passenger.

  • Does Aeromexico Business Class have lounge access?

    Yes. Every business class and first class passenger can enjoy lounge access to Aeromexico Salon Premier at available airports. Business class passengers can also use the access of SkyTeam Lounges at available airports. 

  • What is Aeromexico classic baggage?

    Aeromexico classic baggage comprises of 1 checked baggage with each with maximum weight of  23 kgs and dimension of total 158 cm(62 inches) 

  • What is the standard baggage in Aeromexico?

    The standard baggage allowance includes up to two pieces of checked baggage, each with a maximum weight of 23 kg (50 lbs) and total dimensions must be within 158 cm (62 linear inches).

  • What is the check-in deadline for an Aeromexico flight?

    Aeromexico check-in remains open between 24 hours to 60 minutes prior to the flight’s departure for international flights. For domestic flights, you can check-in between 48 hours to 60 minutes prior to your departure.

  • Does Aeromexico have online check-in?

    Yes, Aeromexico allows its passengers to check-in online via their official website. You can easily check-in 24-hours before your international and 48 hours before departure for domestic flights. 

  • What is the deadline to drop the luggage before boarding the flight?

    Passengers flying with the checked bag/s must drop their luggage at the airline’s baggage counter at least 40 minutes prior to your flight’s scheduled departure.

  • Is there any fee to check-in for the flight?

    Aeromexico doesn’t charge any fee if you make a web or app check-in. Passengers, who check-in via Aeromexico phone call or at the airport counter, need to pay a fee between US$ 25 to US$ 100 based on the destination you are travelling to.

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